designated marksman rifle

An Iraqi policeman with a Tabuk designated marksman’s rifle. Built using Zastava Arms designs and machinery sold to Iraq in the mid-70s, the rifle is semi-auto only and is well-liked for being able to perform at the same ranges as the PSL and Dragunov rifles of the same family tree. It is also well-liked for having a near-identical profile to the RPK and M72 weapons and an identical sound signature to AK-variant rifles, making identification of sniper by the enemy far more difficult.


The rifle fires a 7.62mm round and has enhanced accuracy of engagement during longer-range firefights. This weapon is used by some of the best shots in the infantry units, usually designated marksmen. 

The DM’s role is to supply rapid accurate fire at ranges up to 800 yards (730 m) with a designated marksman rifle. The DM operates as an integral member of the infantry platoon, providing a niche capability contributing to the overall firepower of the platoon

Name: Karasu

Alias: Breaker

Alignment: Alkalic

Team: Alpha

Species: Raven

Gender: Male

Age: Classified

Height: 5’9”


           A raven born in captivity Breaker and his two brothers were trained to be messenger birds to send confidential information to other military bases. When the infection started to spread Breaker and his brothers were entered into the mutation program. Breakers brothers did not survive the mutation process but he did. Although a successful mutation the process had caused Breaker to lose his eyes an “unexpected mishap” they called it. Breaker was blind but this did not hinder him in fact the mutation altered his appearance and improved his performance greatly. Breaker was determined to hunt Acidics so he was put through the toughest and most difficult training which allowed him to successfully hunt and kill targets. After many successful hunts the government awarded Breaker with a prototype acidic hunting weapon called the G.T.F-0 (Giant Titanium Forward assault sword). This weapon is a hybrid between a sword and a DMR (designated marksman rifle) which allows Breaker to be extremely deadly at close, short, and long range and is capable of deflecting incoming acid attacks but the sword does have a lot of weight to it. He was also given a visor that can track down acidic movement by following their radiation tracks and enhances his aiming and fighting capability by sending adrenaline straight to his body, it is also very flexible. Now he currently hunts Acidics for team alpha but he prefers to work alone. Why he fights alone is unknown but what is known is that he greatly dislikes the government for what they did to his brothers and he wants to end the war so that no other animal will be hurt like he was.


“I am the kira karasu”

“Did you know a group of ravens is called an “unkindness”? Well your face is showing me a lot of it right now”