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“Malachite is in a really bad situation and if we ever did see her again I’d hope it would be under better circumstances and in a context where Jasper and Lapis have both individually, and in regards to their specific relationship, sought closure, and they may never really exactly be the best of bosom buddies and that’s probably for the best”

Great yes absolutely!

“Clearly, an integral part of this is Malachite gaining a more humanoid design as proof that Jasper and Lapis’s relationship improves”

Let my beautiful hexapedal monster blob live

With Care - [EXO] Hubby!Chanyeol

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Where is this beautiful person who calls you amazing at every chance he gets? Probably cramming in his work.

It was a little past midnight and you’ve brushed your teeth and prepared the bed, puffing your pillow and his. Would he sleep here tonight? You pouted at the sight of his buzzing phone by the side table and blinked, annoyed. With a short glance on his notifications, you find him missing out on a discussion about practice date where Suho’s frantic call for Sehun goes unheard and ignored.

His latest instagram post got gazillion likes from girls. And his sister texted him twice about a teddy bear she found missing.

‘What a fantastic social life he has…’ you grumbled to yourself and left the phone as it is. Untouched.

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In connection to that other Cora-on-the-obstacle course thing. Stiles keeps thinking about it and sort of mentally starts designing good werewolf proof obstacle courses in his head (ones that can be used outdoors or indoors) for those pent up werewolfy needs (good for pups and adults who need to work off feeling cooped up all the time) and on his free time he designs one for the Hales but then word gets around to other packs and he has to refuse the offers but... (continued in Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1) but if he ever decides to quit his current job he could have quite a lucrative career building these things for supernatural creatures. Of course that doesn’t stop him from continuing to build crazy elaborate ones for the Hale Pack. Has to keep the pack he’s accidentally found himself absorbed into happy and safe.

I think it would be very Stiles to accidentally fall into a profitable business opportunity that nobody else has ever thought of. And all the humans don’t really understand why people want Stiles to build them obstacle courses… and why these obstacle courses are so ridiculously difficult. Nobody can get over a twenty foot wall without handholds, right? That’s ridiculous! And it’s not like Stiles can mention his clients have claws… 

So Stiles is basically at the point where he can earn a living building these things for werewolf packs, and he tests every new design out on the Hales first. The Hale kids love him to bits, of course. They climb all over him like he’s the real obstacle course, and try and roughhouse with him until Peter growls at them to settle down and play nice. If anyone’s going to be leaving bite makes on Stiles, it’s him… 

And of course he does. With Stiles’s very enthusiastic permission. 

thoughts on the new star vs

-I expected the brainwashing plot but not MARCO LEADING A PRINCESS REBELLION
-Star crying broke my heart :(
-I’m thinking that miss heinous is star’s aunt or something, cause of the cheeks… so that means we have diamonds, hearts and clovers… who’s the spades?
-I was kinda shocked to see the face stealer again tbh
-princess from pixtopia? the pixie queen’s sister? DAUGHTER? ALFONSO WHAT HAVE U BEEN UP TO R U OK
-Marco and Wirt should get togejter sometime to discuss interior design
-this episode was proof that all svtfoe episodes should be 30 mins long, I mean this is the best story they’ve told yet and at least some of it has to come from the fact that it was longer than usual
-also we’re all agreed that miss heinous is coming after Marco and not Star, correct?
-does this mean that the princesses in St. O’s are free or are they still stuck there???

more bodyswap things
  • Genos still prefers to wear his own shirts (with the sleeves ripped off) and he still does most of the chores, because routine is familiar and comforting to him.
  • related: Genos dissociates a lot.
  • Saitama struggles with Genos’s fancy programs and a lot of the time he can’t get them to respond at all. He can move around normally, but accessing the more advanced functions built into Genos’s prosthetics (like transforming the arms, or even just using the heat guns) is very difficult for him.
  • The data displays in Genos’s eyes give Saitama headaches, especially at first. Most of those systems can technically be disabled but Genos can’t access them remotely (his UI was designed to be tamper-proof and doing any adjustments would require the specialised equipment at Kuseno’s lab) and Saitama can’t make sense of them on his own and doesn’t want to risk messing anything up.
  • Genos tends to break things a lot; even after he gets used to Saitama’s strength he’ll slip up sometimes, especially when he’s emotional. and then respect for sensei increases 1000%
  • They speak in each other’s voices, though they retain their own speech patterns (so for instance, Genos sounds like Saitama doing a very accurate Genos impersonation).
  • Because they can’t let anyone find out about the curse, they have to pretend to be each other if they run into anyone they know. They’re both terrible at it, so they try to avoid any scenario where that will be an issue.
  • regarding this picture: Saitama’s strength doesn’t stop his body from experiencing discomfort if he stays in the same position for too long, which means that Genos suddenly finds seiza Very Uncomfortable (though he tries to do it anyway because he can’t be disrespecting his sensei).
  • Genos has to help Saitama with body maintenance a lot because Saitama doesn’t know how to clean and take care of Genos’s body (which is a lot more work than Saitama is used to putting into himself). The reverse is also sometimes true, because Genos hasn’t had to deal with certain bodily functions in four years and he needs to relearn how to exist in a human body.
  • They both have to be very careful about fights because Genos is bad at gauging how much strength to use without his sensors, and they absolutely cannot risk Saitama taking any damage that would require a visit to Kuseno. They both have to stick with defensive moves most of the time.

you can headcanon mei with whatever bodytype you feel like but using the early concept art of her and claim that it makes her canonically skinny is just dumb. did you know that, in their early concept, genji and hanzo were literally the same character?

i don’t see people pulling this shit up and claiming they’re actually secretly the same person who just changes clothes very fast.

early concepts are just that: early concepts prone to change. you can’t just rely on it to decide what’s canon in its final concept and what isnt. maybe mei isn’t canonically fat, but early designs aren’t valid proof that she’s canonically skinny.


FASHION: Threadsmiths Introduces the 100% Stain-Proof T-Shirt

Well hey there, future. Australian startup Threadsmiths has come up with the perfect t-shirt for all of us that can’t seem to eat spaghetti without getting it all over us. 100% water resistant, the “Cavalier” t-shirt uses a similar technology to that used by sneakerheads’ favorite hydrophobic spray Crep Protect, meaning that liquids quite literally roll off the surface. Footage after the jump:

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“All the values by means of which we have tried so far to render the world estimable for ourselves, which then proved inapplicable and therefore devaluated the world are, psychologically considered, the results of certain perspectives of utility, designed to maintain and increase human constructs of domination, and have been falsely projected into the essence of things.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §12B (edited excerpt).


This Design Firm Created Visual Proof That The Models In Advertisements All Look Exactly The Same

The organization took a series of averages of 10 faces frequently featured in beauty campaigns, mushing their appearances together to create composites for several brands. The results: a slew of almost-identical portraits that display similar hair colors, skin tones, and even facial structures. The interactive website lets you see how each brand stacks up.

Images: Canva