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Here’s the new Lines design in my “Proud” collection - this time highlighting Demisexual people!

Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which someone feels sexual attraction only to people with whom they have an emotional bond.

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Gary B. Mesibov, Eric Schopler, and Kathleen A. Hearsey, Structured Teaching, Chapter 10, in Behavioral Issues in Autism, Edited by Eric Schopler and Gary B. Mesibov, Springer, 1994, pp. 195-207


Here it is - a masterpost of all the Aspec designs I’ve made so far!

With more on the way - I release a new design every day! Not only for different orientations, but also adding to orientations I’ve already done! Follow to make sure you don’t miss any!

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A full body of MVF and Fluffy!!!!!!!

Hahaha nah those aren’t their actual names, only their show names (or code names in ‘MVF’’s opinion). Fluffy’s actual name is Florence and their an Animafeline (Animation Cat) and ‘MVF’ is actually named Myechizek (Mechanic) and their an extinct species known as Stillperona (Still Person).

These are their final designs. Though both started a mechanics industry that grew into a superstore monopoly a rift grew between the two that made Fluffy push ‘MVF’ into the dark corners as Fluffy inserted herself into the spotlight. Now ‘MVF’ has a workstation deep within their head building to work on new inventions and take care of security. The two haven’t spoken in three years.



*NOTE: I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, nor have I finished “Sunwing”; I know about certain events and characters from both books, but I don’t know how they come about or unfold, so please don’t message/send me spoilers!!

Anyway, can’t sleep; must doodle bats designs so I have basic refs for later!!

First & second pics: my take on Shade Silverwing and Marina Brightwing, as runts and teens/young adults.  For some reason I found it really hard to come up with older designs for them, especially Shade, and I still lean them towards being very young adults, so there’s potential for me to make one more aged picture with them as mature adults…
Marina (especially older Marina) looks a bit like a cat, so I’ll try to work on her design more.

Third pic: messed up and suuuper-quick doodle of (*spoilers*) Shade and Marina’s son, Griffin.  No, I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, but I know about a few events/characters from the series prior to reading it (even so: no spoilers, please!)

Fourth pic: Goth and Phoenix (and, yes, I will come up with a design for book-Throbb as well).
I actually think these two might have been my favorites to come up with.