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Acnl Wings tutorial(kind of)

So here’s the grid for the wings. For the colors I used it’s just different shades of white. I try to keep the outline the darkest shade of white of the wings while the inside is the lightest. For the shading inside the wings I used a white slightly darker than the inside but lighter than the outline ( I try to keep it closer to the inside color, but dark enough so you can somewhat see the design) 

A basic rundown of how I made these wings,these are usually the steps whenever I make any kind of wing shape as well :

I colored these wings in each part I made at a time: 

  • Brown- he first thing I did was decide where I wanted  the wings to start       
  • Yellow-After that I looked at and decided what was going to be the shape of the wing. In this case the wing was rounded at the top so I used the circle tool make that happen. The circle tool is one thing I use a lot for things that have a somewhat circular shape, it’s extremely useful, make use of it whenever you can, just erase whatever part of the circle you don’t need after(I even used it for the ruffles on this dress)
  • Pink*-I extended the line down to where I though the wing should end
  • Red*-I connected the end of the wing to the end of the starting line thing. 
  •  Orange- This is the wing’s design. Usually I just play around with the shading until I think it looks nice. In this case I shaded the last two lines near the pink line and then I put two more lines in and just put to dots diagonally to each other. The orange outside of the wing is just more shading.

For the most part whenever I make something more complicated like wings I just go by trial and error until I find what looks the best. For these wings I changed many things multiple times, such as the length, shape, shading, where they were on the dress, etc… So just keep trying and if something doesn’t look right try and change it until it does, that’s my method most of the time. 

*Pink and red are usually interchangeable steps, especially since depending on the wing shape you might not have a line that can just connect like that, so for these steps just do what looks right and fits.

Another QR I made that has wings which are not like this is the Lucifer’s shirt from The Devil Is A Part Timer.


Design Rundown : I’m going to use these posts as reminder for design related stuff I’ve seen recently.

left to right going down

1) Duralux Picardie glasses & Royal VKB Carafe

2) Heller stacking melamine dinnerware by Vignelli (unfortunately the current  production is monochrome which kind of kills the charm)

3) Tapio Wirkkala puukko knife (traditional Finnish reindeer knife, recreated by the legendary designer who used them to carve his prototypes)

4) South Willard x Cresent Down Works California Winter Jacket

5) David Mellor minimal cutlery

6) Enzo Mari’s nature series for Danelli