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The Steven Universe music book Live From Beach City! came out today. It’s got sheet music, prompts to write your own music, related activities (like ‘design your own album cover’), and other cute activities (like 'create a fusion of you and a friend). It’s really super cute and informative (probably, I know nothing about music but I assume the chords they go over are correct).

Here’s a few pages and pictures I really liked. But the whole book is excellent, I just can’t take pics of the whole thing, haha.

Creating a Business Plan for Your Fashion Business

So you want to start a jewelry line, design handbags or dresses?  Cool, I can’t wait to buy them from you!  But before you run out and order business cards, purchase fabric and hire a publicist, you need to have a plan of action.  I wanted to touch base on a business plan before discussing product and market analysis.

A business plan is a written document that describes how you will run your business.  It covers the seven basic areas of business:

Product Development - continually refining what you’re offering for sales to meet the ever-changing needs of your potential customers.  This is why fashion businesses produce new lines each season.  You need to consistently offer new products to generate repeat customers otherwise you don’t have a business.

Marketing - continually taking action to become even more aware of your customer’s needs and informing your potential customers that your product (or service) is meant for them and why.

Sales - talking face-to-face with your potential customers and getting them to say, “Yes, I’ll buy from you.”

Operations - doing the work of the business.  For example, if you’re in the business of designing handbags, operations would require meeting with a manufacturer to create samples, sourcing materials, exhibiting at trade shows, etc.

Personnel - managing the people who work for you. This is probably the hardest part of owning a business.

Finance - measure the financial results of your business and comparing them with your desired results, using this comparison to identify critical business issues.

Management - making sure the above six areas are working in concert to meet your goals for the business.

In each of the seven basic business areas, your business plan describes:

  • The results that you want to achieve
  • The activities that you need to be done to achieve them
  • The resources (money, people, time, equipment, etc.) required to perform these activities
  • The criteria you will use to evaluate the results
  • The reasons you believe the plan will succeed

Your business plan will also help you determine how much money you really need for your business.  The only way to know how much money you really need is to decide what you’re going to do in each of the areas and figure out how much money it will take to do it.  

You may find that no amount of money will help you have a profitable business.  Perhaps you design on the side of a full-time career as a hobby. It is far cheaper to not to begin an ill-fated business than to learn by experience what a business plan would have taught you at the cost of several days of concentrated work.

Design Your Own Character

With The Force Awakens, the Holidays, and the end of the year approaching, I want to host a fun event for my followers. Find a Star Wars character, group, or species and design or find an outfit that you think they’d wear! Just tag @starwarstyle and on December 31, it will be displayed on the blog. Feel free to message me with any questions or ideas you have. Thanks to @myseventhsin for the idea!

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a few weeks ago i bought a “blank character” from the crafts store i am employed at. i guess it’s kind of like a munny, only, way cheaper. i purchased it for the sole purpose of making a cake topper for my girlfriend’s fallout 3 themed birthday cake. when i make the cake i’ll show you guys pics too. i painted vault boy freehand and glued him to a base so he’d sit steady on the cake top.