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16/3/17 I just came out of a mock exam for cultural geography. I think it went as well as I expected it to to be honest. I didn’t get as much revision in as I would ave liked, because I was at the quidditch tournament and then over Monday and Tuesday, it was like… though the sun was out there was this black shaft of shadow that surrounded me? I don’t know. For those two days it felt like the only emotion I had was sadness, for no apparent reason. At first I put it down to being drained from the tournament, but I had a lot of sleep and I was eating… who knows. I think it just sort of happens to people. So I took these pictures yesterday when my boyfriend and I went to one of our favourite cafes to do some revision for todays mock and for him to do his computer sciencey stuff, and then I went into papersmiths and there was a dog!!! So I felt a lot better yesterday, and I feel pretty good today. I’m about to do some catch up for my physical lectures, because my emotions at the beginning of this week held me back from going to some. I hope everyone’s having a better time of it than I have recently. It sort of like, I only feel in extremes right now… I dont know. Love you all thank’s for keeping me motivated to work when I’m like this. xxx emily


A Converted Factory Turns Into A Family Home | Kempten, Germany

(Source:, Photos by wertvollfotografie)

BEWILDER - Poly!JiHope

Word count: 12.1k
Summery: The sudden losing of your apartment - right before exam season no less - led you to move in with your boyfriend and his best friend. Movie nights, some drinks and the absent of said boyfriend from the apartment for a while can lead to more good then you could ever hope for.
Genre:  Dancing students!JiHope.
Warnings: No actual smut, but there’s boner talk.

You groaned and angrily exited the texting app on your phone. Your boyfriend’s smiling face replaced it and you could feel yourself relaxing slightly, even if all you saw was a picture of him. The owner of your apartment announced the return of her son to Seoul, and the need for your immediate departure when your contract ends. This left you with two weeks to find another apartment, a race against time that you can’t win against even if you deluded yourself out of your mind.

You had no place to go.

You looked at your boyfriend’s face again. You could always ask Jimin to temporarily move in with him until you find another apartment. It’ll be a weird request, mainly because you’ve been together for long enough to actually move in with each other. You haven’t even talked about taking that step in your relationship, and having no apartment of your own was nerve-wracking enough without the addition of such a conversation with all of its consequences.

As if on cue, Jimin’s picture switched to one of the two of you together as the caller id took over your screen. His voice filled the space of your living room with a cover he made for you on your two year anniversary. You didn’t even know he could sing before he surprised you with that recording, but apparently there’s nothing your dancer boyfriend can’t do with absolute perfection.

You cut his singing voice short with a quick slide of your thumb on your screen, “Hey, babe.”

“My baby!” Jimin exclaimed from the other end. You could spot the usual sounds of video games from the background, and a groaning voice that didn’t belong to Jimin.

That voice belonged to his roommate and classmate, Hoseok, would also be affected by it. You’ll most likely be more of a burden on him then on your own boyfriend. He was also the second reason why you and Jimin haven’t moved in together yet. Jimin and Hoseok have been living together since high school, since Jimin’s home was on the other side of the country, a distance he can’t possibly cover every day. The board of the school spoke to Hoseok’s parents who agreed to take the teenager in with absolute joy, and the rest was history. They must be used to having their space, to being around each other in the comfort of their home and the boundaries they set. All of these things didn’t matter when you slept over their place once in a while, but if it’ll be an everyday thing for god knows how long, it could be a problem.

“You stopped replying,” Jimin said, the last word of his sentence sounding tight as he probably came through a tough part of the game.

“Yeah, my landlord messaged me so I’m staying away from the app until I’ll know what to answer.”

“Did something bad happen?”

“Sort of.”

The second you formed those words you heard Jimin’s voice – more muffled then before – as he asked Hoseok to pause the game for a second. You couldn’t help but smile at how fast Jimin reacted when he thought you needed his full concentration, even though playing those games can suck him in pretty bad.

“I’m all yours,” Jimin’s voice became clear again. “What did she tell you?”

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