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My half of a design trade with @asklevee!
[Inspiration: Sing Me to Sleep, Alan Walker]

A little less than a thousand years ago, Princess Celestia realized with acute horror that there was another one of her younger sister’s duties that could not be left untended to. 

So busy she had been with raising and lowering the sun and moon that she had failed to realize that her subjects’ slumber was agitated. All of their doubts and worries had continued to build up in them, and with no one to help guide them in their sleep, their dreams had become tainted by nightmares.

Frantic with worry, she entered the abandoned Castle of the Two Sisters, seeking help from Princess Luna’s personal spell books.

While there was no replacement for the Princess of the Night, who could enter and jump between pony’s dreams at will, there was a solution that would have to work. She would make it work– and work it did.

She shaped a construct of sand and soft feelings, bound together by her magic into the form of a mare. One who could travel across the land at night, soothing nightmares and leaving pleasant dreams in her wake. No pony would receive kind words of comfort and personal guidance, but her graceful song and enchanting dreams would insure that Princess Celestia’s subjects did not succumb to despair in a world where sleeping brought only sadness.

Nearly a thousand years later the magic of every pony who believes in the Sand Mare has kept the construct functioning, and has even granted it a life of her own. 

But there are no more ponies to help now that Princess Luna has returned. 

So she sings sad songs in the night, wistful for the time when she was needed so completely, but taking comfort in the fact that her Highness can help so much more than she ever could.

Inktober Day 20: They stopped in a restaurant and had breakfast.  When they told the owner where they had stayed, he was shocked. “That can’t be,” he said. “That house burned to the ground, and the man and woman who lived there died in the fire.” - Alvin Schwartz

anonymous asked:

So, thank you for your very interesting chess-meta! It fills me with hope for SQ and I want to believe Lol, but with this show you never know. Either this is all a very well designed, brilliant story and when it ends we will all just be in awe and bow to the writers, or it will be the most boring, offending,flat and predictible outcome ever (and the show will be forgotten in no time). We'll see...Meta writers like you made the whole journey for sure a lot of fun! Thanks for that:))

I totally understand being skeptical. I’m still skeptical at times. But honestly, at this point, there are just way too many parallels and too much symbolism for SQ to not be real. Have faith.

And thank you! Happy I could provide entertainment :)

Inktober Day 19: The young couple got up early the next morning before their hosts had awaken. On the table near the front door, they left an envelope with some money in it for the room. They went on to the next town. -Alvin Schwartz


South Korean Illustrator Wooh Nayoung, aka Obsidian, created a beautiful series of reinterpretations of Western fairy tales in the in the style of traditional Korean animation. Despite all the wonderfully different cultural and stylistic details, each story is immediately recognizable. Pictured here are scenes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, “The Little Mermaid”, Beauty and the Beast, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Snow White”, and “The Frog Prince”:

Click here to view the entire Fairytales series. Visit Wooh Nayoung’s website to check out more of her amazing digital illustrations. You can also follow her here on Tumblr at woohnayoung.

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Ore Monogatari!! Food Design Sheets (Episodes 09-12)

  1. 大和のバースデーケーキ 設定 (Birthday Cake Set of Yamato)
  2. ピクニック用お弁当 大和特製お弁当 (Picnic Lunch - Yamato’s Special Lunch)
  3. ピクニック用小物類① (Picnic Accessories①)
  4. ピクニック用小物類② (Picnic Accessories②)
  5. お茶セット (Tea Set)
  6. お茶セット (Tea Set)
  7. 手作りチョコレート (Handmade Chocolates)
  8. エッグタルト (Egg Tart)