Adorable Hand Embroidery Collar Pins by Irem Yazici

Designer İrem Yazıcı loves to be hands on. From sketching to embroidery and crafting, she invests her talents in hand embroidery. Inspired by nature, plants, animals, and astronomy, Yazıcı puts all her passion and love into every project. Meticulous about every stitch, the artist spends about a month to create the perfect scenery on her adorable mini collar pins. 

Made from brass, she illustrates flowers, planets and other cute animal figures on anything from clutches to earrings and even pendants. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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The Augment H-2

.. is a seamless human-cyborg integration. Angular in its seam lines, but soft and form fitting, this hoodie brings the sharp edges of robotic design in contrast with 12 oz pre-washed, pre-shrunk, cotton sweatshirt fleece. You will want to do everything in this hoodie. You can because it’s tough, durable, and completely machine washable.

The Augment H-2 comes in Gilded Carbon, which includes subtle textural fields, and Black Garnet, always bold and iconic.

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6 Simple Steps on How to Paint Your Own Oiginal T-shirt

There are numerous techniques for adding a great design to your T-shirt. Paint, dye, color spray or print to make your own innovative textile creations. But, I think that the most adorable and exclusive T-shirts are the ones painted.

So, today I invited artist and illustrator Maryanne Oliver, to write a guest post, an useful guide that will help you to prepare the T-shirt, to choose the correct fabric paint and provide guides and tips to create for yourself the perfect hand painted T-shirt.

Prepare yourself, get your paints and pens ready! It’s time to create something beautiful for you to wear!

In this photo, artist Maryanne Oliver and her amazing illustrations.

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