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Times Square’s 8-year redesign is a blueprint for the city of the future

  • On average, 330,000 people visit Times Square every day, a mixture of 56% locals and 44% out-of-towners. To call it “busy” would be to call Celine Dion merely “capable” of belting out an F5 note.
  • But while the number of daily visitors continues to rise, for nearly a decade Times Square has quietly gone through a dramatic reinvention, all in an effort to make it more pedestrian friendly.
  • And while it may look like an easy solution for the notoriously congested area, its decades of debate and planning show just how complex the restructuring of the most visited destination in the U.S. truly has been.
  • Now, with its recent completion, the pervasive image of Times Square as the epicenter of hustle and bustle has begun to fade. What has emerged could be the future blueprint for open civic squares. Read more (6/1/17)

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I think the starkest illustration of the sheer senselessness of Tumblr’s design is that the status page that’s supposed to announce and explain service interruptions is hosted on the same infrastructure as the main website, so anything that causes a service interruption for the latter - including planned maintenance - also takes down the status page explaining it.

If you are thinking : ‘What a simple question, I know the answer to that! It is used to control the temperature on my refrigerator’

You are absolutely right ! In fact most people I have asked this question seem to know thus far. But how does turning a knob control the temperature ?

The refrigeration cycle

The fridge works in a rather simple way:

Refrigerant (liq) takes up heat from the object you want to cool

Changes state from liquid to gas

Compressor pressurizes fluid, heating it up. ( Why ? for better heat exchange )

This hot gas meets the cool gas outside, changing state back to liquid

Further de-pressurizes as it heads back


The thermostat switch

If the temperature inside the fridge goes up, the compressor must be turned on to circulate the refrigerant.

Here’s the crux of the post :

That knob determines when the compressor is to be turned on !

That knob is coupled to a screw type mechanism which lowers or moves up as it is rotated.

A bellow ( like a balloon ) keeps expanding as the temperature inside the fridge increases until it hits the arm and flicks the thermostat;

Compressor : ON ;

Refrigeration cycle : START

That’s the story of that mysterious knob that had baffled me for quite some time.

Have a great day!


AKULA Ballistic - Concept Design ~ EDONGURAZIU

Concept Design of a futuristic weapon platform using case-less ammunition, heavy CHF-B (cold hammer forged barrel), NRPC (nylon reinforced polymer chassis), ergonomic extendable stock with integrated monopo. Modular for either Human and Non-Human use. Chassis can be attached to frames of choice with the rail-track on the bottom side. Using EOI (External Optic Interface) it can be suited to fulfil multiple roles with few adjustments of optics, barrel and ammunition.


Bazen Hayata Karşı Duruşumuz.. ☺️

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Books for Sound Designers

 A comprehensive list of useful sound design and audio engineering texts

Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Master Handbook of Acoustics - Fifth Edition

Mixing a Musical - Shannon Slaton

Sound and Music for the Theatre - Deena Kaye, James LeBrecht

Show Networks and Control Systems - John Huntington

Sound Systems: Design and Operation - Bob McCarthy

Sound Reproduction - Loudspeakers and Rooms

Room Acoustics - Fifth Edition

Fundamentals of Acoustics - Fourth Edition

Audio Engineering: Know it All

Feel free to add more texts and/or provide links to PDF’s of the texts above if you have them! Lets help young designers and technicians like me get access to the education they want


Çinli bir şirkete ait olan bu Minik Robotlar günde en az 200.000 kargo kutusu ayırıyor..

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