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Week 15 & 16 Spreads! 🌞

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve literally just been chillin and taking it easy - but I know that’s not going to be the case starting next weekend.. it’s the last stretch so here’s to hopefully not procrastinating! 🍻


Movie edits : Fantastic beasts and where to find them | 

“New York is considerably more interesting that I expected.”

Please click on the images to fully enjoy them. 




This book exposes the possibilities, practice and longevity of an image.

Using a  printer  and  scanner  as a image reproduction means this duplication method acts as a tool and process system to develop facsimiles of one another – in this case creating new imagery from an existing image. Each spread becomes an image in it’s own right. Through distortion, scale, cropping etc – these techniques provide the image with a new context that is distanced from the original photo. This process of printing, copying and re–purposing, is a method that should be celebrated.

Spread for 2nd week of September 🌀

I feel like this week has been so crazy! It’s finally sinking in to me that school has started and I need to haul ass with all the work.

I’ve also seen people from before that I never thought I’d hear from again and it’s all made me realize that it’s perfectly alright to drop people you’ve outgrown out of your life. It’s therapeutic af and I 100% recommend.


💛 // 6.25.17

my first weekly spread for the month of june!! i tried doodling around the white spaces like my awesome friend, cheyenne, also known as @studyrose – one of my favs 🌸 it’s still not as good as hers, but i’m trying to make it look good soon 🌟 hope u lot are having a good time 🌻 btw, i just reached 500 on my studygram, hope u’ll check it out too 🙈