design for churches


                                          The Sound Of Heaven

1. Baroque organ, St. Jacob’s Cathedral, Innsbruck 

2. Kaliningrad, Russia, Pipe Organ

3. Vienna Synagogue,Vienna Austria

4. Granada Cathedral, Granada Spain

5. Pipe Organ at Lezajsk Basilica Poland

6. Malaga Cathedral. Malaga Spain

7. Theatinkirche Pipe Organ Germany


Anybody asked for the man in the bag? No? Oh, well…
Here’s my ultimate child, John Church! I imagined him indian since the first moment, I love the multiracial couple he make with Angie ❤

I wonder what this man would had to lead the wittiest woman of her time do anything so irrational as elope with him… he must had a cool side tho 👀.

anyway ENJOY!