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Finished piece, plus detail shot from “Shape Shifter” - visual development for Morwearh, the villain in my story.  

(Please don’t delete my captions. Thanks!) 


Meanwhile the elves of Glemshire have made friends with the amazing Northern Owyak. Owyaks serve as great companions and are highly respected in the elf culture. Elves also use the owyak’s wool for clothing. It is supposedly the warmest wool in the world. #nationalgeographic

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Despite ongoing issues with my computer (yet to be resolved), I feel like I’ve reached a turning point in producing artwork that I can share with you guys. Honestly, it’s quite nice getting back to digital artwork after focusing on traditional mediums for so long.

So here’s some early concept work for a leading character of the webcomic project that I’m in the process of developing. I can’t wait to share more of this with you all.


A new Python game development framework. Built to make developing 2D games more Peachy!

Main Features:

  • 2D game development framework
  • Entity, Room, World design
  • Collision detection between multiple geometric shapes
  • Resource loading
  • User interface module
  • Tiled Map Editor support
  • Windows, Linux, (possibly OSX)
  • Pure Python 3

Beta release coming this week!

Famed Explorer of the Robot World - Valley

This is one of my favorite levels.  I think it’s turned out really well and it highlights a lot of the stuff I’ve been trying to do with the level design.

NOTE: Gameplay Spoilers ahead:

So, this level took a while to come together.  The main design goal was to have this narrow bridge you had to cross at the top with enemies shooting from both sides.  If you fall or get knocked off, you’re stuck going through a different exit down below which takes you to a different level.  Originally, the upper path was a bit too easy, as you could shoot at the enemies from near the start and then walk across easily.

However, the challenge really took shape once I added the mechanic that allows you to ride on top of enemies.  You need to ride on the enemies in order to make it to the upper exit.  This means that 3 out of the 4 enemies are vital to reaching that exit, which means you have to cross without destroying them.



This was my first project in second year studio. I spent a week and a half world building a civilization where conflict was resolved via music battles. Each troupe is the embodiment of a family of instruments, this particular ensemble the viol family.  

If I am able to continue the project throughout the class, I hope to create a game demo on how the battle system would work! (Right now in my head it is loosely based off of heavy combos in a FFXIII style interface)

[Edit: fixed some spelling mistakes, updated with cover photo, and more jots]

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