designed for life

Life Update

Just finished my first sound design on a new works play called Michigan Murders (which was possibly the worst fucking experience of any of our lives)

Next im Sound/Costume designing the spring dance concert

I’m assistant costume designer for our production of Punk Rock in April

And at some point I’ll be auditioning for Spring Awakening in a local theatre, and revitalising the Wednesday Cas blog (though @powerfulweak and I need to probs talk about that)

Guys, took so long to choose what to upload to you… I think it is a disease…
BUT! I want you to understand that I love you and I want to know that what I’m doing you like! On this I very carefully choose the information, pictures, music, videos for YOU! Because of this, updates are not as often but I try! Try to upload content not just for quantity, but choose what you like!
I love you and want you felt it!
Write to me, I love to communicate with you, you’re all so beautiful!
Never doubt this!