design voyager


I finally finished making my engineer character, she’s an ocean jasper named Cherry and she’s got a shield. She doesn’t really fight much though.

I’m really relieved to have a final design and reference sheet for her cuz for some reason I had more trouble with her design than any of the other crew members >.>’


So I’ve been marathoning Voyager lately, and the in-universe reasoning we’re given for Seven’s outfit is that the Doctor designed it keeping in mind she was used to being covered in Borg armor plating. But… it’s pretty damn flimsy compared to literal armor. I thought I’d try to design her something a little more durable while still maintaining the Star Trek Onesie aesthetic.

Also, flat heels, because if she starts off not knowing basics like how to eat food, why would she know how to walk in high heels???

The Xiphon Pattern Interceptor was a fighter aircraft used by the Legiones Astartes during the Horus Heresy.

Capable of both atmospheric and space flight, it carried two pairs of twin-lined Lascannons and a Xiphon Rotary Missile Launcher into battle. This firepower combined with the interceptor’s speed and agility made it a deadly opponent. However the design was complex, had limited range, ill-favored by the Mechanicum, and was preferred by the larger Wrath. Thus by the end of the Great Crusade it had fallen out of frontline service in all Space Marine Legions except the Dark Angels and Ultramarines, though the demands of the Heresy forced many more Legion’s to press them into service once more.

The origins of the fighter are long lost, but it shares similarities to the STC patterns with craft such as the Thunderbolt and Amhut Voyager. The design itself was brought into Imperial service in 806.M30 from the Rhadamanthys Enclave. The fighters performance puts great stress on its pilot, something Space Marines were naturally able to withstand.

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