designed sugar cookies

This is a short ficlet for @mangosandstuff I realized too late that you had asked for Bluepulse valentines fic when they’re older. Whoops ;o; I hope you still enjoy this, im sorry!!

It’s not valentines here yet but it is in other parts of the world sooo


As far as Valentines day celebrations go, this…isn’t a total disaster.

Jaime thinks with a wince, grateful for the icepack he’s pressing to the side of his face. If Bart notices, he could just blame it on the combination of ice, swelling and stitches. He needn’t worry though because at the moment, all of Bart’s attentions are being pooled into the task of designing sugar cookies, a task that he seems to take very, very seriously judging by the look of concentration on his face.

He’s sitting cross-legged on the watch tower rec room floor, half out of costume and surrounded by about 90% of the Valentine’s day related product in the food aisle from a Walmart in Connecticut. There had been a minor disaster, related to a bigger, more violent disaster that Jaime helped out with and in response to the common question he’d always assumed was rhetorical (or at least somewhat impolite to actually respond to),  Jaime had asked the manager of the local Walmart if he could have a few Valentine’s day gifts in return for saving most of the city from destruction.

If or when he recalls this story to his mom later on, he’s going to insist that he was planning on only taking a little and it’s the relieved, somewhat pushy manager that insisted he take practically everything they have.

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