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Bergen County, New Jersey

Every once in a while, I discover an extraordinarily special place. And by special I mean hideous. Bergen County, New Jersey is that place. This will not be the first, nor the last time this county will show up on this blog, as its houses and I have a long working relationship ahead of us. 

So where to start? I used this house as an example in another post before (can’t remember which one) but I knew from the first time I saw it, that I needed to dive deeper. 

Man, where to start. First of all, the exterior of this house appears to be screaming in two different ways: either the two dormers, or the two “sidelight” windows are the eyes, with the door being the agape mouth. With the absurd windows on the front facade, the silly fake quoins, and the pseudo-Palladian elements scattered all over the place, I have a feeling this place is going to go down in McMansionHell history as a Certified Dank™ Legend.

This house (built in 1988 as we will all soon see) has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, and is currently retailing for almost 3.5 million dollars.  

By far, my favorite McMansions are the ones that are like time capsules. You open the obnoxiously large front door and step into the obnoxiously large entryway and are instantly transported into another era. 

In this case, that era is 1988. 

Front Entryway

My favorite part about the 80s was how they axed all of the environmental reforms made in the 70s while simultaneously obsessing over having as many house plants as possible. 

Living Room (1 of 2)

At least piano makers are thankful that their art is being funded by those who buy large instruments as symbols of wealth. 


Fake book subjects commonly include: 
- Business
- Law
- Classic Literature

Dining Room (1 of 2)

Seriously I don’t think you guys are prepared for what you’re about to see. 

This has to be one of the best worst vintage 80s rooms I’ve ever seen. 

Dining Room (2 of 2)

Those poor plants, working like slaves for the man. 

The Kitchen! 

Who thought that orange was a remotely good idea?? Spoilers: it was probs HGTV.

Living Room (2 of 2)

Luckily for the homeowner, many elements from this room (the furniture and wall color) are coming back in style again, as dark green is all the rage this year apparently. 

Master Suite (Part 1)

Shocked that the drapes don’t have the same pattern as the wallpaper. 

Master Suite (Part 2)

P sure the hyper-femininity of the 80s and early 90s were what led to the creation of the ManCave during the dawn of the 21st century.

Master Bathroom

This bathroom almost looks like it came out of a Robert A.M. Stern coffee table book from the late 80s. Whoever did this interior was a licensed interior designer. I’m pretty sure those vanities are custom. 

On to the last room of our tour! (Somehow there weren’t pictures of the other 6 bedrooms or the other 5 baths…)

The Basement

Seriously the mirrored door is hella choice. 

Fortunately, our tour ends on a positive note this week, as the rear of this house actually makes some architectural sense:

Rear Exterior

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed that tour as much as I did. I love these time capsule houses - you can learn a lot from studying the design trends of the past; most notably, when they’re coming back. 

Stay tuned for this Sunday’s special post, McMansionHell from A to Z (Part Two) and, of course, next week’s dank McMansion!

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Copyright Disclaimer: All photographs in this post are from real estate aggregate and are used in this post for the purposes of education, satire, and parody, consistent with 17 USC §107.

I call this “All Might as a teen wore crop tops man you can’t tell me he didn’t”

It’s like 2 in the morning and I don’t know why I doodled some Young Might in crop tops but here they are. 

Fuck it, here we go, first adoptable

This 80′s hair band monstrosity here is $15, send an ask or IM if you’re interested.

All I ask is you credit me at least once for the design, and while I’d really prefer you didn’t resell the design at all, I guess all I can really ask is you don’t resell for more than you bought it for unless you accumulate a good amount of art to force the price up ;;


TiPo Soulmate AU

So a while back there was THIS post that really caught my attention, in which soulmates, who do not know each other, are able to see what they write on their arms and that’s how they find each other. I suck at explaining I wanted to do this with humanized Po and Tigress. Po admires the beautiful designs his soulmate draws once in a while. Ti is always like “wtf” at what appears on her arm. Po writes what Ping tells him to buy at the grocery store to remind himself… or he draws dumplings because he’s hungry. 

Spent what feels like ages, but probably a day and a half to decide on a name for this beautiful, shadowy ink blob.
This monster’s name is Hadley Chandler Vesper.
They love to wear bright colours, mostly yellow. They’re easily startled, and loves to draw and write, which is easy since they have an unlimited supply of ink. They just have to keep the papers nice and clean for their usage later on. :33

6.20 thinky-thought-ficlet.

Imagine the boys at home, once the case is all wrapped up.  They’re in the kitchen, cooking a late dinner.  Usually it’s a practiced dance, no words needed. Steve presses his hand to the small of Danny’s back when he passes by to get to the fridge; Danny brushes his thumb over the vulnerable skin of Steve’s wrist, when he hands over the saucepan of pasta.

But tonight, Steve is out of sync.  He’s distracted, he’s wincing, and Danny’s done pretending that everything is okay.  

“You’re hurt,” he says, and his point is proved when Steve awkwardly sets the saucepan on the bench, as though it’s too heavy to hold.

Two steps across the kitchen, and Danny is deeply nestled in Steve’s personal space, fingers questing under the hem of his shirt.  Normally he’d dedicate time and attention to the cut of Steve’s hips, the trail of hair leading down, down, down - but tonight, Danny’s focus is medicinal.

“Babe.”  He sighs, because this is what he gets for trusting Steve to report any and all injuries - a bruised partner.  Steve’s chest is a canvas of deep red and blue.

“Well, it worked,” Steve says mulishly, but he shuffles closer to Danny’s warmth, clearly enjoying the gentle caress of caring hands.  “The vest took a lot of the damage.  I iced it earlier, but-”

“-But you’re still black and blue.”  Danny drops Steve’s shirt back down, leaning forward to press a kiss to soft cotton - right over Steve’s big, bruised heart. “Forget about me,” Danny says, “we need to keep that suit for you.”  

He snuggles closer, taking care not to elbow any tender skin.  “Dinner first, because I can hear your stomach rumbling.”  As if on cue, a gurgling noise interrupts him. “As I was saying,” Danny continues, pulling back to give Steve’s stomach a pointed look.  “Dinner first, then bed.  Sit, sit, sit and be still.”  He settles Steve at the kitchen island, but it doesn’t take long for the protests to begin.

“I can help,” Steve grumbles.  “You’re going to put too much cheese on things.”

Danny waggles a sliver of carrot at him.  “Hush, you.  Do not speak to me of cheese and pasta and things you don’t understand.  If you’re good, I promise to do anything and everything to make you feel better.”

Steve is good.

 a slightly more adult addition, under the cut.

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dailymomcellati  asked:

The kid stares in silence for a while, emotions displayed clearly on his face. Frustration. Guilt. Regret. 'Whatever it takes', he reminds himself, before clearing his throat. "Listen... both of you may not believe me, or care, but I'm so fucking sorry this happened how it did." [Parker, BDStandRoyale]

“I can’t believe you actually had the balls to come and apologise to us!” Despite the very clear indications he was incredibly angry and anxious, he was almost laughing in Parkers face. “Y’know, the guys who nearly died because of you!” 

“You have a minute to explain your real intentions before I set my Stand on you.” 

The nicest things he did for people were usually the quietest – he was very shy when confronted with emotional gratitude from those he cared about. When the LOVESEXY European tour schedule conflicted with my son Tristan’s annual Summer visit, Prince suggested that we bring the 14 year old on tour with us.

Can you imagine a back-to-school “show and tell” where students tell the class how they spent their summers? “I toured European stadiums with Prince.” Yeah, right, Tristan. Sure you did. I think he had to bring his class the tour book with his Dad’s name to prove he wasn’t tripping.

Then there was an expensive designer sweater that Prince once wore to an event while we were in Nice, France, shooting Under The Cherry Moon. [My wife] Gwen fell in love with it and complimented Prince.

A few days later we were on set and Prince pulled Gwen aside and sent her on errand. “Go to my villa and look on the dresser for a box.” Thinking she was fetching something he needed Gwen did as instructed. What she found was the sweater, nicely wrapped with her name on the box.

Then, in 1990 I had a medical issue that required surgery and a month or two of treatments. Basically two months away from work. There were no pesty, anxious “how’s he doin’” calls day after day. BUT there were full paychecks every Friday and NEVER a call asking, “when can he come back to work?” THAT is the Prince I remember.

- Alan Leeds, Okay Player (2016)

new oc i created with a palette :>

felt like designing a non human(oid) oc for once in a while XD

his name is george (because i can) he loves sweets and is kinda a a prankster but has nothing bad in mind. he can wear every neck accessoire as long as it doesnt clash with his bright and already risky enough design XD

…i added 1 color to the palette i have to admit though. thats the brightest green because i wanted his wings to be brighter on the inside uwu