I hate it when i get out of focus on the last letters or word… the layout gets a little off.. damn it #calligraphy #diary day20 “spreading the creative spirit” by #designco.mission i like the initiative and look forward to the implementation of their ideals… so this is my saturday night for u folks. My pad, disposable callig pen thats been overused that the chisel tip is no longer a chisel but rather rounded and #bottlecapscandy for a little sugar rush (at Tanza, Cavite)

Style Guide. BY:Emmanuel Roberts (HAT)NAVE blue civil war cap. (GLASSES) GOLD Vintege Frams (SHiRT) Multi-color Tie Die Champs Tee (OVER) BLACK stonewashed Emmanuel Roberts KAi jacket (PANTS) BLACK stonewashed Wangler gold zip jeans (ASSESSORS) Silver/Gold Armont watch (SHOES) Bred Nike Air Jordan 1’s #LSOTO #Designco #gotstyle #wynwood