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Better of  DEAD then being RED

Basically this is something I have been thinking about cause in actual thought in my comic Luke is like the trio’s Tord as Ered in all seriousness is like their Edd.  In the spec of things, Ered xLuke is something I strongly enjoy and honestly I find it adorable when pple call Luke an innocent boy or cute or something  cause he is a toll with serious mental issues. Kinda like JD from Heathers like lets be serious.

Someone just told an acquaintance and myself that we will never hold down a steady job “Swearing as much as you do”.

It’s hilarious because Heather has a steady job.

Actually, her own steady business.

Making, and designing, adult coloring books.

Er- more specifically

Adult swearing coloring books. 

super quick test of clock-heart‘s amazing traditional clown gamzee design!!

Lets start a new club. The Designated Yarn-ers lol.

I find some yarns that I absolutely ADORE but I cant personally justify buying it just to put away in a box in the hope of one day finding a use for it! Who actually has the money and space to do that? I mean…if someone out there reading this is a person who does have money and space then honestly enjoy your stash and I say that truthfully and without sarcasm because aesthetically a yarn ‘stash’ is lovely, all the colours, textures and possibilities. But to me, in my current situation it would be hoardy and …like smaug, Smaug of the yarns.

it’s easier to animate things when you have an idea of what every frame will look like, and you don’t really have to spend much time working out the specifics of the details or minutae on paper if you’re just going to deal with them when you put your designs to print (er, pixel) anyway

(these might not really be that impressive, but someone expressed an interest in getting an even behind-the-scenesier look at my art process)

you know what? it’s fuckin weird, i’ve actually come into this project without a fine comprehension of joule or her surroundings so this time i’m actually starting with the gameplay first and then spawning a plot surrounding the character as the game goes on, so i find myself at a loss for flavor text

i’m really sort of struggling here; i’ve rewritten this post like 3 times with 3 different subjects and one of them was like, 3 paragraphs describing something ‘the monoboob dilemma’. i’m worried i may soon slide clear into self parody