design stamps


On this day in music history: February 24, 1992 - The US Postal Service begin a voting poll to select a design for a commemorative stamp honoring rock & roll icon Elvis Presley. Initially, the post office commission eight artists to design the image, which is narrowed down to two different versions of the stamp. The first one depicts the 50’s era “Young Elvis” painted by artist Mark Stutzman, with the other being the 70’s era “Mature Elvis” painted by artist John Berkey. The USPS offer ballots to the public on which one they prefer. Voters overwhelmingly choose the “Young Elvis” stamp by a margin of three to one when the results are revealed in the April 13, 1992 issue of People Magazine. The stamps are officially issued on January 8, 1993 in a dedication ceremony at Graceland in Memphis, TN, on what would have been Elvis’ 58th Birthday.


A Day in the Studio with Emily Legleitner - Gone to Look for America.

“Gone to Look for America,” a woodcut on kozo okawara, is a work in progress. These images feature a proof of the three plates, which are laser engraved and hand carved. Here, Emily is practicing selective inking and experimenting with the effect of a split roll. 

Emily says about her work: “The large landscape print was inspired by a road trip I took last summer driving from Michigan to California and back along Historic Route 66, it features the numerous American landscapes I photographed along the road. The photograph of five prints hung on our studio wall is from our final critique for the semester and includes a print created from each project. The black and white image, titled “Suckin’ Blood from the Earth” is of the oil fields at the Arizona-California boarder, a photo-based single plate laser engraved woodcut printed on kozo okawara. It was an image that I took on my Route 66 road trip, a small drawing of which is also in the large landscape print.”

I’m not the most artistically gifted person even though I do draw some things really well…but also sometimes it’s nice to be able to create borders or other designs quickly. With that in mind I’ve begun to aquire some things that might help with that. These are a few stamps I’ve found at the local hobby store…I’ll be using them in my Grimoire to help decorate and design pages. Stamps and stamp pads or ink are relatively cheap and offer just one more way to customize and personalize your craft…

I’m still looking for a pentagram and candle lol


The spacecraft from From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne on a Hungarian airmail stamp - designed by Hungarian graphic artist Alexander (Sandor) Legrady, printed by photogravure, and issued by Hungary on November 1, 1969.