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Sorbet PSA:

While toiling away in the middle of the night trying to grow our little friendly Croconana to cuddle size, we might have accidentally overdosed him. Within a matter of moments he was 1000% larger than he was before! We swear it was an accident! We didn’t mean for this to happen!!

Unfortunately, our lab proved too small for Colossal Croconana and he quickly escaped after we’d gone home for the night, and now he’s wandering on the loose. He could be anywhere! Approach with caution! Croconana doesn’t know his own strength.

If sighted, please contact us immediately!

Bedelia du Maurier: I have conversations with a version of you and hope that the actual you gets what he needs.Hannibal Lecter: A version of me.Bedelia du Maurier: Naturally, I respect its meticulous construction. But you are wearing a very well-tailored person suit.– Hannibal Episode 107, “Sorbet”     *     *     * When designing a wardrobe for “Satan hiding in plain sight,” one resorts to bespoke suits, of course. At least that is the approach taken by Christopher Hargadon, the brilliant Costume Designer on nbchannibal. And when your Satan is one of discerning taste, only the best will do. Christopher’s beautiful work on Hannibal has been submitted for Emmy consideration for Outstanding Costumes for a Series.

Above: Costume Designer Christopher Hargadon.

From the inception of the series, fans and fashion bloggers alike have praised Hannibal’s beautiful suits, coining the phrase “suit porn” to describe their weekly obsession. 

And when Hannibal’s plastic Murder Suit made its debut, we all understood: Sure, Dr. Lecter does not want to leave behind DNA evidence which could implicate him in his bad acts, but, more importantly, he needs to protect those glorious suits.

Because Christopher’s work is so consistently outstanding, choosing exactly which episode to submit for Emmy consideration presented a challenge. However, Episode 206, “Futamono,” got the call. One possible reason? “Futamono” featured Hannibal’s fabulous dinner party. But Christopher’s work in the episode covered everything from Will Graham’s BSHCI jumpsuit to the perfectly-tailored suits worn by Jack Crawford, Frederick Chilton (including his new walking stick accessory aka the Pimp Cane!) and Hannibal Lecter himself. And let’s not forget how stunning Alana Bloom looked at the dinner party; it was enough to spawn a Hannibloom romance. We even got to see Hannibal’s pajamas! Check out a sample of Christopher’s work from Episode 206:


Although not included in “Futamono,” Mason and Margot Verger’s appearance later in the season brought Christopher a chance to play even more:

And who could forget Freddie Lounds’ attention-grabbing trial outfit:

To learn more about Christopher, check out the blog he wrote for Hannibal Season 1:

And watch his Post-Mortem interview with Scott Thompson, which features images of some of the women’s fashions he designed for Season 2 of Hannibal:

Join us as we encourage the Television Academy to recognize the stunning fashions of Hannibal by nominating Christopher Hargadon for Outstanding Costumes for a Series.