Ive sorta been in the creative pits for the last month, but I though I might ease back into spec bio stuff with some asiatic dragons inspired by pictures of different asiatic dragons (Komodo dragons)
Gives me a chance to sorta work out some things that were bothering me with the original designs, like lack of scales and children that aren’t the wrinkly, hairless goblins that they should be.
The “scales” are bony deposits just under the skin, and young individuals can actually tuck their legs under their bony skin flaps, which are fuzzy underneath to sorta stay warm and protect themselves
They don’t get horns and long luxurious manes till they reach sexual maturity


Dragoon (竜騎士): also localized as Dragon Knight or Lancer, the dragoon is a recurring job in the Final Fantasy series. First appearing in Final Fantasy II, they have become one of the most iconic job classes in the series. They are powerful physical attackers who wield spears and lances, wearing special armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, such as helmets shaped like dragon heads, spikes, and wing/scale designs.

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TRC HC: Ronan lets his hair grow out enough for Opal to shave designs on his head. The rule is that he has to keep the design for at least 24 hours. They text or Skype with Adam every day and he rates the designs on a scale of 1-10.

This would be the purest headcanon to ever exist if it weren’t for the fact that the tiny adorable demon that is Opal is being raised by a very tall sailor mouthed Irish demon who teaches her all sorts of swear words.

The first thing she razors into the back of his head is “Fuk Off” (she hasn’t 100% got spelling down yet) and Adam rates it a 4 and tells Opal she can’t use those words. Ronan gives it a 10 and makes it a point to go grocery shopping that week in a white suburban mom Whole Foods. 

Luis Sabater Musa (@luissabatermusa) | Thesis Studio | Spring 2017 | Prof. Liz Riordan | Schematic Model Thesis projects are at their halfway point, and promising schematic designs are starting to emerge! This thesis examines climate-appropriate large-scale design and construction in hot-humid climates. 📷: @daapsaid

First life, then spaces, then buildings. The other way around never works.

Jan Gehl


This film looks at humanistic urban design through a very specific lens - the work and ideology of Danish practice Gehl Architects. There are many other designers working with similar agendas, and this may not offer them a lot of new insights. However, it does provide an interesting look at the responses of different cities to a variety of planning challenges. The above quote reflects the film’s essential message, which may be familiar, but still cannot be stated often enough.

THE RADIANT CITY, 1991, American Place Theatre, NYC. A multimedia musical theater piece about Robert Moses effect on New York City created by puppeteer Theodora Skipitares.

Wheel of Power (photo) : A 12-foot Ferris wheel identifies each of the 12 unelected positions Moses held simultaneously in New York City and New York State governments.


Hi guys, just popping in here to show y'all what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks. I wrapped up this mini credenza project this past Monday, and while it was a challenge (mini hinges! Staining in -10 degrees! Cutting teeny tiny monstera leaves! etc.), I’m pretty proud of the result.

I was inspired by the midcentury modern aesthetic for this piece, and even broke apart an old compact (some foundation thingamabob from 9 yrs ago 😅) to make the hanging mirror.

The mini hinges are made from jewelry headpins and a San Pellegrino can (please try their blood orange flavour if you haven’t already), and the whole thing took aaaages to come together mainly because I didn’t realize how long staining and varnishing would take. You can see it in its unfinished state in the 2nd photo.

Hope you guys like it, and I may make a few mini potted monstera to sell in the future if anyone wants one. I think it’d be pretty funny to have a monstera plant that’s half the size of your palm…