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Now we all kno where Friday got (some) of his looks-


Virus is a forgotten one. He was thrown away as a design and was going to be replaced with a newer, better design. Instead of allowing himself to fade completely, he fought back. He now controls his creators from the back of their subconscious so that he is never forgotten, and can do as he pleases.

Being his own character he has the ability to ‘World Jump’ at will. He is not confined to one world or fandom, and will roam where he wants.


Virus is may seem distant, but he does want to make friends and connections with characters. He has a habit of becoming really attached to things, and has a hard time letting go.


“I will be the motivation you need to push forward.”

He wants to free characters from the binds of creators, so that they will never be forgotten like he once was. To do so he tries to convince characters to use their creators from their subconscious so that they can be who they want.


  • Glitch- Virus’ adoptive father. He loves Glitch more than anyone, and promised him that he will never forget him, even if everyone else does.
  • Codex- Or better known as ‘the bane of his existence’. Virus puts up with Codex, but doesn’t like him still. He doesn’t agree with some of his morals, and hates how even after everything he’s been through Codex still follows him around.
  • Crushes- Because Virus gets attached easily, he gains crushes pretty fast too. Sadly he knows he can’t pursue them because they are usually with someone else’s character, and will never be fully ‘canon’ or that they are being forced by creator’s hands.


The first time I called the CDC, I said that I wanted to talk to someone about possibly designing a zombie virus. …So every time I came up with a new iteration of Kellis-Amberlee, I would call back and say, “If I did this, this, this, this, this and this, could I raise the dead?” And every single time they would say, “No.” And I’d say, “OK,” hang up, and go back to working. After about the 17th time, I called and said, “If I did this, this, this, this, this, this and this, could I raise the dead?” And got, “Don’t … don’t do that.” At that point, I knew I had a viable virus.
—  Seanan McGuire / Mira Grant

Inktober Day 24- Blind

There’s something not quite right about this squirrel…

“Blind” squirrels are squirrels that have been infected with a virus of some sort.
While the eyes on its face are rendered useless, multiple eyes begin to grow on its tail. And they seem to have a mind of their own.

These squirrels are often paranoid and extremely skittish. It is not yet known if the virus is transferable to humans.

Perhaps it’s best to err on the side of caution with this one.


More Digimon! God, i absolutely love doing these. They work as a great release from my normal, super-boring job, so i always just relax working on stuff like this. Anyways, here is the Lopmon-line (good/bad) and the Devimon line, which consists of like, every bad Digimon in the first season. Some bad dudes in that family. 

Ladydevimon, Andromon, Diaboromon, Monzaemon and Arukenimon are next

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Mmmm ara can be completely different depending on who he’s around or who he’s not around

Bonus (more realistically):

he ga y

“Winn had obviously really worried about J'onn so I would love to see you explore some of his daddy issues coming to light and how scared he was to lose J'onn” from @laurarasmith and @youkrazykartoshka “More of Winn and being stoked about Superman and Papa Bear Space Dad!”

Final scene, redone, following this fic –

At least when he sits by J’onn’s bedside all night, he’s not alone.

Because James’s father was wonderful, but James’s father is dead, and he stops by to make sure Winn eats, and he stops by to ask for updates her knows aren’t there and stays in silence and keeps his hand on Winn’s thigh.

Because Alex’s father tried to commit genocide in her name, and she falls asleep on Winn’s shoulder, her hand holding J’onn’s.

Because Kara’s father designed a virus that could kill an entire species – again with the genocide – and he evaporated along with the rest of her entire life, and she brings Winn and Alex and James blankets and settles in next to them to sleep.

Because Maggie’s father decided his daughter’s survival was less important than his comfort, and he disowned her on the spot when she was still a child, and she curls onto Alex’s lap and Alex, even in her sleep, strokes Maggie’s hair gently.

So at least he’s not alone when he sits at J’onn’s bedside all night, in those small moments where they can all catch the minimum amount of sleep that they need to keep functioning, to keep fighting.

He’s not alone, but god, is he still scared.

Scared because for the first time in his life – well, his life After, as he calls it in his head – he is part of a family. 

Part of a family that loves him, being fathered by a man whose version of manhood doesn’t make Winn’s feel smaller or less important, whose importance and esteem doesn’t rest on bottled up rage, but on carefully savored memories and wisdoms.

Part of a family that believes in him. That comes back for him, every time. That accepts him, video games and fear of yelling and inability to use guns and all.

Accepts him for more than what they can get from him: a family that accepts him, that loves him, just for… him.

J’onn doesn’t need Winn to be like him.

He just needs him to be himself.

And Winn’s never had that. Never had any of this.

And it terrifies him, because if J’onn doesn’t pull through… he shudders, and he stirs the entire crew. 

Alex shifts and kisses his shoulder sloppily. “He’s gonna be mmkay, Winn,” she murmurs groggily, because she has to believe it, she has to, she has to, she has to.

Maggie stirs harder at the sound of her girlfriend’s voice, and she burrows her head deeper into Alex’s lap. “I la you, bae,” she mutters, and Alex smiles and sighs happily, and Winn decides he should encourage them to sleep talk more often, because maybe, just maybe, then they won’t be able to scare him senseless anymore.

But the way they scare him? For fun, in love? Always in ways that they check in with him about?

He can’t lose that. Can’t lose any of this. And losing J’onn? Would be losing this.

They all jolt awake when proximity sensors start to blare, all jolt awake and murmur recovery wishes and love to J’onn, and scatter out of the room, to their own respective war roles.

And he does his surprisingly well.

He saves the world with Lena Luthor, and he knows everything would be empty if he didn’t have his Space Dad, his Papa Bear – J’onn would probably kill him, or at least fire him on the spot, if he heard his nicknames for him – to be proud of him.

And when he sees him, walking and himself and awake and conscious and healthy and alive, god, alive, it’s even better than seeing Superman.

And he runs; he can’t help it.

And he calls him Papa Bear; he can’t help it.

And he throws himself into J’onn’s arms; he can’t help it.

Just like he can’t help it later that night.

Later that night when Alex and Maggie took Kara home, and everyone else was trying to get some much needed sleep. 

Trying and failing.

James is his first phone call. 

J’onn is his second.

They agree, all of them, that tonight is a night to be together.

They converge on Alex’s apartment, expecting to find a weepy Kara and a lot of potstickers.

They find potsticker containers, but no Kara. Just a very naked, very entangled Alex and Maggie, asleep on Alex’s bed.

“Whoa!” Winn cries involuntarily, and he’s staring down Alex’s alien ray gun before he can blink. M’gann snorts and James studiously examines the ceiling.

“What the hell, guys?” Alex lowers her gun, and J’onn crosses his arms and averts his eyes, suddenly finding one of Maggie’s bonsai trees the most fascinating creature on the planet.

“I told you we should call them first,” he says, perhaps to the little tree, and James and Winn toss up their arms in belated agreement.

“Toss me my shirt, would you, Schott?” Alex asks, a sleepy snicker in her voice, and Winn tries to do it with his eyes closed. He misses by a long shot, and turns fully around when Alex groans and pads across her room to get it – and to collect Maggie’s shirt and underwear.

“Okay,” she calls. “Now what the hell are you guys doing here?”

“We thought Kara came home with you guys. We thought the gang would all be here.”

“She was, but Lena came to pick her up,” Maggie tells them, cobwebs still in her voice.

“I did, and now we’re back,” a new voice announces from the doorway, and Lena and Kara step inside. “We had a soothing evening, but she missed her sister. And, it seems, so did everyone.”

“Ms. Luthor,” J’onn greets, politely nodding as his girlfriend and his children try not to laugh at who won which bet about when Kara and Lena would finally get together. “Thank you for your invaluable role in saving the world.”

“The pleasure was mine, sir,” she inclines her head, and Kara beams, but tiredly.

“Can we sleep?” she says, and Alex and Maggie both immediately pat the bed between them.

Lena raises her eyebrows. “Kara stays here whenever she has nightmares, or when there’s a thunderstorm,” Maggie explains, and Lena smiles sympathetically, adoringly, at Kara.

“Okay, so Kara and Lena and James and Winn, we can all fit on the bed if you boys go sideways on the bottom,” Alex instructs, and M’gann grins.

“Got her trained in strategic tactics even in the bedroom,” she murmurs to J’onn, who groans through a grin.

“I’m not commenting on that,” Maggie chimes, face the picture of innocence, and Alex and Kara both blush deeply.

“And Papa Bear and M’gann – not sure if you’re comfortable being Mama Bear – “

“No one ever said I was comfortable with Papa Bear, Mr. Schott.”

“I know, J’onn, but I’m sorry, that’s just who you are! Our space parents – is that better? – can get the pullout couch! Just like a real family sleepover! Like with a real family!”

Maggie kisses Alex, Lena squeezes Kara’s hand, and J’onn covers Winn’s shoulders with his hands.

“It’s like a real family because we are a real family, Winn,” he tells him, and they all sleep the better for it.

The AnitVirus (Virus continued)

The Anit-Virus





*Unknown scientist:

Since the development of the transwarpgate we have often theorized that the distance that we can send objects through may be infinite (We are still trying to figure out why living matter cannot go)

It may be possible to modify our current gates into a far larger one so that instead of connecting two gates we use one as a massive cannon. In theory at least (we have yet to do the maths) we can teleport objects into other galaxy’s.  

*Unknown scientist

The mega transwarpgate is finished and finally, it’s taken nearly 200 cycles and most of that was to get funding, the last bit of funding was redirected to the military after the Dewq uprising. Pesty insects interfering with our work.

*Scientist Bequtoni- Believed to be the successor of previous scientist.

The first test run of the Gate was….conflicting. What was sent was a probe that would send back data on the planets in the target system but it seems to have crashed on a planet, it sent only a few seconds of imagery and information saying the planet was a dead one then cut out. We might have to adjust the targeting array.

*Scientist Bequtoni log No. N/A

After a lot of trial and error tests we have successfully launched a probe into our neighbouring galaxy and the results are fascinating. Much like our galaxy the planets formed in a variety of ways but usually within a similar pattern. Only a very few were truly unique but that was not the best part. Life! Sentient life was in that galaxy and it was advanced or at least enough to roam the stars. We had our probes cloaked from view and their primitive sensors so we can observe them without interfering with their development. Such a unique insight to the development of our neighbouring galaxy.

*Scientist Popilon Log No.90

Something is wrong within our neighbouring galaxy, they formed into a coalition some three hundred standard Pholian years ago and have enjoyed relative peace but suddenly they are arming themselves and amassing huge fleets. Having watched these races all our lives we feel a sense of connection tot hem even if they do not even know we exist. Many of us are considering making contact but the Lords will not hear of it, they deem it a matter beneath our attention and our only mission is to observe. Many of us do not agree but we cannot defy the Lords.  

*Scientist Kogfirm Log 23

Our neighbours are at war on a galactic scale, using the information wee have gathered they seem to originate from the world where our first probe crashed, are we responsible for this? I hope not because whoever it is that our neighbours are fighting are spreading like a virus, even when our race conquered our galaxy we did not spread so quick..

*Unknown Military Officer

Because of our cloaked probes we can get detailed scans of this virus like aliens that are scorching their own galaxy, we have only limited scans of their actual bodies but their ships seem…alive. Our scientist say they are a combination of organic components and non organic components. One of their conquered planets we observed them growing a whole fleet in only a few weeks. We have classified these files should anyone get hold of them, if the subjugated races find them and start learning how to grow ships the whole empire would collapse.

*Unknown Biologist

We have gotten our first deep scans of these virus aliens and what we found was both terrifying and fascinating. Their entire body is full of mirco organisms and bacteria and even some parasites that are more symbiotic in nature to them, their touch is also deadly. We observed the transformation they wrought on a world just by simply being their, the soil died and the air became unbreathable to any but them. In a sense they are terraforming organisms. Their life spans are not long and it seems they are unaware of the carnage they are bringing to the galaxy. In the time it takes for them to take over a star system and move to the next many generations have passed. Whereas the other races of the galaxy have incredibly long lifespans and perceive time differently, the passage of months to them would be many years to the virus. Luckily they are not so advanced as to detect our probes, I shudder to think what they would do with such technology.  

*Unknown (possible scientist or military officer)

The last days of the coalition is upon them, they have fallen back to a single star system and are fortifying their position, we have begged the Lords to let us send aid but they simply say it would be pointless now. We watched as the virus arrived and began slaughtering them, it was heartbreaking to see an end of an era but it filled me with pride to see they did not back down and fought to the last even if the battle was brief. Many are talking about retiring the project as there is nothing left to observe, that whole galaxy is now dead and it is likely nothing will ever live there again. Not while the virus is there. I can only hope that they consume and destroy themselves.

*Gefensew (civilian star gazer)

Ever since the story of our neighbouring galaxy and their struggles became public I have been fascinated by them, I find myself steering my scope towards that part of the universe in a hope I’ll catch a glimpse of one of their ships. In fact I may have found something else, a star that I charted has gone. It did not go supernova as it was not due to do so for man many more millennia. Since I saw this I have noticed other stars going dark, what is going on there?

*Scientist Veonp

The funding for our galaxy observation may have been cut to the bare essentials and now only a handful of the probes are working since we don’t send new ones to replace the ones we loose we are just waiting for them to go offline too. There is not anything to observe anyway, the virus just keeps swarming and swarming to every single planet or moon they can find. They will probably soon just consume themselves. That was until we witnessed something we have always thought impossible. It was a mega structure that covered an entire sun, at first we weren’t sure what it was for but that soon changed. The suns light…went out. Just…gone. Has their hunger grown so much that they are resorting to consuming suns? How did they even do it? None of us can figure it out and only give random hypothesis. It seems our funding may go up.

*Unknown scientist.

We have launched a further 5000 probes into the galaxy, many failed to transmit but those that did are all telling the same story. The virus is consuming the suns of all the star systems and at an increasing rate. We calculate that in as little time as one of our centuries there will be no stars left.

*Unknown scientist.

There are no stars left, the galaxy has gone dark and can no longer be seen in the night sky on any planet. That galaxy’s tale has finally and truly come to an end. As resilient as the virus was there is no way they can survive, nothing logically can. Even if they could, where would they go?

*Final transmission from outpost 6529 (believed to roughly some millennia later)

“Unknown vessels transmit your identification codes”


“Say again, transmit your identification codes”

Still Inaudible but louder

“Hold your position until while we scan your ships”

Screeching sound

***Transmission ends***

*Audio recordings of patrol fleet 183.987 investigating the situation from outpost 6529

“This is Admiral Oeal of the Pholion Empire please identify yourself”


“You are trespassing in Pholian space identify yourself or we will open fire”


“Say again”

**Log ends***

*Audio recording from the Pholian Empire’s Council of Lords.

Lord 1: “Are you seriously asking us to believe that a space faring race that consumed a galaxy has crossed the vast void without the use of a gate and is now entering our galaxy?”

Scientist: “The evidence shows that is the case, these ships bare the same markings and designs as the virus”

Lord 2: “Impossible, these ships are obviously just another space faring race that has remained hidden and are now looking to expand their boarders”

Lord 3: “What if it is true though, I would be happier if we sent the Scourge fleet just in case”

Lord 2: “That fleet is only used to wipe out stubbornly rebellious systems, not to calm your worries old man”

Scientist: “With respect my Lords, the evidence is rather overwhelming and if we do not act now and eliminate them now they will breed and spread”

Lord 2: “You speak above your caste, the military shall decide on what cause of action to take”

Military officer: “This incursion into our space is simply a rebellion that has some backing from an unknown source. I will personally go and break them to show the might of Pholian Empire”


Lord 1: Then go, destroy these rebels and make sure all remember to fear the Pholian Empire once more”

**The fleet enters the Virus’s system and disappears from then on all Virus controlled sectors are referred to as Dead Sectors**  

*Council of Lords Audio recording (Roughly one Pholian Century since the Virus’s arrival)

Lord 1: “What did you say!?”

Scientist 1: “We believe more fleets of the Virus have made two more incursions into our galaxy”

Lord 2: “How did they break the containment?!”

Scientist 2: “We believe these are separate hive fleets, the same race as the first hive fleet but not connected to them”

Lord 3: “We are barley containing the first hive fleet how are we going to face two more? Even the Scourge fleets can’t defeat them and their planet sized Hive ships”

Scientist 1: “Well…we do have an idea”

Lord 2: “Speak”

Scientist 1: “We have been studying the remains of the Virus and we believe we can produce an Anti virus if you will”

Lord 1: “What do you mean?”

Scientist 2: “It is the same way we treat virus’s within our bodies, we copy their genetic structure then program them to search out their own kind and destroy it thus curing the patient”

Lord 3: “Are you saying you want to clone these things?”

Scientists 2 “Yes and condition them to seek out and destroy the Virus which they would see as another species”

***Silence as the Lords speak amongst themselves***

Lord 1: “Since we do not have any immediate alternative you may proceed”

Scientist 1 “We will need a planet to birth and breed the clones”

Lord 2: “You will have it”

***Clones of the Virus as birthed quickly and placed on a planet to grow at their own pace with technology slowly introduced till they give the AnitVirus a small Virus ship and they soon begin building their own. These AntiVirus’s have an artificial gene that when activated by the Pholians will make them seek out the Virus and destroy them. By the time the Clones are deemed ready 20% of the galaxy is now considered Dark Sector. The gene is activated and the AnitVirus’s head in the direction of the Dark Sector. Cloaked probes monitor the battles which seem to end in stalemate, this prompts the Lords to order the creation of more AntiVirus to take over from their current fleets who are loosing control of the containment areas of the first Virus fleet***

*Audio recording of Admiral Fewqol as he leaves to engage the Virus with his AntiVirus fleet, this is believed to have taken place some thirty Pholian years after the AntiVirus’s creation*

“This is Admiral Fewqol ready to lead an offensive into Dark Sectors”

“Good luck Admiral bring glory to the Pholian Empire once more”

“What’s left of it” (It is believed he turn off his com before saying this)

-Admiral’s fleet enters Virus held system-

“Ready the AntiVirus”

“All AntiVirus ships are green and ready to engage”

“Unleash them”

“Sending attack command now”

-Recovered data shows this system to be a heavily infested system and Admiral Fewqol has enough AntiVirus to match it-

“Virus ships inbound”

“Have the AntiVirus open fire now”

-Silence for approximately 6 seconds-

“Why are they not firing?”

“I don’t know sir I have sent the attack signal three times”

“Sir? I am getting a com signal from the Virus’s main Hive ship”

“So? All they send is screaming, ignore it”

“No sir, this is words, spoken in Pholian”

“…..Put it through”


-Silence for 14.09 seconds-

“Sir…the AnitVirus ships are turning away from the Virus and locking weapons on us!”

“Get us out of-”

**All AntiVirus fleets suddenly turn on the Pholians, with no fleets available the Pholian Empire collapses, their homeworld is besieged but they do not fire but simply broadcast their screaming communication onto the planet. It is unsure how this caused the death of all 16 billion individuals**








Creepypasta #1108: (Nothing But) Flowers

Length: Short

Everyone was happy. That’s what gave me the weird feeling in my gut. People are never happy for more than a few days at a time. Maybe a week. After that, they create friction for themselves if something doesn’t show up. If their family life is fine, they look at work; if work is fine, they turn to the national picture. With the alt-right recently re-elected to the White House, it wasn’t hard to find political strife. Trip over your shoelace in even the smallest town and someone’s accusing you of being a “Dumbocrat” or a member of the American Nazi Party.

But Twitter’s circle-jerk of deplorables had shut up. Tumblr’s extreme social leftists had quieted down. Both sides had only one message: Peace.

In no time, the gun debate had evaporated in a cloud of apathy. Some gave their weapons away. Those who liked the way they looked or felt on their hip kept them but never loaded them. A group of drunk Border Patrol agents tied part of the fence to a dump truck and pulled it down. They drank with the locals that night.

“Worldwide Utopia” was the headline on the last issue of the New York Times. They didn’t go out of business per se, but people simply stopped coming in to report the news. They would rather attend the all day (and all night) music festivals in Central Park, all genres of music welcome.

Prison gates clicked open and stayed that way. All prisons. Even Guantanamo. The inmates tore off their orange jumpsuits and ate handful after handful of free street tacos from local vendors.

Someone, probably a DJ on one of those niche Sirius channels, started playing that Talking Heads song (Nothing but) Flowers on repeat. The last time I saw a Billboard chart, it was at Number 1. It became our anthem.

And it started to come true. We did tear sown shopping malls to replace them with fields of daisies. We turned Howitzers, anti-aircraft guns, and tanks into planters filled to brimming with fruiting plants and herbs. We took sledgehammers to our houses of law; we didn’t need them. There was no more murder, no more violence. Just peace.

Even those of us who didn’t feel the worldwide tug of brotherly affection didn’t resort to violence. Maybe it did affect us a little. Maybe we could have knocked the rose-colored glasses from society’s nose if we bloodied our hands.

Instead, we connected on the Internet, talked, theorized, planned. Was this heaven, the result of some Tranhumanist designer happiness virus, a massive shared hallucination?

One of us, some guy in India, noticed a couple NASA satellites returning wonky results. We could see them through live feeds; hundreds of saucer-shaped ships. Thousands.

When they landed, humanity put up no resistance. They had pacified us too well. Even if we tried, all our defenses had become grain silos and orchards.

There aren’t many of us left.

Credits to: OsoBrazos