Ok theres so much potential for a fr t-shirt and all they put is a goddamn imperial on it, the most generic dragon breed on-site. Honestly the art isn’t that great either. At first I thought you could customize it with your own dragons colours and genes but nah, fr ain’t got time for that.

Who’s with me in they should have a fr t-shirt design contest? (Maybe irl money prizes heh)

can you imagine fahc Geoff selling his own brand of clothes? Everyone in the crew is like “you’re a crime lord why do you need your own clothes line?” and he’s like “it’ll be worth it watch”

And a couple months later The Fakes start seeing teens and young adults all around Los Santos with Geoff’s simple geometric designer t-shirts and hoodies everywhere. Not much later it’s basically trending. And the crew is loosing their minds??

Meanwhile they’ve been having less and less trouble with rival crews and Jack’s a lil suspect so she takes One Good Look at these shirts and

“Hey… Geoff! These symbols they’re-”

“Old Fake AH logos, yup.”

“You’ve got the whole city pretending to be your henchmen??”

“Told ya it pay off!”

New Man



summary: it’s been a year, and dan and phil haven’t spoken since the night the door had slammed and their relationship was placed on its deathbed. dan knows phil isn’t happy. dan knows andrew isn’t phil’s type. he knows there are fewer things phil would rather do less than spend his free time in the gym, eat kale, and drive cars that probably cost more than his house. dan isn’t happy either, but there’s little he can do other than watch phil’s new life blossom from behind the glass of a phone screen.

(aka basically a fic based on ed sheeran’s absolute Banger of a song new man I highly recommend)

word count: 7k

warnings: alcohol, brief mention of smoking


“What are you doing tomorrow night?”

He freezes, his heart thudding.


“Are you around at all?” Phil prompts, and the lack of hesitation in his voice is almost disconcerting.

Dan skips a beat. He knows this is only the vodka talking, only the alcohol unzipping Phil’s reserved exterior and giving way to a pushy, over-enthusiastic and giggly side to his character, but there’s a part of him, albeit a very small part buried deep down, that desperately wants to say yes.

“Um-“ Dan gulps, his chest thumping. “Are you sure about that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” he sighs. “Let’s face it. We haven’t spoken in months, about anything, and you just pop up and phone me completely out of nowhere,” he gulps, before adding in a lower voice, “and it’s not like we ended on brilliant terms, either.”

“Which is why I’m saying we should meet up now,” Phil urges. “We both miss each other, don’t we?”

He’s twenty weeks deep, and apparently they went to Paris last summer.

His thumb slides idly along the glass, scrolling through filtered picture after filtered picture. The Eiffel Tower. The Louvre. A familiar face beside the River Seine, the city lights stretching into amber ribbons on the water’s surface. Some expensive-looking car parked on the side of the road, white shine and blacked-out windows. White wine on the balcony, the sunset a pastel cascade over the city. It looks as if they had a good time.

He lurks with great care, monitoring the movement of every muscle in his thumb in hopes of avoiding the dreaded double tap. Accidentally liking your ex’s new boyfriend’s pictures in itself is certainly one thing, but ones dating way back over five months ago is another.

It’s harder to look at Phil’s Instagram that far back. When there’s a red heart below the picture instead of a transparent one, it takes him a while to figure out whether or not he’d already liked the picture or if he’d slipped up.

He scrolls more. Cars, cars, four tattooed guys at some exotic-looking bar wearing matching grins, a beach, more fucking cars, gym selfie, gym selfie, and-

What the fuck?

He frowns at his phone screen, peering into the glass with narrowed eyes like he’s seeing properly for the first time.

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Rainbow Pride Star of David Unisex T-Shirt
This shirt is ultra comfortable, and its modern cut makes it stylish, too. The rolled shoulder gives it a better fit, and the double-stitched hems make it long-lasting – it should definitely have a spot in your closet! All of our Pride designs are NerdyKeppie originals -- now available as t-shirts! • 100% cotton jersey knit • 30 singles thread weight • Pre-shrunk • More contouring than a classic t-shirt • Double stitched • Quarter-turned • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping

Okay y’all. I am super fucking excited about this - I am partnering with a company that will allow me to start selling some of my  designs (especially the Pride designs) on t-shirts. Over the next week or so, you’ll start seeing listings pop up in the Etsy shop, so keep watching! I was able to find a supplier that would keep prices reasonable and also stocks sizes up to at least 3XL. 

Yes, there will still be patches and kippot, and I am so so excited to be able to expand these designs & offer you even more options!