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Welcome to the #SpacedogsSummer Art Roundups! The Art Roundups will gather all the art/gif sets/image sets and edits/manips/fanvids etc posted on Tumblr and Twitter where #SpacedogsSummer is tagged!

Remember when posting on Tumblr or Twitter to use the correct tag #SpacedogsSummer  

#IMPORTANT  Remember to tag NSFW materials appropriately and read responsibly! Thank you to creators for doing a thorough job of tagging their posts!

Rather than repost here, we invite you to click the links and reblog the originals! Please note that some maybe NSFW!

From France/Space (?) With Love art by @camilleflyingrotten // fic by @desperatelyseekingcannibals

Feeling Loved and Loving (aesthetic) by Charlie 

Looking for the best Star Gazing Spot! by @camilleflyingrotten

Spacedogs (manip) by Stone Cold Design

Spacedogs 2 (manip) by  Stone Cold Design

Oral Fixation (manip) by @hotsauce418

The Road Trip #1 by @anislandcalledcalifornia

Spacedogs Summer (edit) by Party Peryton

Odd Stars (gif set) by @sirenja-and-the-stag

Midnighters/Highwaymen (aesthetic) by Annika

Spacedogs Snapchat by @hannibalssketchbook

Surprise Breakfast Kiss by @miraeth

Cute Selfie by @asvidraws

Bite Me (aesthetic) by @slashyrogue

Not Shooting Seagulls (manip) by Stone Cold Design

A Spaceman on the Beach (edit) by @graham-muffin

Hello Gorgeous (gif) by @wiith-my-hands

Do I look like Will Graham? by @hannibalsfan

Other Media:

Like a Telescope (Playlist) by @cannibalcuisine