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Good wood - how have I never seen this before? Might just be the coolest pad I’ve posted to date… especially if you’re a hardcore skater. The ‘Merello House’ by WMR architects in Pichilemu, a coastal resort southwest of Santiago in central Chile.

He knew that it was wrote almost two days to you!!! Work and study make themselves known..
And this time, I wanted to tell you what section of the HOUSE. I think, for you as for me it will be one of my favorite sections because it’s actually very interesting and inspiring. To see ideas for your home, decoration of rooms, tables and many other things. I really hope that you this section will like, as such pictures collect the most likes!
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DAY 3201

Jalsa, Mumbai               Jan 2,  2017              Mon  11:55 pm

Puneet Jha celebrated his birthday on the 1st of January and it was overlooked .. not anymore .. happy belated birthday greeting Puneet .. love and happiness always from your dear Ef ..

Home to the strains of music and the giggle and gaggle of family getting together after many days, and soon after the New Year .. children have congregated from all corners of the world where they were celebrating the coming of 2017, and the prettiest sound that can inhabit a home is their laughter and chatter ..

The daughter, having come in a day before us has very thoughtfully designed and decorated the house, and prepared with her own hands the dinner delicacies for all .. 

Sitting out in the ambience of the open air ‘angan’ of the house, it is divine and so filled with emotion .. daughters are very special and mine, Shweta, must be the most beautiful in the world  .. 

Daughters are the best ..

The care attention and the special feel for the evening, has been taken over by Shweta and she has built a wonderful occasion out of nothing .. just as she said, knowing that the family was all away over the new year in different directions, she felt it only too right to prepare an evening such as this .. moving emotional and so admirable ..

I shall end today .. the long stay among silence and solitude has come to a sudden end and it shall take a while to wish all of that away and settle down to the urban concrete about us, instead of the beauty of nature that surrounded us a short while ago ..

But again, my wishes for the year that begins now with 2017, to the entire Ef ..

My love as ever ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Alliance, Ch. 5 - Cassian Andor x Reader

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader/OC, hints of Poe Dameron x Reader/OC

Summary: At the General’s will, a begrudging intelligence officer is paired off with a seemingly inexperienced Resistance pilot on a reconnaissance mission.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

[Reader Replacement Key: Moira” - Your first name, “Dehaan” - Your last name]

Cassian found the compound as promised, well camouflaged into the forest. It was a small, circular building that looked long unoccupied, but still well kept. As he rounded it, he came into another clearing, though much less vast than the one earlier. It housed several quaint adobes - almost enough to make up a little neighborhood. His scans, however, read negative for life in the area. It seemed those days had long passed.

Walking into the home was almost like walking into an interior design advert. The home boasted everything from paintings and statues to purely decorative furniture. Even the furniture that looked useable seemed unlived in. Each item was meticulously placed and balanced to offset another piece or angle in the room. And, the most prominent of all decorations, were the photographs. Dozens of them filled the empty spaces on the walls, tables, and surfaces - almost abrasively, he thought.

Cassian set down his things by the door and delved deeper into the house, feeling himself pulled in by a photograph on the far wall; a large print, set deep in an elegant silver frame. In the middle of the photo was Moira, still a child. She stood between a woman and man, smile wide and unadulterated, barely tall enough to breach their waists. The man, who he assumed was her father, was proudly holding a bushel of wood berries while her mother stood mid-laugh beside him, thick dark curls framing her face. 

Below the large frame, sat what looked like the most recent of mountings - Moira’s formal Academy photo. He heaved a sigh as he looked at her, the girl pictured still so bright-eyed and fresh faced. She hadn’t changed much since then - at least not physically. The gleam in her eye was still the same, if not a bit more weathered.

His stomach squeezed again, as the unusual feeling of guilt relapsed within him. He tried to push it away, to reassure himself of his job, but it was hard when it was so clear to him that she was good natured - kind, intelligent, and positive, if not a bit frivolous. And Cassian couldn’t help but feel a certain shame for the invasiveness of his mission, for even leaning into the inclination that she was anything less than righteous about the Resistance. A sneaking bite of regret reminded him of his efforts to manipulate her so quickly after convincing her to trust him. Cassian knew he did not have the same good nature as her. And perhaps that was what made him so desperate to preserve hers. 

Cassian turned away from the photos, disheartened and a bit ashamed. He crossed back to his bag to pull out the holopad with the intention of continuing his work until Moira decided to stop playing hide and seek. But when he looked back up, he found himself eye level with a rather familiar looking little droid, though it looked much cleaner than the last time he’d seen it rolling around the base. Beside the droid sat Moira, maybe in her early-teens. She still wore a smile, but this time with a certain sadness that he had yet to see. And, next to Moira, was unmistakably a younger Poe Dameron. He smiled widely, one arm around Moira’s waist, pulling her close - his hair was shorter and face less engraved with lines than Cassian recognized him to be now. He wore the same New Republic uniform that it seemed Moira would don years later. Cassian gently dragged his fingers over it, consumed by his curiosity. The photo caught on his skin, dislodging itself from the frame and into his hand. He looked down at it, surprised, and flipped it over to find a hand written note.

‘24 ABY. Poe heading back to the Academy. Kissed Moira on the cheek before he left. She cried for two days. She misses him terribly.’

Cassian backed away from the wall, setting down the photo on the nearest ledge. He suddenly felt all too close to it. So unexpectedly deep in her life without permission, without preparation. His eyes found their way to more and more photos of her, many with Poe, many with her family, and many of just a young, bright faced girl.

“Damn it,” Cassian muttered, breath catching in his teeth. He grabbed his blaster and took off out of the house.

“They’re testing me. And I understand why. I get, why. I just wish they would tell it to me straight, you know? Sit me down and talk to me instead of whispering in secret as if everyone doesn’t know what I can do.” Moira shook her head. “It’s so frustrating. This sort of thing, it’s just been chasing me everywhere. People lying to me or sugar coating things or giving me half truths. I hate it.”

An incoming breeze rearranged the scattered leaves on her parents’ grave stone as darkness began to loom overhead. Moira ran her hand over the cool marble, fingers gliding through the ridges of their names with a loving delicacy.

“I just want the truth,” she murmured.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

She turned to see Cassian slowly stepping towards her through a dense collection of trees. What little light was left outside caught on his cheek bones, casting shadows over the hollows of his face.

“Cassian,” she breathed, obviously surprised to see him.

He motioned to a spot beside her. “May I?”

Moira nodded at him, expression both curious and cautious.

Cassian sat down on the ground, resting his arms around his knees and gripping his wrists. He looked up at the gigantic oak tree that stood behind the grave, its long branches hugging the area around them in shadow. “You and Commander Dameron. You’ve known each other for a long time.”

“I’m guessing you found your way into my mother’s shrine alright then?”

Cassian nodded.

“I’ve known Poe for as long as I can remember. His family lived close and our parents were good friends. I grew up playing sidekick to him. Even though he was older than me, he never treated me any worse for it. He always looked out for me and had my back. He’s the only person left in my life who I can wholeheartedly trust. So, when you said what you did…”

“I’m sorry, Moira.” Cassian told her, looking down at the decaying leaves at his feet. “I was wrong to do that.”

She blinked at him, not exactly sure how to process an apology from him. “It’s your mission, isn’t it?”

“Do you really want the truth?” He asked in a mutter.

“I… Yeah. I do.” She responded, staring over at him intently.

Cassian let out a sigh. “Bare with me. As you know, after the Battle of Endor, the Empire was in it’s death throes and doing anything to survive. Rumor was that they were running a lot of panicked experiments - many of which eventually became the seeds for the rise of the First Order. But a small number of them were centered around the creation and manipulation of Force sensitive children. According to the files, many of those involved with the projects, scientists and children alike, just… disappeared in those final years.”

“You mean they were killed.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. It was a chaotic time, people were defecting left and right. A lot of people just slipped through the cracks. It would not have been hard for someone to do so, and take one of those kids with them.

"So… what? You’re telling me is that they think I’m one of those children? That that’s how my parent’s got me?”

“The timeline fits. You’re the right age. And the abilities you’ve demonstrated match up with what the desired outcome of the experiment would have been.

Moira sat silently, mulling it over in her mind.

"It’s just a theory,” he told her. “Whether or not you are, my mission is to get a read on you and your power if I can. That’s it. The General, was adamant about not pushing you to do anything.”

“Yet you thought you’d try anyways,” Moira quipped.

His mouth dangled open for a moment. “I…”

“I’m just kidding,” she told him with a light chuckle, reaching out and pushing him gently. “But really, Cassian, thank you.” 

He nodded, returning his attention back the great oak tree before them. Another breeze wafted through, sending waves through their hair as they sat side by side in silence. The tree quivered, sending, more leaves falling upon the cold stone plaque between them.

"Your parents… how old were you when they passed?” Cassian asked, softly.

“Older than most,” she replied, glancing down at the grave. “Nineteen.”

“Still too young.”

"Do you still have yours?” Moira asked, looking over at him.

"No,” he replied casually. “They’ve been gone since I was six.”

Moira frowned, her heart aching at the thought of such a child so young losing their entire world. “I’m sorry. That’s awful.”

He looked at her and shook his head. “People always say that to me. They think that because I was so young, it must have been so awful. And maybe it was. But they died so early that I’ve lived my whole life without them. It’s hard to miss a family I have no memories of. I learned how to live without needing anyone else.”

“That’s sad,” she murmured, not monitoring the bluntness of her response.

Cassian raised his eyebrows at her, lips pursed.

She turned away, thinly veiling the blush on her cheeks. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“No, you’re right,” he admitted. “It is. But you, had a real relationship with your parents. You had them with you into your adult life. You made memories with them, made real connections with them. Truly learned to love them, to appreciate them. And then you had to lose them. I cannot imagine what that was like.”

A sob involuntarily caught in Moira’s throat. She had no desire to be so suddenly emotional, so weak in front of a man she had known for barely a day. Yet, there she sat with him, trying to keep it together as tears began to spill from her eyes. She had cried so many times before, so many times by herself. But something about having someone else say that to her, something about him saying it, just pushed her over the edge. 

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Moira wiped at her face with the fabric of the poncho. “No, it’s fine. I’m just a baby, remember, like you said? A big baby 'obviously lacking the cunning and prowess necessary needed’ to just keep it together.”

He looked at her for a moment, processing her words And then Cassian was legitimately laughing. Not his usual shallow chuckle, but a laugh that was genuine and warm. And he smiled too. This smile was one that brought out the dimples in his cheeks and made his eyes crinkle and gave way to a sincere expression of joy.

Moira hadn’t seen something so beautiful in a long time.

“You. I don’t understand you at all,” he managed, regaining his composure. “One second you’re crying and the next you’re making jokes.”

She smiled at him mischievously, hints of tear trails still on her cheeks. “I think we both have a lot to learn about each other, Captain Andor.”

Cassian smirked back. “I think you might be right, Lieutenant.”


Feed and Go - Automatic Pet Feeder

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Bidoof’s Happy Home Workshop

Hi everyone, Jake from BidoofCrossing here! The team at Nintendo Australia have invited me as a guest blogger to introduce a little project we’ll be working on over the next few weeks, so…. Welcome to Bidoof’s Happy Home Workshop! In this series, special characters in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will have their homes designed, based off your ideas and suggestions!

The first special character to have their home designed will be Digby, so please feel free to reblog this post with how you would like Digby’s house to be designed, and I’ll get working on it!
We can’t wait to see your design ideas!