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This deep level of thought and synergy between design and gameplay is reflected in every character in the game’s roster. The personality and play style of each character is also reflected in their body type. Every character has a build that suites their personality and play style. This may sound like a very obvious element of design, but it’s actually something that’s lacking in a great deal of top notch video games. Most games are very one note when it comes to phenotypes. Everyone in Gears of War is built like a linebacker (friend and foe alike) [..]  And it’s become a cliche to point out that almost every first person shooter stars a generic bald marine. 
There’s a practical reason for this ubiquity of body types. Developers can save time and money by reusing the same rig and animations for different characters. If no one notices, it’s all good. 

Rather than thinking “how can I make everyone edgier?” (and more generic), they took every character back to the drawing board and thought “Who is this person? What makes them distinct? How can we express their individuality even better?” Many games today have long complex stories conveyed through slick cinematics and dialog. But very few games have so much personality built into the character designs and gameplay experience itself.

Aroma Duftleuchte / Duftlampe Flash blau von Primavera neues Design!

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Die AromaFlash - Synergie aus Duft und Farbe, pure Emotion. Beduften Sie Ihre Raumluft ganz einfach und sicher. Verwenden Sie dazu eine Ihrer Lieblingsduftmischungen oder ein naturreines ätherisches Öl und lassen Sie sich indie Welt der Lebensfreude, Harmonie, Vitalität oder Entspannung entführen.

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