Luis Sabater Musa (@luissabatermusa) | Thesis Studio | Spring 2017 | Prof. Liz Riordan | Schematic Model Thesis projects are at their halfway point, and promising schematic designs are starting to emerge! This thesis examines climate-appropriate large-scale design and construction in hot-humid climates. 📷: @daapsaid

First life, then spaces, then buildings. The other way around never works.

Jan Gehl


This film looks at humanistic urban design through a very specific lens - the work and ideology of Danish practice Gehl Architects. There are many other designers working with similar agendas, and this may not offer them a lot of new insights. However, it does provide an interesting look at the responses of different cities to a variety of planning challenges. The above quote reflects the film’s essential message, which may be familiar, but still cannot be stated often enough.


here’re some indev shots of Casie’s Workshop. most of the progress here i got done in the last couple days, inbetween commission work (which i’ll have a new post about soon- samey rates, samey style, better blurb) and contract work


so, more on Slow Segments, cause i’ve actually gotten a couple worried mails n shit about where Jack and Casie is going. it’s going exactly in the same way as it was in the earlier demos; it’s predominantly a puzzle rpg where you juggle items to help your surprisingly tanky but otherwise unnoteworthy friend efficiently deal with enemies who want to chew her tail off, but slow segments are designed to help take the edge off. without lulls jack and casie would be a constant whirlwind of activity, with nothing to focus on or assess. it would also have basically no writing to speak of (which defeats the entire purpose of an rpg, in my head) besides the duo’s banter, and even that would be completely eclipsed by your own poor mouse control and rabies-like mouth froth

(is that a word? i’m not sure)

basically, at the end of a fast segment, you’re always rewarded with a slow segment that allows you to cool off, learn something new, and probably (almost certainly) (inevitably) get to enjoy some comic mischief and fantasy violence. which i expect will be liberating, after having been on the receiving end of comic mischief and fantasy violence for like 20 minutes straight on the ride up

you also get very brief (like, 9x9 with a single shop guy in the center) slow segments during fast segments, to replace shops as they exist in the current demo. this’ll allow me to do some minute things like leave freebies around on the ground or allow for intuitive route splits without running against the shop ‘theme’

it also- and this is also a very important part, cause it means i get to do less work-

means i dont have to design 60 entire characters or whatever for every permutation of shop, and instead can just design many smaller world-scale npcs who are basically just silhouettes


Please do not delete the caption

Upstate New York-based illustration artist Madeleine Buzbee will be creating original commissioned work for the entire month of February. 80% of the profits will go towards either Planned Parenthood, or The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Here is an example of their work! These would be good for a tattoo idea, Valentine’s Day gift, merch design, or a flyer for an event you are hosting. Feel free to contact them via email at or through direct message on Instagram.

posters: $25-50 sliding scale
shirt design/logo/card: $15-40 sliding scale
tattoo design: $10-20 sliding scale


Hi guys, just popping in here to show y'all what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks. I wrapped up this mini credenza project this past Monday, and while it was a challenge (mini hinges! Staining in -10 degrees! Cutting teeny tiny monstera leaves! etc.), I’m pretty proud of the result.

I was inspired by the midcentury modern aesthetic for this piece, and even broke apart an old compact (some foundation thingamabob from 9 yrs ago 😅) to make the hanging mirror.

The mini hinges are made from jewelry headpins and a San Pellegrino can (please try their blood orange flavour if you haven’t already), and the whole thing took aaaages to come together mainly because I didn’t realize how long staining and varnishing would take. You can see it in its unfinished state in the 2nd photo.

Hope you guys like it, and I may make a few mini potted monstera to sell in the future if anyone wants one. I think it’d be pretty funny to have a monstera plant that’s half the size of your palm…

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Hi Archy, I was wondering of you had any ideas on the scale of the human body in relation to design and architecture. Do you have any favorite designs that have the human scale at the base of their ideas? And how would it be helpful to those still figuring out the scaling experience of a human in a space? Thanks!

All buildings address human scale at the base of their ideas. Whether is for practical purposes (like for example the height and depth of a stair tread) or  to create a relationship to the architecture (creating a monumental entrance to inspire awe).

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MAR ADENTRO:  Located in San José del Cabo on the outer rim of Baja California Sur, built by the skilled hands of local artisans, Mar Adentro forms part of the Mexican desert where physically and psychologically, water is our most precious natural resource. An architecture of sumptuous austerity boasts features that coexist harmoniously with nature. Designed on a human scale, this resort privileges two elements above all else: the horizon and the ocean.  - photography: ©Joe Fletcher

architects: Miguel Angel Aragonés - location: San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico - project year: 2016

RebelCaptain - Kafrene

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A/N: So here is the first thing I’ve written about my two favourite rebels. This story has been told about a million times now but I honestly never get tired of it. No warnings apply. Enjoy!

Jyn cursed under her breath, vertigo threatening to hijack her senses as she gazed upon the swarming mass of Kafrene below her. 

She felt as though her feet were about to slip from the greasy footholds any second as she attempted to clamber across the compacted rubbish that lined Kafrene’s streets. Each breath burned her lungs as she panted with the exertion, no longer caring about the amount of polluted air she was probably taking in. 

Jyn’s key objective right now was to find Cassian - and explain herself. For this particular mission, there had been multiple contacts and very little time so they had made the poor decision to split up. Cassian naturally opposed this because he didn’t like the idea of his success being dependent upon anyone other than himself and Jyn, of course, had taken offence. The last words exchanged between them had been a rather heated goodbye as Jyn stormed off to find her contact. 

Jyn was trying to block out the shouts of stormtroopers speaking hurriedly into their com-links below her. In truth, it was not her fault that she’d shot the man. The information he had provided her with was barely tangible as he tripped and stumbled over every word, looking ready to squeal bloody murder at any given moment. When she’d tried to leave he lunged at her and her blaster discharged - purely instinctively. Cassian would understand. 

No he won’t bloody understand. Jyn scolded herself, gripping the ledge tightly as she tried to pull herself up onto the rooftop. 

These walls were not designed to be scaled and Jyn struggled to swing herself over the edge. She felt a rush of relief when her knee finally cleared the ledge - only to have the feeling doused immediately by white hot pain blossoming across her hip. 

Jyn could do little more than gasp as she struggled to pull herself up as the pain took over. Adrenaline meant that she didn’t really register what had happened but the tell-tale acrid smell of singed flesh told her all she needed to know. 

Once on the roof and out of sight (for now) Jyn didn’t give herself time to think as she staggered forward, her whole leg now throbbing aggressively with each step. In truth she was too scared to look, but when she brushed her hand over the wound she noted that it was wet with blood and the skin on her hip felt crisp where the blaster had cauterised it. 

She allowed instinct to take over and channeled all of her energy into getting back to the ship. Now that she was wounded, safety was her main priority and her safety was Cassian. 

After what felt like hours later - Jyn was finally nearing the outskirts of Kafrene. She had to squint hard in the murky polluted night to make out the ship which itself was cloaked in darkness. 

As she approached she nearly walked straight into Cassian who was rushing forward to meet her. His eyes narrowed to squint at her form in the dark before she felt one of his hands grip her forearm tightly as he led her back to the ship.
‘What happened?’ He asked, his voice hard and tense as soon as the door of the ship was closed behind him. 

'Blaster - I think.’ Jyn replied, unhappy with how distant her voice sounded as she attempted to prop herself against the wall with little success.
'Sit down on one of the bunks I need to examine you.’ Jyn noticed that Cassian’s jaw kept tensing as he spoke and looked down to see that her one trouser leg was soaked through with blood. The sight made her lightheaded and she stumbled - only to be stopped short by a metal arm, the cold of which stung against her skin. 

'I don’t like to say I told you so - but I did state that there was an 87% chance of her failing to leave Kafrene without a firefight.’ Kaytuesso drawled, causing Jyn to wrench from his grasp in annoyance as he spoke to only Cassian - not her. Cassian’s eyes flashed angrily at K2 for a moment but he resisted the urge to speak. 

Jyn relented - the pain in her leg growing too great - as she hobbled over to the bunk and sat down heavily. Cassian appeared like magic with a med kit, setting it down beside Jyn as he examined the wound on her leg. 

'Jyn…’ Cassian began after a few seconds of silence, eyes flicking up to meet hers as he sat far too close to her as usual. His face looked calm but Jyn could see the shine on his brow from where he was sweating. 

'What?’ Jyn breathed. Cassian looked intense, as though he were somewhere between telling her she was dying or confessing his- 

'Can you please take your trousers off?’ Cassian’s voice was coiled with tension as he spoke, eyes fortunately no longer on hers as she felt her face go hot. 


'Take them off, I need to find out if you need stitches.’ Cassian’s face was schooled into neutrality, the face of a perfect spy as he looked somewhere at Jyn’s forehead. 

Jyn scowled in response, too embarrassed to dignify herself with a verbal answer as she stood and peeled her trousers off, trying to ignore the fact that Cassian had suddenly become very interested in the wall. 

'I wouldn’t worry Miss Erso. Cassian is very unlikely to be sexually attracted to you in your current state.’ K2 hummed from near the cockpit. Jyn opened her mouth to give the droid a mouthful of abuse but Cassian beat her to it with a curt 'quiet’. 

Jyn bit the inside of her cheek to keep her annoyance in check as Cassian began to examine her hip. She hissed in pain when Cassian prized the wound apart, applying a small amount of cleaning solution followed by a hastily applied bacta patch -  he doesn’t do this often, she noted. Jyn stared hard at the grey wall of the ship in front in her and tried to ignore the painful sensation of the wound being opened twinned with the feeling of Cassian’s calloused fingers dancing over the skin of her hip as he cleaned the wound with surprising delicacy. 


Cassian stood, brushing his hands against the top of his thighs in a nervous gesture as he studied Jyn who was examining the bacta patch attached to her hip. 'I have some spare trousers in my bag. Tell me if you get a fever. I don’t want it to go septic.’ Jyn gave a quick nod in response, her tongue darting out to lick her lips nervously as she tried to frame her next question. 

'What about the mission?' 

'What about it?' 

Classic Cassian, Jyn thought to herself. Make me do all the work why don’t you. 

'I failed.' 

'How so?' 

'I killed the contact.’

Cassian’s expression was unreadable and he was off looking at the wall again. Jyn wondered if he was having vibrant fantasies of berating her in his mind.  

'We’ll undergo a full debrief when we get back to Yavin. Things rarely go entirely to plan.' 


'Jyn.’ Cassian started, as his eyes met hers with an unsettling intensity once again. 'I trust you.' 

Jyn didn’t say anything this time. She just swallowed thickly as Cassian gave a small nod and left to join K2 in the cockpit. 

She decided to take Cassian up on his offer and made her way down to the sleeping quarters to change. She felt a little guilty going through Cassian’s personal bag - the last time she’d done this she’d stolen his blaster but this time he’d actually given her permission. As Jyn searched for the clothes she noted that there wasn’t a single drop of sentiment amongst Cassian’s belongings - whether that was because he had nothing from his past life or simply chose not to carry it she didn’t know. Jyn must have sat down on Cassian’s bunk at some point because before she knew it she was waking from a sleep she couldn’t remember falling into, staring in confusion at Cassian’s clothes scattered around her. 

Jyn stood slowly, careful to put weight on her injured leg as she changed into the spare trousers. It amused her that they were slightly too long as she trod carefully not to trip. She headed for the cockpit in order to gain some sense of the ship’s whereabouts when she stopped short at the sound of Cassian and K2’s quiet voices. Even K2’s usual chirpy tone sounded hushed -  no doubt at Cassian’s request and that was enough to pique Jyn’s curiosity. 

'My statistics were perfectly accurate so why hasn’t Miss Erso been reprimanded for her actions?' 

'Kay, call her Jyn. She was badly injured, that was more important.' 

'Oh more important to you. Are you going soft Cassian?' 

'Don’t be ridiculous.’ Cassian growled in response.  

'I’m not saying a match between you and Jyn isn’t a good idea - in fact based on the data I’ve gathered from the body language of both of you-’

'Kay, stop.' 

'But don’t you want to-' 


The droid muttered something to himself that Jyn couldn’t quite make out. She was as confused as she had been when she entered the conversation and decided to push it to the back of her mind and make her presence known. She took a few steps back and trod loudly towards the cockpit, almost smirking at the fact Cassian failed to hide the small jump that he did when she entered. 

'How far are we from Yavin?’ Jyn asked, noticing that they were no longer in hyperspace. 

'Around an hour or so. I was just going to wake you.’ Cassian replied, his hands set firmly on the controls despite the ship being autopiloted. 

'Are those Cassian’s trousers?’ K2 asked incredulously, causing Jyn to clench her teeth. 

'Yes if you must know.’ She snapped in reply. 'Mine are covered in blood.' 

'How very romantic of him.’

'There’s nothing romantic about a rebel giving another rebel supplies.’ Jyn quipped in response, a nauseous feeling gripping her. 

Cassian bristled at her response, must to Jyn’s surprise. 'I think you should go and prepare for us to land.’ He snapped, keeping his eyes fixed forward as he spoke. Jyn said nothing, frustrated with both their behaviours as she turned and headed back to the sleeping quarters. 

Cassian’s attitude didn’t improve following their debrief either. Draven studied Jyn with an intense scrutiny as she explained her story and provided him with the limited information the contact had given her. Him and Cassian shared a look completely alien to her after she’d said what she’d had to. And they were finally dismissed. 

After that Cassian avoided her. Jyn thought she’d done the right thing, said all the right things. They’d come so close to death so many times before, why was this any different? 

Eventually she grew tired of trying to attract his attention and decided to approach him head on. Starting by entering his quarters when K2 was elsewhere conducting maintenance on the ship. 

'Jyn.’ Cassian greeted her and she noted his Adam’s apple bob slightly as he nodded at her.

'What has gotten into you?’ She demanded, placing her hands on her lips as she stood near the doorway just in case he tried to bolt free. 

The sight of her defiance warmed Cassian’s heart and he gave her a small smile as he studied the question. 

'I don’t know what you mean.' 

'Don’t give me that. You’ve been weird with me ever since we got back from Kafrene.' 


'Weird. Distant. Whatever. I just thought that we were actually…y'know…after Scarif.' 

The room filled up with a kind of thick awkward tension that only makes itself known when people discuss traumatic events. Cassian’s smile dropped from his features and was replaced with something much harder - a man still deeply burdened with what happened. 

'I don’t want to talk about-’

'I nearly lost you, Cassian.’ It vexed Jyn to admit it, but the emotion in her voice was evident - unlike Cassian she was unable to school herself into semblance of neutrality. 'And that changed everything.' 

'You don’t think it changed things for me too? The rebellion has been my entire life, Jyn. From when I was just a child. And then you appeared and-' 

'And what? Did I compromise you?’ Jyn asked bitterly, months of tension and unanswered questions finally bubbling over into her speech. 

Cassian let out a sigh and briefly closed his eyes as he tried to get a handle on himself. 'Yesterday - I didn’t think you would return. And it paralysed me. By the time you appeared with all that blood - I just - shutdown.' 

'Cassian…’ Jyn started, the timidity in her voice a sharp contrast to the way they’d clung to one another with few words on Scarif. When Cassian looked up at her she’d never seen him look so torn. Jyn reached out, her fingers barely brushing his palm but he accepted it anyway and squeezed her hand. 

'You’re the only person who makes me feel like - this. I know it sounds ridiculous, given the lives we lead…’  It felt as though they’d been quietly orbiting one another forever but there was only so long Jyn could push her feelings away. 

'I know. That’s what scares me. I think I’ve finally found my pressure point.’ Cassian moved closer to her and Jyn could see the genuine fear in his eyes now, the fear of a boy who had once lost everything. 

'Don’t hide from me.’ Was all Jyn could reply and with that she pressed her mouth against his. It was poorly aimed given the instability of her leg and for a moment she thought he might not respond but after a few seconds he was kissing her back, making a low noise in his throat as he pulled her closer.
Jyn pulled away just long enough to get a glance at his face. His lips were shiny from where she’d just kissed him and his eyes were narrowed and dilated with a previously long forgotten sensation. In that moment he was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. 

Cassian didn’t give her long to admire him though when he pulled her back to him and their teeth clashed a little and his stubble chafed against her chin. She’d pined for him (consciously or not) from day one and now she wanted to indulge herself - ignoring the dull throb of pain in her leg as she leant forward and pressed her thigh against his crotch eliciting a low whine from him.  

'For the second time within 24 hours my predictions about the two of you are once again correct. Congratulations!’ K2’s snarky comment rang cheerfully from the doorway as Jyn and Cassian sprang apart. 

Jyn could hear the growl working its way up Cassian’s throat as he threatened to leave him for scrap on Jakku but she merely laughed. After all, she was in love.

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Hey sunny! I was going through your red bubble planning to get that newer Peridot design. But the scaling on the regular T shirts and hoodies is REALLY small. It's nice and big with the graphic t shirt and tank top, but super small on the rest. Any way you could adjust it? Love your art, thanks!

hmm it looks fine to me :?

but it’s as big as it can get on those items, sorry! and thank you! (=

Edie Campbell with sculpture of queen in “Check Mate” for Vogue Italia, December 2015. Photograph by Tim Walker.

All the elements – makeup, set design, scale, colour and wardrobe – come together in an avant-garde study of chess; a delicate game of strategy and theatre, cunning at times, playful at others. “Giacca V-neck a motivi quilter, Balenciaga; bloomers Sands Costume. Belt Versace. Queen’s costume Shona Heath.”