design knockoff

This week on “why the fuck is Marc employed”:

Felicity is getting an AU suit-up that looks almost identical to the Huntress Rebirth design. So, she was knockoff Oracle, stole Black Canary’s love interest and now she’s Helena too. So why have a strong, dynamic team of badass ladies getting shit done in Birds of Prey, when you can just replace them with your boring, unseasoned OC patchwork and project halfbaked ideas on to her and pretend you give a fuck about women.

Oliver openly admitted that he enjoys brutually murdering people in cold blood, further proving that this is in no way a Green Arrow show and we’re apparently supposed to still think he’s a hero?

Stephen once again used the Deathstroke/Wintergreen mask aesthetic to try and entice people to watch his show again, despite not being able to commit to Slade’s character because the actor fucking hates the show since Marc took over, to the point where Manu even threw shade on Twitter again and called Stephen “kid”.

And the ratings are still in the toilet but honestly is anyone even surprised.

JJ Abrams doesn’t seem to understand that Star Trek isn’t about action? If he took even five minutes out of his day to watch any of the series, he’d have noticed that action sequences are rather uncommon, and many episodes go by without any action at all. And when there is action, it’s gentle and the violence is minimal (with notable and understandable exceptions, of course, such as the Borg and Dominion Wars).

Star Trek has never been an action franchise. The new movies are so far outside of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a peaceful future - the original intent of Star Trek was more like a space philosophy drama, and the Star Trek captain who portrays that best is Picard.

The new movies are like… they look nice, and they’re entertaining to watch? But they’re just not Star Trek. JJ Abrams Trek movies are like knockoff designer handbags. Looks just like the real thing, but if you actually inspect it, shit’s gonna fall right apart.