design hackathon


I was going to wait until I had more things ready, like stickers and art prints/more shirts- but I’ve decided to make my store active now.

Here is my store

(ignore anything that isn’t a variation of the designs in this photoset)

Hackathon Shirt (Also comes in other top variations)

Bro Choice Shirt (Also comes in other top variations)

Bro Choice  Phone Case (also comes in skins)

[360/PS4 style coming soon for Bro design!]

There are a few shirts (V neck) that have a slightly lower positioning for the shirt image, if anyone wants tops that have that problem just message me and I’ll fix it.  OR if you want the phone case/skin to come in black message me for that too!


Drinking cocktails won’t save the world, but eating insects might.  

Before you say “Ick!” at the thought of eating bugs, keep in mind that millions of people around the world already consume insects as part of a healthy, daily diet — and that those tiny guys just might be the first viable solution to our world’s future food crisis. (They’re a protein source that requires a fraction of the land, water, and feed as livestock.) Still not sold? Meet Critter Bitters. It’s a sweet, nutty-tasting bitters made from toasted crickets that brings bugs-as-edibles straight into Happy Hour, offering a gentle and tasty introduction to the idea. 

Creators Lucy and Julia first started making Critter Bitters as a grad school project, but demand for the creepy-crawly drink accompaniment outpaced their home kitchen quickly.  To date, they’ve fueled hackathons, won design awards, and flown to Milan for design week. They’ve even been on panels about the future of food and about entomophagy. But what they haven’t been able to do is scale up production so that these bitters can be shared with everyone who wants them! 

For now, Critter Bitters are exclusively available on Kickstarter. This is your opportunity to be the first of your friends to get a taste, before they take the world by storm.

Bottoms up!