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when guys are like “girls over [relatively low weight] shouldn’t wear [revealing article of clothing]” a lot of the time they are trying to get women above that weight to say “OH REALLY?” and post a picture of themselves looking good in that article of clothing. It’s a creepy power play designed to prey on both women’s confidence and their insecurities and trick them into posting revealing pictures of themselves for the sexual gratification of men who they otherwise wouldn’t have given the time of day. It’s a sleazy pick-up artist tactic. It’s negging. When you see an all-too-common post that’s like “bigger girls shouldn’t wear bikinis” and the response is him getting “owned” because a woman replied with pictures of herself looking beautiful, he’s not getting owned at all, he’s getting exactly the result he was hoping for. They’re basically saying “You sure showed me by sending me, a huge sexist creep, a picture of yourself in a bikini! PLEASE don’t send me nudes, I don’t know if I could take the humiliation!”

I can only imagine why sunstreaker isn’t in the new RID. Maybe the world just isn’t ready for his magnificence 

I’m just wanting for them to go all out with some of those designs

Quickie concept of Katie Cassidy as Canary. Caw!

Giving the show another shot now that she is finally on the path but I hate that Sara had to die to motivate her. I get it, but already felt Laurel had legit reasons and am bummed that we’ll never get the badass Lance sisters fighting side-by-side.

… And if you take issue with Laurel as BC but have no prob with Roy as Arsenal because parkour? GTFO

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Sheldon: In a few minutes, when I gloat over the failure of this enterprise, how would you prefer I do it? The standard I told you so? The classic neener-neener? Or just my normal look of haughty derision?

Raj: You don’t know we’re wrong yet.

Sheldon: Haughty derision it is.

Amy: Excuse me. I’m Amy Farrah Fowler. You’re Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon: Hello, Amy Farrah Fowler. I’m sorry to inform you that you have been taken in by unsupportable mathematics designed to prey on the gullible and the lonely. Additionally, I’m being blackmailed with a hidden dirty sock.

Amy: If that was slang, I’m unfamiliar with it. If it was literal, I share your aversion to soiled hosiery. In any case, I’m here because my mother and I have agreed that I will date at least once a year.

Sheldon: Interesting. My mother and I have the same agreement about church.

Amy: I don’t object to the concept of a deity, but I’m baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance.

Sheldon: Well, then you might want to avoid East Texas.

Amy: Noted. Now, before this goes any further, you should know that all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus are off the table.

Sheldon: May I buy you a beverage?

Amy: Tepid water, please.

Howard: Good God, what have we done?

3 x 23 The Lunar Excitation

have you heard (fn-2187 was a stormtrooper)

They shoot RK-8978 for the crime of leaving.

They mean her as an example. Here, they say, here is what happens to those who would defect, defy, rebel. Here is the cooked blood and collapsed charred flesh of your sister, of the thing who was once your sister, of the anomaly, the broken.

Here, they say, lies sedition. See how broken it is. How bloodied. See the obscene redness of treachery’s blood against the moon-paleness of her skin. See how small she is, without her armour, see how weak, how she breaks before blaster fire.

Here she lies, the example, she-who-would-have-left. Here is what happens to the Troopers who would follow in the footsteps stamped by FN-2187, here is the example.

The problem the First Order never considered: the example is subjective. A body, cooked and smouldering by a blaster hail, a girl of intermediate age, hair blackened and wisping – cut down by her very squadmates – is meant to say all of the above and more, is meant to stand as a fixed point.

But TQ-7676 watches with his tongue thick in his mouth, his hands sweating within his gauntlets, bright white in a sea of bright white, and he thinks: this is what they do to those who are caught.

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