design synergy


Synergy App designed by Gina Nicole Abbatiello for Capstone.
A stress management app developed to be used quick and easily for people who suffer from chronic stress. Synergy was designed to only be two steps on the iPhone and one step on the Apple Watch.

Synergy - the interaction of elements that when combined produce
a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements,

“Stress is a normal part of living. It affects people of all ages, genders
and circumstances and can lead, when it becomes chronic, to physical
and psychological health issues. Many of the stressors that we deal
with today turn into chronic stressors. They are issues that are not
easily resolved. Things build up. One thing leads to another. We feel

That’s where Synergy comes into play.

Synergy is a simple mobile app that was made to help people who
suffer from the emotional pressures of Chronic Stress. Synergy focus
on Stress Management and we also follow Reduce, Prevent and cope
with stress.

How we help, is that we use guided relaxation recorded and written
by trained professionals. The guided relaxation depends on how
stressed you are. So we go by the stress curve, to give you the best
guided relaxation to help you. And if you own a Apple Watch we go
by your heart pressure.