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Smog mask designs for my upcoming reboot of Knite! :D My team has been working hard the past year on Knite and Fisheye Placebo. We’re super close to finishing up all the 3D models for the big release of new comic chapters. 

For those who missed the news, years ago I hurt my hand from drawing too much, which is why my comics went on hiatus. I decided to hire a team of 3D artists to help me make models of the characters and backgrounds so that I can quickly paint over them to use in my comic. 

These characters are all 3D models made by the super talented @SozoMaika which I then painted over to make them look more natural. There are lots of other talented members of my team working on various other aspects of the story, such as clothing, backgrounds, rigging, rendering, etc. I’m super excited to introduce the full team to everyone soon with new teasers as well!

Pod People Poster
My next poster design in the “So-Bad-It’s-Good” movie series. For sale on my Society6 page:

Feel free to share/reblog but please don’t steal or alter the art in any way. Thanks!

Lupe the Wolf X Sonic the Hedgehog .:Fan Child:.

And next on the list of the Sonic Fan Children Suggestion was Lupe the Wolf X Sonic the Hedgehog himself. I went with Lupe’s newer reboot design rather than her older one for this. I don’t want to go into to much detail of what came from what parent, I’ll let you figure that one out~

I’ve watched GamingBrit’s Ratchet & Clank Reboot dissection twice now. Never played the games, but he’s selling me on the first one pretty hard.

I tried to find the subtle, nuanced differences between the OG and reboot designs. Their character’s are vastly different, but I could discern something even harder to read in their visual designs; something that made “nu-Ratchet” feel like even more of a departure from the original character.

I’m about halfway through Thief now and still really digging it. Referenced some parkour for this lunch time draw!


I don’t think y'all understand how much anime eye candy this guy was in the original series, and now hes going to get a reboot design?



Although, in the original series, his mom was Arusian

Which in the original series was what they called Alteans

but in this series Arusians are…

These guys?


Well we can hope.

I think the biggest disappointment of the reboot of Ben 10 is that they took some unique and cool designs and decided to ‘revamp’ them to be more aesthetic. Stinkfly looks, well, too nice to be a gross stinky alien. They got rid of Ripjaws and changed him completely. Accelerate looks too cutesy and not sleek anymore. There was no sign of Wildmutt. Why even bother changing Upgrade’s look either??

I don’t know how the writing is, and for the young kids sake, that it’s good and enjoyable. But my FAVORITE thing about original Ben 10 (besides for animation style) the the SUPER COOL ALIEN DESIGNS

Like, Wildmutt is my FAVORITE DESIGN. Followed by Four Arms (and Vilgax was fucking rad) and Wildmutt is GONE. ITS A DAMN SHAME

I Haven’t Seen This Yet So Here I Go: Voltron Force vs Voltron Legendary Defender -- Character Designs


- is the paladin of the black lion
- had a mullet but got that shit cut cuz apparently his do was out of style
- uniform is a solid black
- considerably older than his vld counterpart
- p sure vf keith is tanned white guy

- is the paladin of the red lion
- keeps his mullet cuz his squad doesn’t make him cut it
- considerably younger than his vf counterpart
- as far as we know/hc keith is either japanese or korean or alien or all 3


- is the paladin of the Red Lion
- considerably older than his vld counterpart
- white
- redhead

- is the paladin of the Blue Lion
- considerably younger than his vf counterpart
- brunet


- is the paladin of the Yellow Lion
- muscular body type
- white
- considerably older than his vld counterpart
- no headband

- still the paladin of the Yellow Lion
- chubby body type
- i’m checkin out his awesome headband (anybody get the reference?)
- considerably younger than his vf counterpart


- is the paladin of the Green Lion
- he/him pronouns
- goggle-esque glasses
- considerably older than his vld counterpart
- @peachimint says he looks like a reject ben 10

- is still the paladin of the Green Lion
- pronouns are interchangeable and p much up to fandom as far as i can tell
- circular glasses


- is the paladin of the Blue Lion
- blonder hair, green eyes
- princess of Planet Arus
- considerably younger than her vld counterpart
- white

- pilots an entire castle/ship and isn’t a Paladin
- Princess of Altea
- grayish-lavender hair, blue eyes
- is actually a lot fucking older than her vf counterpart


- they seem a bit smaller than their vld counterparts, but it just might be this pic
- the Yellow Lion has that under bite
- ears are all the same kinda

- seem overall bigger than their vf counterparts, but it might just be this pic
- the individual sizes of the Lions correspond to the heights of their Paladins from tallest to shortest
- ears vary from Lion to Lion


- looks smaller than vld counterpart
- has more red on the torso
- centerpiece symbol has an emblem with all the lion colours on it
- no wings
- you can see the lions feet on the legs giving it more of a heel
- the arms fuckin ripped

- think it’s bigger than its vf counterpart
- not as much red on the torso
- the legs don’t have the lion feet so there’s less heel and more calf imo
- has wings
- face isn’t as sunken into the lion
- arms are not as ripped/buff as its vf counterpart


- there is no vf shiro so there isn’t anything to compare
- other than the fact the 2016 reboot has a shiro


- there is no vf coran so there isn’t anything to compare
- other than the fact the 2016 reboot has a coran

Overall Group Shot

So Which Reboot Designs Do You Like Better?

                                         You Choose, You Decide