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Hi! You're art is absolutely stunning and I just wanted to ask how do you make you're art seem so alive? Like with anatomy and posing and such. When I draw myself it often seems stiff and motionless so I was wondering if you had any tips?

Here you go buddy!!! I mean this is by no means a how-to, more just random tips that may be helpful to apply to your style! Also please bear in mind I massively over exaggerate butts and thighs and this may not be something you are into lmao


I made a p large watercolor thing with poth (=´∀`)^ plus a practice with designs?? Maybe??

Palette roller belongs to @angexci
Goth belongs to @nekophy


From a fun graphical design perspective, these look really fun. The elements of these Job Gauges are designed to help you keep better track of things. 

I think they look pretty amazing!

I’m really appreciating the monk one right now. 

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Character for Finnish lore themed d&d campaign.

[ Following text is currently off-limits information for fellow players in the group ]

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🍁⭐And here the last part of 🌿“Floraison”🍂, It was at first a challenge, because i never do backgrounds, big illustrations with perspective, indoors design etc… I wanted to add it to my portfolio too, last year. But the first one took me.. like more than one week only for the color, so I choose to take the time to learn, analyse, think etc… and now it’s finish, and I’m happy :) Thank’s again, for your kind words, it’s always motivating !🌟👍👏 and I called the character Yori yeah.