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Another new short is out! This one has a lot of fun cameos I got to work with including the mars and beyond robot. I’ll post designs soon! I know I’m behind. 

Ok remembered old idea of mine

So Coran gets captured by Haggar.

And Haggar out of spite and she evil puts Coran through the robeast transformation to fight against Voltron.

Voltron comes along to try to save Coran but comes against a robeast. So far from the other robeast they’ve encountered this one is odd (even Haggar and the robeast creation department found the design unusual. is it cause they used an altean this time?). Voltron is really having difficulty fighting this robeast, it’s legit doing close up combat and melee.

And they just barely stop it from taking out the castle ship. Allura’s in the castle ship and eventually senses and realises the robeast is Coran (is the beast? Inside it? how the fuck do robeast actually work?) so know they gotta figure out how to stop Coran without destroying the beast, which is tough cause he’s kicking Voltron’s ass.

Allura exits the castleship on a small ship to get closer to Coran to attempt to get him regain his senses. Before the robeast can take the final blow on Voltron, is distracted by Allura, destroys the small ship, but Allura has ejected and is now on the robeast (this bit has a very strong Hogarth and battle-mode Iron Giant vibe. damn love that film). Allura tries to connect to Coran through quintessence and talking to the robeast.

After some close calls. Coran regains his senses or seems like it. The robeast becomes non hostile towards Allura and Voltron and HO BOY, Haggar and the Galran ships high tail out of there. They ain’t got enough firepower to fight against 2 giant mechas today.

The battle is won, is it? Cause Coran is still in robeast form and acts more like machine And the gang have no idea how to reverse the transformation.

That’s as far as I got. Next is the gang trying to figure out how to turn Coran back.

First design attempt at robeast Coran I picture in my head.

damn! dat one slick robeast 👀

Ok guys I fucking love Teen Titans Go, I think it is hilarious and the comedy writing is killer and the animation is actually excellent. I was a huge fan of the original animated series in high school, and although I was skeptical of TTG at first, it’s been fun to see the new show taking the characters in such a weird and silly direction. Although, I’m not a huge fan of the new style/character design, but I think it works with the overall feel of the show (and anyway a lot of the background art is super gorgeous.)

ANYWAY, been having fun drawing and exploring Raven recently! I really like the idea of her being powerful/badass in battle, but also a shy/socially anxious prickly nerd who uses sarcasm and grumpiness as a defense mechanism. I also love to draw her with muscular legs because DEM LEGSSS