Designing Social Change 

Headquartered in Portland for 25 years, Metropolitan Group works exclusively in the social change arena helping nonprofits, foundations, public agencies, and socially responsible businesses. They design social change campaigns, impact branding and strategy, and communications to amplify the power of voice of their clients, 

Advocating for health equity, improving early literacy, and fighting for environmental justice, a major area of emphasis throughout their work is a multicultural lens they place on all of their work to assure a commitment to inclusiveness. 

Corinne Nakamura-Rybak, Design Director, presented “Designing and Writing for Audiences with Low Literacy Skills” at Typecon in August. It is crucial for design to reach and engage all audiences, including the 50% around the country who have low literacy skills. The presentation discussed four communication principles to consider when designing and writing:

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Metropolitan Group is hosting an event this year, where they’ll discuss the core strategic and creative concepts behind effective community engagement, public will building, and sustainable social change.

MGxCHANGE: Designing Social Change
October 06, 12:00–2:00PM


Our recent graduates Stephanie O'Neil & Sidney Krandall not only participated in LSA’s Science as Art competition, but Stephanie won “Best Digital Render” and Sidney received the grand prize!

Here is Stephanie’s 3D model of a malaria parasite and Sidney’s drawing of an original (and highly practical) concept design, developed to help patients strengthen their hand muscles outside of a clinical setting! Wow!


Senior Neil Zemba is all about shoe design, but not just for the sake of creating some nifty sneakers – shoe design as a means for empowerment, a route to college, an entry point for learning.

Neil’s mentor, NIKE designer Wilson Smith III, who he met when he won NIKE’s Future Sole competition, has been working on bringing NIKE’s “just do it” spirit into the realm of social engagement.

Join us for Wilson’s talk, this Thursday at 5pm at the Michigan Theater.  And, check out BAM, Neil’s workshop on shoe design at Detroit Community High School. Neil will be taking WIlson to Brightmoor to meet the kids this Friday. 

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Thank god Tumblr is back up, because I couldn’t wait to share this rather awesome video about our alums breaking world records and changing the world.

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