design process 2

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Oh! Those sketch pages of Water Snake are awesome! Do you have any of Haechi lying around? I love seeing the designing process.

These top 2 were the only sketches I did when I designed Haechi, I felt really good about it the first time.


( x , y ), Design Process Part 2

I’m tryna wrap up this concept, cuz I’ve been working on some other stuff. These are some of the rough sketches I did for XY; during the stage where I just regurgitate ideas. I usually do these rough sketches as they are quick and then just develop further from a narrowed-down selection.

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Prompt: Evil Queen 

Concept: Once a famous performer, her age finally got the better of her. Cast aside by her friends and family, she ended up living on the streets. Only the homeless people cherished her beauty and talents of singing and dancing, so they worshiped her by giving her whatever she needed. However, she lashed out at them because she will never be remembered by anyone. Eventually, all her “loyal subjects” left her seeing that there wasn’t any hope and she was finally alone. Years passed as she wondered the sewers wailing about her beauty that she had lost. Eventually, she became the cities urban legend called the “Rat Queen” in order to ward of kids from playing at night near the sewers. In the end she was remembered throughout generations.


Concept Sketch: A pure hearted prince lived in a kingdom filled with good until a mysterious traveler arrived. The traveler carried an evil crystal that grows stronger my spreading evil and corruption. The young prince possessed the evil crystal’s twin sister that used to protect the kingdom, but now only contains enough strength to protect its possessor. Only the prince can get close enough to the malicious dark crystal and destroy it. However, it is protected by a succubus, who posed as the mysterious traveler, and her two pet drakes.