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messily doodled my fave scenarios before our school began

gonna miss my summer somehow though

anonymous asked:

What colors do you think best represent each member of Team Machine (including The Machine herself)? Asking for ideas for an art project.

I agonized over this for ages but here you go!

Reese and Shaw have very clear solid colours defined for them, while Harold and Root are a hot swirl of different shades in the same colour spectrum. 

John Reese: Red for fire and blood. Red for danger and emotion. Red for passion and love. 

Sameen Shaw: Blue for stability and a calming effect. Blue for loyalty and steadfastness. Blue for logical reasoning and responsibility. 

Harold Finch: I was scouring the internet and I have two choices for him! They both contain shades of complete black. Black is for power and elegance, for the mysterious and unknown, for strength and authority. And then we have various shades of blue mixed in there, leaning towards the darker shades – for intelligence, tranquillity, knowledge, confidence and depth. 

Root: More than the colour, it was the pattern that immediately caught my eye because that swirly thing is definitely Root, but I like the mesh of bright yellow and red with that dark void in the middle for her. It’s fire. It’s wild and uncontrollable. It’s flashy and chaotic and mesmerizing to look at, and can incinerate you in an instant.

TM: TM from Return 0 was definitely black. Plus, that striking image of TM as the Angel Of Death from Return 0 stuck with me, and black is associated with death. We have small shades of grey in there as well. However, it’s also yellow because it represents life and joy and hope. And then there’s the inevitable delightful fact that yellow and black together are somewhat of a combination of its Analog Interface and Admin, and that’s how it chose to represent Root’s Analog Interface box! 

I hope this was helpful (and not too late) for your art project, anon! I’d love to see what you come up with if you’re inclined to share it!