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The first time I called the CDC, I said that I wanted to talk to someone about possibly designing a zombie virus. …So every time I came up with a new iteration of Kellis-Amberlee, I would call back and say, “If I did this, this, this, this, this and this, could I raise the dead?” And every single time they would say, “No.” And I’d say, “OK,” hang up, and go back to working. After about the 17th time, I called and said, “If I did this, this, this, this, this, this and this, could I raise the dead?” And got, “Don’t … don’t do that.” At that point, I knew I had a viable virus.
—  Seanan McGuire / Mira Grant

((i thought of this while listening to MEMEME and idk Y but i thought of the idea of Colin being an over obsessed asshole who got the “ILOVEYOU” virus and has alot of pink pastel colours pptt.))


ILOVEYOU COLIN is corrupted with the ILOVEYOU computer virus which is considered one of the MOST virulent computer virus ever created! The virus managed to wreck havoc on computer systems all over the world!

Hes a tricky smug jerk who is overly obsessed with Laptop and wants her to be corrupted with him, since shes a computer to which gives him the advantage of giving her the same virus. The virus controls him to get every computer affected with his bug. He tricks you by giving you a love letter….and when you open it…..theres no turing back…..

VSoul will fck you up if you touch his husbone.png

pffftf sorry I have these thoughts bout if VSoul and Soul were like seperated or somethin then there would be both these ships

I’d find that hilarious to watch xD

I love these two ships so much <3

VSoul and Soul belongs to @amber-acrylic

(This) Blueberry belongs to @ask-blueberry-sans

Witchy belongs to moi~


More Digimon! God, i absolutely love doing these. They work as a great release from my normal, super-boring job, so i always just relax working on stuff like this. Anyways, here is the Lopmon-line (good/bad) and the Devimon line, which consists of like, every bad Digimon in the first season. Some bad dudes in that family. 

Ladydevimon, Andromon, Diaboromon, Monzaemon and Arukenimon are next

Already up in my store right here!

I was watching Wreck-It Ralph today, and @loveless987 was trying to keep me from distractions, and they suggested an idea of a ‘virus’ Feyri. 

Funny enough, Feyri has a mental thing where he’s almost multiple/duo personality, whenever his family (or Durion in particular) is threatened, he takes on a murderous, almost psychopathic persona. So I implemented that into the design for ‘virus’ Fey <3.

I wasn’t sure where these were going after a while

Thought it’d be fun to kinda do semi inspired muse related outfits. Something to sorta fit a certain aesthetic, color, or personality of each. And I love designing outfits on myself SOOOO

Featured here is slight inspiration from bunny-virus‘s Nocturne, koofins‘s Marchosias, and irdeadite‘s Chimney

Did you know, you can’t get the flu from the flu shot? It’s true. The flu shot is an inactivated vaccine, which means it has pieces of virus designed to turn on your immune system. Since there is no virus in the vaccine it’s impossible to get sick form it. 

It takes two weeks for the vaccine to work, so if you do get the flu later that day it’s because you already had it when you got the shot. 

Just evil guys being evil dudes. 

Also, WOY style backgrounds are DECEPTIVELY DIFFICULT to draw! I guess it gave me an even bigger appreciation than I already had for all the hard work that goes into this show by all the different types of artists, but I’m never trying that again.  ALSO, I should probably give credit where it is due: (under cut) 

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