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The Dark World and the Light World were created as twins, with each balancing the other. If one were to be destroyed, the other would quickly follow. Now hidden deep within each World is what is commonly known as a World Core, but in this case they are called Hearts.

Deep within the badlands of the Dark World inside of a temple lies the Light Heart, and woe to those who attempt to claim it. Not only is it on top of a high mountain, but powerful monsters haunt the area, and what is rumoured to be an extremely powerful dragon makes it lair in the temple itself.

The Dark Heart lies deep underground in the Light World, and legends say that it’s cavern can only be accessed when the path is lit by the stars. Of course, no one has ever managed to find it, so it is entirely unknown as to its true location or its guardians.

Now the Dark World itself is a harsh and unforgiving place, with a constant storm cover that makes it difficult for anything to grow. It is generally a barren wasteland populated by dangerous creatures that will devour anything they can get their hands on.

The Light World, in contrast, is a place full of sunshine and greenery. The creatures there do not have to struggle for food as often as their counterparts, and tend to be more lazy and weak. When a Dark creature accidentally ends up in the Light World, it often carves a destructive streak through the landscape as it tears through an environment that rarely needs to protect itself.


At the end of everything, hold onto anything.

Night in the woods, the game

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Design: Aston Martin Lagonda Photographed by Tomek Olszowski

Cult cars don’t come much less conventional than the Aston Martin Lagonda. Only 645 were ever made, and they’re like no other car before or since. 

The wedge-shaped body is the height of a Porsche 911 but over five meters long, with an outrageously space-age dashboard. In this shoot by photographer Tomek Olszowski, a touch of seventies noir accents the car’s angular forms, introducing it’s beauty to a new general of design and car lovers alike. 

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