12 Tips to Design/Build Your Own Non-Toxic Tiny Home

12 Tips to Design/Build Your Own Non-Toxic Tiny Home

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Something that you might not have thought about when designing your tiny house is the dangers of using toxic materials in such tiny spaces such as a tiny home on wheels. In a quick exchange of e-mails with Brad Kittel, of Pure Salvage Living and Tiny Texas Houses, I was able to take some of his knowledge on this and share it with you here because it’s important for your health. You’re…

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Here’s a great option for those looking to design their own tiny house plans. 

Here’s what you’ll learn via this FREE course…

  • Perform a house site analysis
  • Research local zoning regulations
  • Plan your outdoor spaces
  • Perform a home needs analysis
  • Design your indoor spaces
  • Plan the exterior house design
  • Learn the basics of residential structural design
  • Design floor plans
  • Build a 3D house model
  • Make your own blueprints