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Flower blossoms welcome passersby in Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s Valero Square has a new attraction – blossoming flowers. The nine-meter lamps resembling poppies “bloom” when approached by a person or a passing tram in the nearby station.

The urban installation titled “Warde” was created by HQ Architects, a Tel Aviv-based architecture firm, in 2014.

These self-inflating flowers have been installed in key positions making them visible from all corners of the square. The flowers are multipurpose in nature – they’re lamps at night, provide shade during daytime and add character to the crippling square.

“This project is part of the municipality’s effort to improve the urban space of the city center and in this specific case, of the square’s poor condition,” according to designboom, an architecture and design magazine.

“Warde’s attempt was not to fight the chaos but instead to try and lighten up the urban space, by spreading around these four elements that have a hint of fantasy,” described the magazine.