One of the worst parts of Project Runway is when they work with plus size models, even ones who aren’t actually that big, and complain about how their bodies are so awful and inconvenient for them.

Sorry but if you only know how to dress for 1 body, you suck at fashion design.

Like there are millions of types of bodies out there. If you want to design clothes you should be able to design for a variety of people, not just bone-skinny women with no boobs who are super tall. Short women, fat women, curvy women, women of all shapes and sizes, deserve to feel attractive too. They deserve nice clothes too.

And if you can’t figure out how to design for someone who isn’t a twig, the problem isn’t her body. It’s you.

Plus sized women, fat women, curvy women… they aren’t inferior. They aren’t “wrong bodied” or “problem sized.” They’re just normal people and they don’t deserve to be treated like issues just because they don’t look like a dress form.

-Mod Bella

Hello Darlings!!!

OKAY!! So to consolidate the previous post!!! Here are the facts!!
1) Katie and I are married now and we are Kalyssie

2) We are High Ladies of the Sky Court where the only limit is the horizon

3) Anyone can be a part of our Court so long as you ask and the position is not already taken. The positions which ARE TAKEN include:

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     B) @kitkatdragon20 as our Second

     C) @foxboy-lucien as our Spymaster

     D) @autumn03 as our General

     E) @ohmyrowan as our personal artist/ maybe clothing designer???

4) We could still use a Third, an Ambassador/Emissary and an Advisor + Any other positions at your request just ask one of us first!! (@thatbitchydonutcollector??? @feysandsmut?? @arya-drottning?)

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Can you describe Columbine high school and how it was in the 90s? I mean was it like fight central or preppy?

Sports central with the jock culture ruling the school. The snobby rich prep kids with the Hummers or other expensive new cars and their Abercrombie & Fitch designer labeled clothing and the Christian wholesome types with their WWJD bracelets.  That was the spectrum of elite social class.  Very much a culture of ‘you’’re either one of us or you are gum on the bottom of our shoes’ type environment.  Those that were not into any form of sport were called the “No Sports”

  • Designer: I specialize in men's wear. I have never done women's clothes.
  • *Goes on Project Runway, a show that does 99.99% women's clothes only*
  • Project Runway: Plus size women wear clothes, too! Design for this beautiful plus size model!
  • Designer: But how could I have known that I would have to design for a model with boobs and hips? No fair! I do men's wear!
  • Me: Fuck you, Designer. And thank you, Tim Gunn.

I drag my ass out of bed for one second and get graced with this amazing piece!!

I swear, all I want to do is draw Jacob in those modern clothes now. x”D

Coraleana’s half of our art trade!! I LOVE IT AND WANT TO BE THERE NOW, PLEASE…!! I wish I had her talent when it came to making things look so realistic. X3 Envious!

Artwork/clothes designs: Coraleana (DeviantArt)

Oreana: Me

Jacob Frye: Ubisoft

My part~!

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Orrrr instead of blaming a clothing company you damn well know doesn't design their clothes for fat people, you could just take responsibility for being too fat for their stuff and maybe do something about that instead. But that won't get you notes on this shit tier website where being unhealthy is ~trendy~

wow you’re right sorry guys no more fat posts for fat people to relate to. Fat machine officially broken 🥂✔️

Project Runway was everything I hoped it would be and more.  The plus sized models and the Muslim designer who designs modest clothes that are absolutely gorgeous are two of my favorite parts. 

Plus, the dude from my hometown won the first challenge with a jaw dropping dress.  Sad the My Little Pony had to go home.  He was cute.

Oh yes, this will fill some of the time before SH come back quite nicely. 

okay but dan makes jokes about looking like a potato but he is so fucking gorgeous he is hot shit why have no modeling agencies gotten my boy on the runway like have you seen how much his clothes cost he has a deep love and appreciation for fashion and follows trends and wears shit that takes guts because he was meant to be on that runway and anyone who disagrees with me doesn’t have eyes

Zutara Week - Fire Lady 

For this topic, I was very excited to design a fire nation dress for Katara. When I was younger, I used to design fashion clothes for fun =p So it felt like revisiting an old passion. I focused on some asian elements, the royal aspect (hence the gold), and the fact that the climate in the fire nation is very hot. Also I tried to sneak some modern day fashion trends in there =p

 I had so much fun with this one! Hope you like it ^^