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as promised, here are the designs i made for the holy “markings” for the twelve bloodlines in fe4 plus satan loptyr! i did them pretty quick so apologies for the parts that aren’t very clean…..

obviously, the mark of naga is taken from awakening. i just turned it into a vector really lazily.

(i have no idea how to spell any of these in english. i’m really out of the loop when it comes to awakening localizations, so feel free to tell me if any of these were actually given official localized names since i honestly don’t know.)

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So I just remembered something: Malibu gets earthquakes. Tony lived there for years, so what if designing quake-proof shit is just a habit, and one day in New York everything starts shaking cause of some villain and everybody else is just freaking out but Tony's just chill. Cause he's used to them. Everyone else is spilling their coffee and he's just calmly sitting while shit falls off the shelves and everybody else tries to catch the stuff. (Tree)

“Why are you not reacting more to this??” Sam yells,as he falls on his ass and spills his breakfast all over himself.

Tony, who’s still half-asleep at this point, pants slung low on his hips and hair falling into his eyes as he grips his mug of coffee and watches the rest of his team go into Panic Mode over the little earthquake, just shrugs. “I earthquake-proofed myself years ago. It’s a thing. I did Malibu for years.”

Steve looks incredulously over at him. He’s the only one who’s still on his feet- even Natasha and Clint have gone down. “What does that even mean?”

Tony sighs, and then shrugs, taking one last sip of his coffee before placing it in the sink and beginning to shuffle away. “Guess I’ll have to do the suit thing. Great. I just wanted coffee. It’s less than 10am. What the fuck. I hate villains.”

And with that, he just turns and walks away. Like the whole tower isn’t shaking apart around him. Clint calls out to him in panic as a bowl slides off the top shelf and flies off in direct collision with his head, but Tony literally just grabs it in midair. Like it’s nothing. Just grabs it and puts it back.

“Morning Tony scares the fucking shit out of me, I’m not gonna lie,” Bucky breathed in awe, as they watched him trundle down the stairs, yawning as he dodged a falling tile.

“Morning Tony is like watching someone getting possessed for three hours by a generally vague and unpredictable demon,” Natasha agreed.

“Morning Tony is a pain in my ass,” Sam grumbled, looking desolately at his spilt cereal. 


i see some of you theorizing that Lotor is the galra that Keith rescues from the weblum in episode 9 and while thats cool and all, i’m afraid you’re gonna have to find different evidence to support your theory. the suit that Lotor is wearing in the trailer looks like this.

not a lot of color accents or anything. plus it looks like some sort of skirt? half-skirt? either way its covering not only his ass, but also his legs. which, as you can see is very different from the suit that our mysterious galra is wearing in episode 9. 

as you can see here, this design has several orange accents, the shoulder pads are much more dramatically shaped, and there’s no skirt or anything to cover that sweet ass.

now if we look from the front…

ignoring the cow in the room, we can see theres a small orange detail around the neck and this blue star design on the front. overall, Lotor’s suit design seems pretty modest and inconspicuous for a Galran prince.

however, as we could kind of see from the back, the other suit has lots of orange accents. 

also, as you can see, the blue design is clearly different.

tldr: while the designs of the suits are similar, they are not the same. and the similarities are probably due to the fact that both characters are part of the Galra Empire.

Witchy Lifestyle: Safe Practice (Pt. I)

There’s a topic that I don’t often see floating around the web in regards to witchcraft. Amid all of the encouragements and inspiration, talk of gods and spirits, and beautiful aesthetic, we don’t often see much of the more unsafe parts of being a witch…

Now before I go any further, I am not trying to make it seem like being a witch is a bad thing. That would be awfully hypocritical, coming from a witch who’s been practicing for a little over half his life. Rather, I want to address something that everyone who practices or wishes to practice should know: witchcraft is not inherently “safe.” This is in regards to the more mundane aspects and the spiritual aspects. I’ll address some of what I can, as well as give some recommendations for safe practice.

And don’t fear! Even if you’re brand new to witchcraft, you can still practice. As always, what I’m recommending is to educate yourself as much as possible and to explore with confidence and humility.

Mundane: Burning Shit

Fire safety may seem like a no-brainer. But there are those out there who neglect fire safety for the sake of a spell or rite. Under no circumstances should you ever neglect proper fire safety. Just like in D&D, the gods aren’t going to save you from stupid.

1) Ventilation: Whether it’s incense, offerings, or a candle, always burn in a well-ventilated area. This prevents smoke and ash buildup in an area, and also voids “hot spots.” The flame will be able to breathe without spreading, and there’s less risk of catching something else aflame. If your flame is open (such as on a taper candle) keep hair and loose clothing tied up or well away from the flame, and avoid placing it near walls or curtains.

2) Containers: Always burn the substance in a heat-proof container. Using a heat-proof container prevents melting, scorching, or spreading flame. Plastic is unwise because if scorched or burnt, it can release harmful chemicals (not to mention melts and makes a horrible mess). Glass is advisable if it is tempered and designed to be heat proof. (If it is not, you risk cracking - or worse, shattering - the glass). Other safe substances (be sure to read labels and warnings!) may include ceramic, terra cotta, cast iron, and brass.

3) Substance: One of the biggest peeves I have when it comes to reading about DIY incense or burnt offerings and such is when such herbs as mugwort or rose petals are included. ALWAYS do your research before burning plants. Some (such as rose petals) will simply smell horrible. Others have toxic chemicals that, when released during burning, can cause symptoms ranging from burns or rashes to inflammation of the respiratory tract, neurological damage, or even death depending upon the plant being burnt. To an extent, many of these can be avoided simply by burning in a well ventilated area. Others should only be smoked/burnt in moderation (such as mugwort, which can be a neurotoxin in doses that are too high and too frequent). 

4) Supervision: Many spells call for allowing a candle to completely burn down. While practical for quick-burning candles (such as birthday candles), it’s hard to remain in a room for hours on end, waiting for that seven-day candle to burn down. Some traditions aren’t too finicky about burning down the candle. But for those that are, be sure that you are ALWAYS around and aware of the candle flame so as to prevent accidents. Keep water or an extinguisher on hand (just in case) and if the worst happens, do not hesitate to call an emergency line.

Mundane: Consumption of Herbs/Substances

Let’s face it. In witchcraft, there is a lot of eating and drinking. Many of us include a “cakes and ale” or “communion” in our rites. Still others of us have an emphasis on cooking, or on making herbal teas and infusions. And, of course, there are plenty of witches out there (myself included) who may partake in the smoking of or eating of different types of herbs (such as tobacco or cannabis).

One of the best things anyone can do if they see a spell or recipe calling for a substance they’re unfamiliar with is to research that substance. Learn as much as possible: its preparation, health benefits and side effects, history, et cetera. This has a couple of positive benefits. First, you become knowledgeable about what you are eating or smoking. Second, you avoid consuming something that may be toxic.

Take elderberry, for example. Many people have it growing right in their backyards. But it’s dangerous to use it without the proper knowledge. The berries can cause stomach upsets if unripe, and the wood should never be burnt or ingested for any reason (this includes making whistles and the like) while still wet and green because it is toxic. Furthermore, if you’re unsure of the distinction between elder and water hemlock, you run the risk of consuming the hemlock - the whole of the plant being extremely toxic and deadly.

So always be sure to know what you are putting in your body. Even something which seems safe enough may have unexpected or dangerous side effects (if you suffer from anxiety, for example, you should be careful of what strains of cannabis you smoke or eat, because some strains can trigger panic attacks and heightened anxiety).

If you are working a spell for health or healing which calls for certain herbs, be sure to look into what medications you’re taking to avoid any harmful combinations. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU USE MAGIC OR HERBALISM AS A REPLACEMENT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT. Magic and alternative medicines are meant to be supplements rather than replacements. To neglect your physical condition is dangerous, and your physician should always be addressed if you’re feeling ill.

Smoking anything should be done with caution, and should only be done legally. This means learning local ordinance and laws regarding the substance and acquiring the proper permits if necessary. Some places put age restrictions on substances such as cannabis and tobacco. Others have it outlawed completely (as in the case of cannabis depending on where you live). In addition, smoking anything can be harmful to health due to tar and ash entering the lungs.


Do your research, and be careful, please.

Mundane/Spiritual: Sex and Body Fluids

This is something that (luckily) many witches are very careful to warn about. In large part, this is due to the fact that the community is largely built of strong and empowered women or feminists. But when new to witchcraft, it is still important to address.

The use of body fluids in magic (i.e. blood, menstrual discharge, semen, saliva, et cetera) can make a spell particularly powerful and bound to the witch working it. However, body fluids are a great way of transmitting diseases, as well. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU SHARE OR EXCHANGE BODY FLUIDS WITH OTHER PEOPLE. This includes if they’ve been dried out. So if you’re putting together a spell sachet, for example, don’t feed or anoint it with blood, saliva, semen, et cetera. Instead, perhaps add a strand of hair or a fingernail clipping if a taglock is completely necessary.

And when working with body fluids, be sure that you know what kind of magic you’re using, how it works, and why. Offering any body fluids to a deity or spirit is something that should be done cautiously and only with a spirit with which you’ve developed a strong and beneficial relationship.

Sex magic is not uncommon. While some shy away from the topic, it’s important to understand that magic has various ways of being worked. Intense emotion or some sort of trigger to set intent is often used. This can be done through meditation, but it can also be done through achieving orgasm.

Some covens or couples will also make use of sex to reflect fertility aspects of their deities.

Whether straight or LGBTQ+, always practice safe sex. This includes the use of condoms and contraceptives, engaging in physical acts only with those you trust completely, in a legal manner (including age and location), and while completely clear of mind (no drugs, alcohol, et cetera).

To Be Continued…

There is more to go over. But as I’ve said, let this article not deter you from practicing witchcraft. Part of practicing witchcraft is being sensible, safe, and educated about what you’re doing. Always be well prepared!

Blessed Be! )O(

“Malachite is in a really bad situation and if we ever did see her again I’d hope it would be under better circumstances and in a context where Jasper and Lapis have both individually, and in regards to their specific relationship, sought closure, and they may never really exactly be the best of bosom buddies and that’s probably for the best”

Great yes absolutely!

“Clearly, an integral part of this is Malachite gaining a more humanoid design as proof that Jasper and Lapis’s relationship improves”

Let my beautiful hexapedal monster blob live

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Sfw angst with chocobros having a crush on Ravus' s/o? (break my heart)

YES!!! I am loving this! *secretly crying* Why must I hurt the things I love!



“Hello Noctis.”

Noctis turned away from the balcony edge he was, looking to the night sky of Tarabene, he already knew who it was, but still he wanted to see you. You looked absolutely beautiful in the white dress.  Not that it wasn’t uncommon to find you in white now, as you were now Tarabene upper elite. “Hi Y/N.”

Noctis smiled, as you moved forward, pressing a kiss to each of his cheeks, before cupping them. You were much older than himself, about by 7 years but still that didn’t stop his heart from fluttering every time he saw you. Ever since he was a child, he’d remember seeing you at social elite gatherings, you were also so kind to him, multiple times offering him the chance to sit with you, or moving to sit with him.

He recalled multiple times at different parties, where he was younger that you would eat most of his veggies and then split your dessert with him. Pressing a finger to your lips to stating that it was a secret, than requesting a dance later on the floor, despite him having two left feet until just  a few years ago, where he was determined to show you that he was a good dancer  now.

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💖💜💙Winn's superhero kink💖💜💙

Kara: Winn I’m going need a costume if I’m going to become a superhero.

Winn: I’m on it!

Winn: *meets Superman and starts hyperventilating*

*Kal and Jonn start arguing*

Winn: Superman and Martian Manhunter are about to fight! This is terrifying. This is awesome.

Superman: You did a great job on the kryptonite suits, Winn.

Winn: *starts weeping*

Kara: Winn are you crying?!

Mon El: We should go out for just one night Winn. Please?

Winn: No.

Mon El: ;)

Winn: FINE. *gets drunk with Mon El*

Winn: Goddamnit.

Mon El: Winn, I’m gonna need a costume to become a superhero like Kara.

Winn: ……

Mon El: ;)

Winn: I’ll start sketching some designs.

Winn: James, you can’t just go out and become a hero like that!

James: Winn, I’m sick of sitting on the sidelines. I’m gonna become a superhero with or without your help.

Winn: No you’re not.

James: ;)

Winn: So I’ve been coming up with some bullet proof designs so you won’t get shot. Just promise me you won’t go out until it’s ready?

James: Thanks.

My Revolution Will Be Accessible

///This is a very early vague plan and will be subject to change and growth (I hope). I used the term disabled people because it is how I identify, based on the social model of disability///


Create an accessible resource based around the concept of an “Accessible Utopia”.


As a resource that centre’s accessibility around real disabled people, both for disabled and non-disabled people.

Because disabled people are the experts on disabled experiences.

To show input from real disabled people is key to non-disabled people understanding what accessibility is.

Potentially to introduce real problems to those with the know how to solve them.


My own disabilities are a pretty big barrier. It can really limit my ability to do anything frequently.

Lack of skills, I find it very hard to learn anything new, I have minimal experience of creating anything but my own personal blog.

I need input from a variety of disabled people, the more diverse the better.

I have no money. I cannot afford to pay anyone to help (I can’t always afford to eat, go figure) or for their input, or hosting and maintaining/printing.


I have a lot of ideas and some experience of organising things, as well as a decent network of disabled people in the UK primarily but elsewhere also.

What I need

Help! A lot of it, so let’s break it down.

Setting up and publishing the resource in some format, that’s probably going to mean editors (I can do some editing myself), proof readers, designers of some kind.

Input from a diverse spectrum of disabled people on how to make the resource as accessible as possible.

Diverse disabled content creators (not content yet, since what would I do with it except lose it)

The Room That Echoed.

(warning: long story)

I never really appreciated just how much like a storybook castle my great aunt’s house was.
Four stories tall, with two spires and three attics, it was a monstrous edifice of pocked stone, time-darkened wood and yellowed glass. I spent so much time there in the holidays as a child – especially over Christmas – that it became a secondary home.
And when a place becomes so familiar that it seems like home, it no longer seems so special or unique. It’s just alwaysthere; occupying the same frame of reference as an old coat, a favourite teddy bear or a well-worn book from your personal library.

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