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i know that ambrosia is godly food in like cubes and squares but i always instinctively draw the comparison to ambrosia salad so i just imagine demigods shoving ambrosia salad in their faces when theyre injured like

Here’s a cropped preview of my take on “Lightning” from Final Fantasy!

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So my mom and I went up to New York last weekend to see The Lightning Thief Musical (amazing by the way). Being the theatre-loving-techie that I am, I decided I really wanted to meet their stage manager. So afterwards, while everyone was waiting for the actors to come outside we hung out in the very small lobby. The director was out there and wasn’t really having any of this “random kid asking him questions” thing so he was a bit dismissive, which I totally get because directing, and especially directing a sold out off-broadway show, is very stressful. However, the conductor of their small orchestra was out there too and when he heard my request he was very eager to go get the SM. She was so nice and so happy to have someone genuinely interested in her job! She even helped me find a big theatre near my city that does high school internships to get me some extra experience before college. So I guess my point here, other than the fact that Leigh'Ann Andrews is amazing, is that if you’re a crew member or high school/college SM or anyone interested in what goes on “behind the scenes” of a play, if you have the opportunity or might even have a little chance, talk to the stage manager or sound/light designer. They rarely get recognition from fans of the show and they just deserve so much.