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Day 2 - Family

I probably have to explain this one. Sooo the maids gave Rose some clean clothes after she dirtied her usual garb, and well.. gave her some Royal Family clothes knowing her relationship with Alisha. Rose either didn’t realise the emblem’s there, or doesn’t realise that going around wearing it like that is pretty much screaming ‘I’m with Alisha’. Alisha is surprised, embarrassed and silently pleased to see Rose in it.


i made my lil bro a bean of his own

@vstrider @spookyprime @kiwiitin @agatharights @b0ssbot and everyone else drawing the beans: sparklings are his favourite thing right now (besides Pokémon) and i just wanna say thank you

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine tho, that the first scene where Lotor appears, it's him, taking a nice relaxing shower, then a device rings, he goes out of the shower with a towel drying his hair, and on the other side of the call Haggar explains him the situation, and he -smiles- with a smile full of sharp teeth? I just imagined it and felt 'wow dude I'm g a y'

long hair and sharp teeth ooh boy I’m g a y for that


Tessa X Hairstyles: The Braid

Here’s different ways that Tessa has worn the braid hairstyle. She’s styling it in a ponytail for the 2013 GPF and for the Prince short dance, in a half updo for the 2013 part of Seasons and also in a bun. 

-2007/2008 Dare you to move exhibition (I really love the back design of this one)

- 2012/2013 And the waltz goes on sd (for one performance I think)

- 2013/2014 Seasons free dance (Finlandia Trophy, Skate Canada, TEB, GPF)

- 2016/2017 Prince short dance

I adore this look on her.

Once again the picture credits goes to their owners. @danielleearlphotography for the Prince short dance picture. ♥


Sjögren 1900 patent self-loading shotgun

Designed by Swedish inventor Carl Axel Theodor Sjögren, manufactured by  AB Svenska Vapen- och Ammunitionsfabriken, Stockholm Sweden, and Håndvåbenværkstederne Kjöbenhavn, Copenhagen Denmark c.~1909 - serial number 5396.
12 gauge 5-shot tubular magazine, recoil operated/inertia semi-automatic.
A sexy shotgun, the Sjorgen action became the basis for a lot of automatic shotgun design, for instance the ones subject to Benelli’s patent that recently expired. This action was adapted to a 7,62mm military rifle design and offered during various military trials, but apparently not accepted for unknown reasons.

La La Land was a movie built specifically to cater to Oscar voters. That was its demo. They packed in generic Golden Age set and costume design and had not one but TWO songs about how ~~~~bittersweet~~~~ the ~~~~Hollywood experience~~~~ is and it paid the fuck off. I’m so fucking mad. Moana got robbed.

Drew a cloud concept for Orion from @no-mercy-game​ 
I’m going to be the one designing his extra skin for the game when and if it gets funded. I’m really enjoying creating concepts for him and drawing him in general. He’s so cute with a such a fun design!

Other Orion Ideas: Original Cloud Orion Idea | Sun Orion | Original Sun Orion Idea | Star Orion? 


picture: hidden figures / moonlight
director: barry jenkins moonlight
supporting actor: mahershala ali moonlight
supporting actress: viola davis fences
adapted screenplay: hidden figures
animated feature: moana
original score: moonlight
original song: moana
sound editing: arrival
sound mixing: arrival / rogue one
production design: arrival
cinematography: moonlight
editing: moonlight
visual effects: rogue one / jungle book


some wintery/christmas-y hypothetical OW skins >3c 

shout outs 2 my buddy jaq for the mei and rein ideas and @trustme-im-a-pirate for the genji idea <3