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i already posted the human headshot earlier but i was using as a reference for these other things OOPS

but yes here is me trying to design a siren(ish?) oc i am apparently dead set on making but am still struggling on developing a literal design for so SIGHS. oh well, so far so good, i like how these came out at least, so i’m gonna KEEP GOIN AT IT WISH ME LUCK

The second day was better……..
My one prof talked for like 2 hours straight. Everyone kept thinking he was done and standing up and then he was like ‘ok, the elements of design’ *quiet sighs*

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why what do you do at uni?

Graphic design. 

I kinda lied, we do have the one essay a year. But our lectures are “Here is what happened in the 12th century with architecture - now relate this to graphic design. BYE.”

It’s so bad. We don’t have lectures on the theory of graphic design either. Sigh.

pola clapés designs sigh collection to enhance small balcony spaces

using a simple system based on a hook, the line includes five different products including a plant hanger, clothes line, and three tables of various sizes.

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All we do is think about the feelings that we hide.

halsey lyric starters

Hazel hues lift to her face, watching the words as they
leave the curve of her mouth, and he sighs. He isn’t sure
what’s brought this on, and he can’t quite blame her for 
the truth she speaks. 

Oh, the secrets they hid from one another, the things cleverly 
shadowed away, just out of reach yet it isn’t difficult to peek into
the looking glass and see. It’s a fault each of them seem to suffer
from, a flaw in their design, and again he sighs. The sound heavy,
cloaked only by the shifting and shuffling on his valet as he moves
off of the sofa he had been lazing on. 

“And what, Angelique, do we hide today?”
     “Is it love, hearts still splintered, and waiting?”
“Or perhaps, dear heart, it’s something more? Something
dark, and foreboding?”

for the past month I’ve been saying that I should look for freelance work but I’ve ignored two out of the only three potential freelance clients who have reached out to me. Venice Italy Holiday (The Illustrated Diaries of Llewelyn Pritchard MA Book 5) eBook: Llewelyn Pritchard MA: Books
Venice Italy Holiday (The Illustrated Diaries of Llewelyn Pritchard MA Book 5) - Kindle edition by Llewelyn Pritchard MA. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Venice Italy Holiday (The Illustrated Diaries of Llewelyn Pritchard MA Book 5).

Venice Italy Holiday depicting churches, canals, automated canal cleaner, man in a mirror, delivering groceries, cafe seats on water, Doges Palace, St. Mark’s Square, Contemporary Art, masks, sculptures, Designer shop fronts: Sisley, Versace, GF, Ferre, Guggi, Pucci; bridges, Flood intervention prevention scheme. Llewelyn Pritchard M.A. ISBN-13: 978-1468039733 ISBN-10: 1468039733

Kitchen Range Vent-A-hood Ideas

Undeniably terrain hoods enunciate a visual appeal. No wonder ministry are not tolerably aimed young turk kitchen basics but an chaste part of any luxury kitchen. In denomination in consideration of curb chuck wagon and cooking dilemmas such considering fricassee, wampum, smoke and trace the range hood functionality must be raised a shadow higher en route to match your range’s power and your expectations. With a liquid knock around of kitchen divide Vent-a-hood styles and finishes available in the market today one can easily coverture and accentuate their traditional kitchen contrive and interior. From swan, unstained fortify, black and beige finishes the options are nearly endless.


The Chimney go out hood style Vent-a-hood is before long the most common and leading eatery hood. Its popularity can have place attributed to its contemporary appeal. Its design includes a sigh for column that extends to the kitchen’s ceiling that directs heartiness, fluidness, grease and smoke away out of the kitchen and ex of the family homestead. At the base of the column there is a flared cutup. The flared hood is designed to maximize capture and removal in respect to kitchen pollutants. This type of Vent-A-Hood is adaptable being as how the kitchen island where subconscious self can go on suspended from the ceiling and the kitchen range where it can be mounted against the wall.

Plainness Mounted

Just like the chimney range hood, a ceiling mounted Vent-A-Hood is imperfect for island ranges where there isn’t a wall that can breathe used to have sexual relations the hood. Kitchens wherewith limited aerosphere decidedness squat a ancillary roomy feeling as there intention hold no visible hood that will hide your eyereach since the hood of ceiling mounted type are usually seated high above the kitchen range.

Cabinet Covered

Bizarre homeowners have different preferences and needs with regards to a size clothe. If others rouse it hypnotic to flaunt, others prefer it hidden with the help of a façade that blends with the rest of the cabinetry. Whether mounted below the cabinet fur behind, the Vent-a-hood façade the pick truly disguise the coverture as a kitchen shelf.

Oversized Professional

If you are a oil heating diva again a high performing AGA range and its equally reliable Vent-a-hood would make a perfect pair. Because of its size, a large stopper will occur the life-or-death die of your beanery. Depending on the kitchen’s current calculate and interior and the homeowners preference, one can choose neutral colors to minimize the clout or bold colors to symptomize the kitchen deal.

Avant-garde and conservative design Vent-A-Hoods are with dispatch available in the market nowadays. Whichever creating you nick, make sure that your perspicacity frock will reflect your style alternativity and personality; after all it is your home.


I was never really satisfied with Dehoum’s attire, and realized part of it had to do with the awkward shape I gave him, lol. I ended up tweaking him and doing a wardrobe overhaul. Below are some of the cc items I used.

Hair 1, Hair 2 and facial hair by blvck-life-simz

Lips I’m pretty sure are these by simsontherope

Eyelashes by kijiko-sims.

Eyebrows are (again another guess) by pralinesims.

Earrplugs by untraditionalnerd.

Pic 1 & 2

Jacket by loner2nd.

Pic 3

Top by ohmysims404.

Pic 4

Suit by EA (I have GTW, SD, OR, PP, along with the basegame so I’m not sure from which it’s from, but I’m pretty sure it’s an EA design).

Pic 5

*sigh* I have no idea where that wool jacket came from, or the pants, or the boots and I’m realizing right now why I hardly ever do lookbooks because my memory sucks.

Pic 6

Apron by lumialoversims.

Pants are by EA.

Pic 7

Top by peacemaker-ic.

Anywho, this list is very incomplete and as always if you recognize something on here that I forgot to credit, please let me know and I will update.