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The Recruit (Chapter 8) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 52″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Slow burn, some touchin’, kissing cursing maybe?, PTSD and sexual assault flashbacks, guns… no actual violence though I don’t think.

Author’s Note: I loved being able to write the reader as a badass without Mitch’s help. Like, you were already awesome without him, so imagine how incredibly awesome you make each other. crazy, I know.

y/f/i = your first initial, y/n/n = your nickname

Summary: Y/N struggles with Mitch’s absence from The Barn.

Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine

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It had been three weeks since he pressed you up against his bedroom door and kissed you. You hadn’t seen him since.

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DMR vs Sniper

This will cause quite a bit of divisive debate but generally a large majority of so-called sniper rifles are more in line as DMR’s (Designated Marksmen Rifle). Although both types of rifles, DMR’s and true sniper rifles, have key distinctions and features, there are some that break the norm. For example, most sniper rifles are bolt-action, but the Barrett M107, a semi-auto, holds the #4 spot in longest recorded sniper kills. (GRH)