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as promised, here are the designs i made for the holy “markings” for the twelve bloodlines in fe4 plus satan loptyr! i did them pretty quick so apologies for the parts that aren’t very clean…..

obviously, the mark of naga is taken from awakening. i just turned it into a vector really lazily.

(i have no idea how to spell any of these in english. i’m really out of the loop when it comes to awakening localizations, so feel free to tell me if any of these were actually given official localized names since i honestly don’t know.)


i see some of you theorizing that Lotor is the galra that Keith rescues from the weblum in episode 9 and while thats cool and all, i’m afraid you’re gonna have to find different evidence to support your theory. the suit that Lotor is wearing in the trailer looks like this.

not a lot of color accents or anything. plus it looks like some sort of skirt? half-skirt? either way its covering not only his ass, but also his legs. which, as you can see is very different from the suit that our mysterious galra is wearing in episode 9. 

as you can see here, this design has several orange accents, the shoulder pads are much more dramatically shaped, and there’s no skirt or anything to cover that sweet ass.

now if we look from the front…

ignoring the cow in the room, we can see theres a small orange detail around the neck and this blue star design on the front. overall, Lotor’s suit design seems pretty modest and inconspicuous for a Galran prince.

however, as we could kind of see from the back, the other suit has lots of orange accents. 

also, as you can see, the blue design is clearly different.

tldr: while the designs of the suits are similar, they are not the same. and the similarities are probably due to the fact that both characters are part of the Galra Empire.


“PANTERA” - Vintage Album Designs

created by: Minimal-Pulse-Art []

“Malachite is in a really bad situation and if we ever did see her again I’d hope it would be under better circumstances and in a context where Jasper and Lapis have both individually, and in regards to their specific relationship, sought closure, and they may never really exactly be the best of bosom buddies and that’s probably for the best”

Great yes absolutely!

“Clearly, an integral part of this is Malachite gaining a more humanoid design as proof that Jasper and Lapis’s relationship improves”

Let my beautiful hexapedal monster blob live

anonymous asked:

Why isn't a space pirate more covered up? Fang Hua's design is offensive and needless. You were doing so well with the other characters, with Crimson Skull being in a suit of practical armor (outside of the heels... >_>) and Otohime being in a full covering dress. Fang Hua has no reason to dress like that and you really should change it so as not to demean women playing your game. Please consider.

The initial design was conceptualized by a woman, the designs were proofed by three other women, and finalized by another woman.

I think it’s safe to say it’s probably not actually demeaning to women.


The player is able to move individual tiles all around the board in Yoshi’s Cookie, working to clear the board as effectively as possible. However, the typical breakdown of a set number of matching tiles in a row couldn’t apply to this style of play, and as such a major change was provided- rather than matching a set number, the player must remove an entire row or column at once, thus greatly changing up how the game feels in comparison to other tile matching experiences.

💖💜💙Winn's superhero kink💖💜💙

Kara: Winn I’m going need a costume if I’m going to become a superhero.

Winn: I’m on it!

Winn: *meets Superman and starts hyperventilating*

*Kal and Jonn start arguing*

Winn: Superman and Martian Manhunter are about to fight! This is terrifying. This is awesome.

Superman: You did a great job on the kryptonite suits, Winn.

Winn: *starts weeping*

Kara: Winn are you crying?!

Mon El: We should go out for just one night Winn. Please?

Winn: No.

Mon El: ;)

Winn: FINE. *gets drunk with Mon El*

Winn: Goddamnit.

Mon El: Winn, I’m gonna need a costume to become a superhero like Kara.

Winn: ……

Mon El: ;)

Winn: I’ll start sketching some designs.

Winn: James, you can’t just go out and become a hero like that!

James: Winn, I’m sick of sitting on the sidelines. I’m gonna become a superhero with or without your help.

Winn: No you’re not.

James: ;)

Winn: So I’ve been coming up with some bullet proof designs so you won’t get shot. Just promise me you won’t go out until it’s ready?

James: Thanks.

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submitted by Adam Molina

Whether you’re hiking outdoors or on your daily commute, one way to beat the heat is by carrying a water bottle. And not just any disposable bottle—a quality container, built like the rest of the gear in your everyday carry. Depending on your needs, you might want a bottle that’s super light and portable, something a bit more rugged, or even one that’s capable of keeping your water cold and your coffee hot.

In this guide, we’ll highlight 15 of the best water bottles to keep you hydrated on the go.

What to Look for in a Good EDC Water Bottle

  • Durable materials: You don’t want a bottle that breaks the first time you drop it or something you throw out in a year.
  • Leak-proof: Spilling your bottle inside your bag is a nightmare scenario.
  • Easy to use on the go: Whether going on a walk or rushing to your next meeting you don’t want to fumble with complicated spouts or lids.
  • The right size for your needs: Your bottle should be enough to keep you hydrated throughout the day but not take up so much room that it becomes a burden to carry.
  • Lightweight: Minimalism is the key to convenience. A bottle that’s a hassle to carry will often get left behind.

Keep these considerations in mind, then pick the right bottle for your EDC out of these 15 solid options below.

External image

Klean Kanteen

If you want a tried and true water bottle that gets the job done, the 800ml Klean Kanteen is the way to go. There are no gimmicks here, just a solid stainless steel water bottle made for the grind of everyday life. It’s easy to clean and the BPA-free cap has a stainless steel bottom so you don’t get any lingering residue tainting the flavor of your next sip. The cap seals tight to prevent leaks, with a small loop so you can attach it to a carabiner when you don’t have room in your pack.

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Vapur Element Bottle

One annoying thing about most water bottles is once you’ve finished your water, you’re left with an empty bottle wasting space in your carry. That isn’t the case with the collapsible Vapur Element bottle. You can fill it up with up to a liter of water, and when you’re done drinking, fold it down to save space. It also has a built-in carabiner which makes it ideal for hikes since you can carry it externally when it’s full and then stuff in your pack when you’re done. Ounces in the morning can feel like pounds by evening, and this water bottle is great at keeping the weight down.

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Hydro Flask

For a water bottle designed to keep your liquids cool, check out the Hydro Flask. It has a double wall of insulation that keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours. If you’re more of a tea or coffee drinker, don’t worry: it can keep hot liquids cold for up to six hours as well. This stainless steel water bottle comes in four different sizes and plenty of colors so you can choose the one that best matches your lifestyle. It also has a proprietary powder coating along the outside so you can get a good grip even when it’s wet or if you have sweaty hands.

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Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

A water bottle with a leak is useless, which is why the leak proof cap of the Nomader is so useful. The cap clicks into place with a quick half-twist to prevent leaks and keeps dirt off of the mouthpiece at the same time. Talk about two birds with one stone. It’s made of impact resistant silicone which means that it’s tough enough to survive a drop, but flexible enough that you can roll it into a more compact form when you’re done drinking. Whether you’re looking for a water bottle for the gym or the office, the 650ml Nomader gets it right.

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MIZU M8 Water Bottle

The MIZU M8 is a durable water bottle that’s perfect for outdoor use thanks to its stainless steel construction. It’s tough enough to boil water in if you find yourself needing to get rid of bacteria, just be careful not to touch it with your bare hands. You’ll also get a screw on cap with a small loop so you can carry it without worrying about spills. The M8 can hold up to 800mL of liquids and can keep its contents cold or hot for hours thanks to a wall of insulation.

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Nalgene Tritan

The Nalgene Tritan is one of the more common EDC water bottles you’ll find thanks to its low price and high quality. It’s made of BPA-free co-polyester which makes it super lightweight and easy to clean. All you have to do is throw it in the dishwasher. There are different sizes ranging from 200mL to 1.5L, and thanks to markings right on the side of the bottle, you’ll always know exactly how much you’ve drank throughout the day.

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CamelBak Podium Chill

CamelBak makes plenty of quality hydration packs and water bottles, and the Podium Chill is one of their best offerings. It’s a 600mL BPA-free plastic bottle designed to avoid leaks with a self-sealing valve cap that only lets water out when you squeeze the bottle. You can also lock it in place when you’re transporting it in a bag so it won’t spill on your gear. You also get a double wall of insulation to keep your liquids cool long after you’ve left the house, making it a great option for anyone on the move in need of a quick, refreshing drink.

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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

The Zojirushi Mug checks all the boxes when it comes to an everyday bottle. It has a durable stainless steel construction that won’t break during your day to day adventures, and you can keep sipping throughout the day thanks to its 600mL capacity. The cap also serves as a stopper, so you can be sure that the liquid stays where it’s supposed when you’re not using it. You can also easily take it apart for cleaning, so coffee addicts, this might be the one for you.

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Takeya Glass Water Bottle

If a clean taste is what you’re after, the 650mL Takeya glass water bottle delivers. It has a minimal silicone sleeve with a see-through window so you can see its contents, and the screw-on cap ensures they stay secured in the bottle. The sleek design is topped off with a practical BPA-free plastic loop that you can hook to a carabiner should you find your bag full.

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Sigg Traveller Water Bottle

Most water bottles come in plastic or stainless steel, but aluminum is also a great material thanks to its strength and light weight. So if you want a bottle that will last, then the Swiss-made Sigg Traveller is a good option. It has a minimal design that won’t look out of place in the office, but also gets the job done in the field. You can get one in 400ml, 600ml, and 1L configurations and be confident that none of your drink will spill out thanks to its leak-proof design.

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Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

The material a water bottle is made of can affect the taste of your water, so for the cleanest taste possible, glass is the way to go. Of course, glass isn’t the most durable material, which is why the Lifefactory bottle is covered in a soft silicone sleeve for added protection (and a better grip). A 650mL capacity means you’ll have plenty of great-tasting water to last the day and it’s BPA-free to boot.

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Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle

Titanium is a favorite in the EDC community because it’s lightweight and durable, two aspects that are also important when it comes to water bottles. The Vargo Para is a 1L titanium water bottle strong enough to withstand anything you throw at it. The geometric cap is attached to the body with 7 feet of paracord which can come in handy in emergency situations. The Vargo Para is great if you’re looking for a water bottle that quenches your thirst and comes in handy when you need a (literal) lifeline.

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MiiR Water Bottle

The Miir Water Bottle is a sharp looking stainless steel water bottle made for keeping your drinks hot or cold long after they should be. It features a double-insulated wall that keeps liquids cold for 24+ hours and hot for 12+ hours. That’s more than enough to satisfy your thirst throughout the day whether you’re at your desk or hiking through the woods.

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S’well Bottle

Even if you don’t find yourself going outdoors too often, a cold drink is still enjoyable. The S’well water bottle has a stainless steel construction and double wall insulation. This will keep your drink refreshingly cold or satisfyingly hot for long periods of time. It has a minimalist design at home in the office and rugged enough to take with your on your next adventure.

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Takeya ThermoFlask

The Takeya ThermoFlask is ideal for anyone looking for a sleek and rugged water bottle to help them stay hydrated throughout the day. Its stainless steel construction lets it take a beating, and the spill-proof lid ensures that water stays put until you’re ready to drink it. Its insulation keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12, and a handle makes it convenient for taking on trips or commutes.

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Do you have a favorite water bottle you carry in your EDC? Let us know what you like best about it in the comments!

The Room That Echoed.

(warning: long story)

I never really appreciated just how much like a storybook castle my great aunt’s house was.
Four stories tall, with two spires and three attics, it was a monstrous edifice of pocked stone, time-darkened wood and yellowed glass. I spent so much time there in the holidays as a child – especially over Christmas – that it became a secondary home.
And when a place becomes so familiar that it seems like home, it no longer seems so special or unique. It’s just alwaysthere; occupying the same frame of reference as an old coat, a favourite teddy bear or a well-worn book from your personal library.

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