Sarah / 164cm 】AUG 30, 2015

JACKET : JMALT – BOMBER COAT / S size / ¥75,000 plus tax

BOTTOM : JMALT – JOGGING PANTS / XS size / ¥28,000 plus tax

SANDAL : NAAFI × RADD LOUNGE / S size /¥7,900 plus tax

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The Roaring Twenties and the Golden Age of Hollywood

Evening Coat, French, 1925

Robe de Style, House of Lanvin (Jeanne Lanvin), French, 1924

Evening Dress, Travis Banton, American, 1934

“…This dress was worn by Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong. While the dress may evoke the “cheongsam”, a from-fitting traditional Chinese dress style, its construction is along the lines of high-necked form-fitting Western gowns from the Belle-Epoque period, but the dragon motif adds a distinct Asian influence, dazzling in its execution in gold and silver sequins on luxurious satin.  It was designed by Banton for Wong’s role of Tu Tuan in the 1934 film “Limehouse Blues.” Wong was a pioneer for Asian-American actors and one of the few actors in general to transition from silent to talking films.”

All from the “China:Through the Looking Glass” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


China and Dior

Dress, “Quiproquo,” House of Dior, French, 1951

This dress is beautifully printed with… a letter about a horrible stomach ache! 8th Century writer Zhang Xu’s original letter now exists as a rubbing, from which Dior copied the pattern.

Dress, John Galliano for House of Dior, autumn/winter 1998–1999

Dress, House of Dior (possibly John Galliano)

All from the “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dior has always been one of my favorite design houses, and these three were among my very favorite pieces from the whole exhibit. There is not much of an Eastern influence in the cut of each dress; in fact there is something of a Medieval European influence in the bottom two dresses (I wish I could find a better photo of the red one - this one is off of my phone). The Chinese influence is clear in the choice of color and the method and motif of the embellishment.