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For anyone trying to figure out how to look great without breaking the bank, I highly recommend thrift stores. HIGHLY recommend. I have been getting some amaaazing scores there lately. Yesterday I got a $200 pair of Banana Republic boots, a $100 Nordstrom hoodie and another pair of pants that are normally about $100 (I can’t remember the brand right now) all for $18. EIGHT. TEEN. DOLLARS. It all is in great shape and could easily pass for brand new. I have always loved thrifting for treasures so this is nothing new for me but, sometimes you’ve just got to put in a little time and really search for the good stuff. It pays off. I’ve seen too many girls have an ego about buying second hand and honestly, honey, it doesn’t matter. No one will know but you. Bring it home, wash it, hang it up, give it a new life. I have gotten such a ridiculous amount of designer and high quality brand name items from the thrift store. Rich people know they have nice shit and that’s why they donate it. Take advantage of that shit! Happy sugaring. ✨😘


Pattern designs based on outings that I made for uni (”Dog walk to the farmers market”, “Second hand book shopping and afternoon tea” and “Saturday morning op shopping”)


It’s True

Becky makes fun of me because I adamantly refuse to return to restaurants we’ve already eaten at (unless they’re amazing/100% no fail delicious). There are too many hidden gems in New York and not enough time for all of them. If you know me, I have constant FOMO, and fear of missing out on food is no exception. I’m a big supporter of Yelp, and Yelp told me that Le Vain is THE best dessert place in New York. So today we tried the infamous cookies, and I would 10/10 return to this place. The only downfall is the line, but I’d say we waited for maybe 15-20 minutes for some game changing humungous $4 chocolate chip and walnut goodness.

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“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your home becomes your story" —Designer Erin Flett 

Here’s a few tips on how to achieve The Thrifty Thrill aesthetic: 

  • Step 1 – Collect everything; shells, stones, jewelry, stickers, trinkets, pictures, plants, and so on. Never stop collecting things you like. 
  • Step 2 – Collect plates, trays, shelves, wall hangings, mannequins, dishes, cups and other containers to hold or display your collections. *Make sure to put similar items together - Keeps you organized!
  • Step 3 – Use every inch of your dresser and every foot of your room to showcase your collections! 
  • Step 4 – SHOP AT THRIFT STORES to start or add to your collections!

anonymous asked:

whats ur fav article of clothing/ pair of shoes u own

GHoly shit what a question wow uh… im gonna be really extra and say my fav of each Category of Clothing… my fav shirt is probably a wrap shirt i thrifted a while back its this one.. my favorite pants r my cargo jeans that i got on depop they look like this! my favorite shorts are my clown shorts and my favorite dress is either this american apparel wrap one or this mesh one that i havent yet had an excuse to wear.. my favorite shoes are my platform tevas or my docs (theyre maroon its pretty swell) and my favorite jacket is an old army jacket that addison mailed me a while back  <3


Kitchen counter 01 by Raya via Flickr
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what i associate with the signs

Aries - iced coffee, finding designer sunglasses at the thrift store, driving on the highway at night, combat boots
Taurus - camping out in the back yard, toe socks, ice cream parlors, looking for sea shells
Gemini - the first flowers of spring, throwing darts at a map to choose a vacation spot, gel pens, the smell of a library
Cancer - fireworks, photoshoots in a cemetery, stepping in a puddle, laughing and crying at the same time
Leo - thunderstorms, the opening song at a concert, black coffee, swimming at night
Virgo - renting a movie, a sushi bar, spiked hair, staying awake after hitting the snooze button
Libra - sliding on hardwood floors in your socks, laying in the grass, at-home haircuts, blowing bubbles
Scorpio - a new tattoo, stand up comedy, high top converse, catching a guitar pick
Sagittarius - long winter nights, bad karaoke, grilled cheese sandwiches, feather pillows
Capricorn - popping balloons, falling stars, the sound of a fork scraping a plate, complaining about the weather
Aquarius - waterfalls, finding pictures in the clouds, oversized sweaters, a new sketch book
Pisces - leather jackets, rubix cubes, jumping in cold water, movie marathons 

Connor, 23
Sebastian, 25

Connor: “I love experimenting with proportion and layering and I like to feel confident in what I’m wearing. I try to put some thought into how I style myself, but also let ideas just come together on their own in some ways.”

Sebastian: “My style is inspired by masculine and feminine energy. It’s is critically inspired by my personality. It is a unique butch kween aesthetic, inspired and inevitably exacerbated by contemporary avantgarde fashion design and accessible thrifted garments. It is also inspired by an incessant desire for queer representation and a keen eye for brown style/aesthetic.”

May 12, 2016 ∙ Potrero Hill