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i’m the secret santa for @twentyeightisalie who wanted bones doctoring so, how about bones delivering them gorn octuplets who came out biting and their proud n happy parents

ok so gorns usually have fellow gorn be their doctors, especially for something as personal as this, but there was an emergency and bones was the only option. it took him an hour or two to get the couple to trust him and no small amount of effort to get those babies safe and sound. they’re very durable and energetic so its pretty normal to have them naked n crawling everywhere after birth. he’s also their favorite doctor (and the family occasionally comms him from time to time).

(Spoiler alert for GotG again)

So if I didn’t count wrong, then Stakar’s team as we know it from GotG 2 consists of six people: Stakar, Aleta, Mainframe, Martinex, Charlie-27 and Krrugarr.

And while doing some research for my fanfictions, I realized that, while the Ravager Captains act independent from each other, each with their own crew (which, apparently, all have a different color – Stakar is some kind of dark blue, Aleta black, Yondu is red), they all share the flame badge.



And there are seven tips on the badge. Exactly seven tongues of flames, one in the middle, three on each side.

That makes seven flames for seven Captains.

I dunno, but I really like to headcanon this: The flames represent Stakar’s original team, the core of the Ravagers. The badge was made when Yondu was still part of the team.

He is flame number seven.

And even with Yondu out of the team, after breaking the code - Stakar never changed the design.

And Yondu had one more very good reason to keep the badge, even though he was no longer an official Ravager.

Because it reminded him of his old team, the people he had lost by breaking the code.


quiet hands loud hands!! i’m happy flapping over this new patch design – i can’t wait to get it up on my etsy shop for you all to check out!

i’m waiting on adhesives to arrive that will make the patches easy to attach to a bag or jacket, so this patch as well as other designs will most likely be ready for sale some time on monday.

Loud hands are good hands 👐🏻👐🏽👐🏾

The Daqri Qube™ provides ground-breaking 360 degree coverage with four built-in optical cameras, two infra-red sensors, two motion-tracking rangefinders, echolocation, and a short-burst X-ray emitter capable of penetrating a seven-inch lead blast shield.

The Daqri Qube™ is ruggedized to withstand the modern business environment, with ISO-3103 compliant impact resistance, waterproofing tested up to thirty meters, an ablative carapace that can regenerate in less than six seconds after sustaining small arms fire, and the award-winning DoomEye™ point defense system.

The Daqri Qube™ is compatible with a wide variety of connectors and communications protocols, including USB, wi-fi, FireWire, serial port, point-to-point laser communications, telepathy, and dripping messages written in blood that spontaneously manifest on the walls. Additionally, from time to time it emits a low, ominous chanting in an unknown language. The meaning is as-yet unknown, but our top linguistic engineers are exploring the exciting business uses.

The Daqri Qube™ is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long periods of use, with cushioned handles, a carrying strap (sold separately,) and seventeen separate mucous membranes to provide ample hand lubrication at all times.

The Daqri Qube™ has been cleared of all charges in the 2015 Alabama Chicken Farmers Association v. Daqri 5th Circuit Court case. However, we are legally obligated to inform you that the Daqri Qube is known to display erratic behavior when insulted. Until this minor design flaw is corrected, all new orders will include a tub of Qube Pacification Ointment, free of charge.

The Daqri Qube™ has a battery life of up to seventeen hours under normal conditions, and can be recharged in the field with standard USB battery packs or by leaving it on an obsidian plinth during a solar eclipse.

The Daqri Qube™ comes with a lifetime limited warrantee, with full parts and replacement for the first two years. The Daqri Qube™ w̠̦͓i̱͡l̟̜͖͠l̛̲ ͚̭̯͍̕o̹͜u̖̰̳t̘̞̟̝͓̖̜͘l͍͈͙̩͔͔͝ìv̼̬͓̜̀e͏̮̼̫͈ ̙̦̤̠̖͙̠͠u̧̘̬s̳͎͓͞ ạ̴ͅl̖̺̦͜l.͏̼̝

—  the project manager sent us a message asking us to look up something named the Daqri Qube for him, aka google it for him. I sent him this and he thanked me for being the first person to give an actual answer after reading the first ten words or so.

some belle ballgown inspiration after having to witness that horrible prom gown today….. heres some of my faves!

1. I believe this is art by Maria Elena Naggi inspired by a painting of Madame de Pompadour by Boucher

2. pretty sure this is Ann Hould Wards design, correct me if im wrong..

3. Design by Terry Parson

4. The dress in the bottom two pics is by Miguel Angel Huidor

Imagine you woke up one day to find several years had gone by in a blink. Maybe you were in a coma. Maybe you were in cryo-sleep. Maybe you angered a witch (it’s probably that one). Whatever: If you had a job and a place to live, you don’t anymore. Your friends have probably moved on. You feel out of place in the world. Oh, also, you have a giant tattoo on your forehead that says “desk-shitter,” because you shit on a witch’s desk, buddy – not a good move. That’s pretty much the same situation inmates are in, right after they’re released from prison: Not only adrift, but with stigma attached. Luckily, there are people who help. We spoke to “Carla,” who used to work at a correctional facility designed to assist inmates preparing for life on the outside.

One popular way to end up at Carla’s facility was to “serve more than 10 years in a state correctional facility and apply or be recommended to transition and finish your sentence early,” Carla told us. That includes legitimate murderers and psychopaths, who were absolutely not ready to re-enter society.

“When there’s a psychopathic rapist on the second floor and his file says ‘episodes triggered by ponytail hairstyle,’ don’t forget to bun your hair before bed check because he’s a fast motherfucker,” Carla says. “Some of them tried to kill me, [including a] neo-Nazi who constantly threatened to kill me until he knocked up a black stripper with twins and I helped her sign up for public assistance.”

But not even he was as memorable as the honest-to-God axe-murderer.

What I Learned Helping Hardened Inmates Return To Society

Map process showcase!

Hello dear everyone! 

Today, since this topic has been requested many times, I want show you how I, the mapper, kerliy, make the maps for the game! let’s start without further introduction.

  • -Step 1 MAP SHAPE

This first step is extremelly easy, you just draw the map shape and layout on RPG maker with your desidered tiles and you take the screenshot with the programm you’re gonna use 


To accentuate the map’s atmosphere color correction is almost necessary, it gives the wanted vibe.

  • -Step 3 ROOM DESIGN

After the color correction what you need to do is place what you want your room to contain

  • -Step 4 ROOM SHADING

Apply basic shading on the map, only the floor and walls.


Apply basic lightning, and now, the map should start to look like planned.


Our map is almost done! every object needs to feel like if it’s alive and it’s right there! 

  • -Step 7 DETAILS!

And with this last step, your map is compleatelly finished! 


Hope you liked this little tutorial, with that said I announce that this was the LATEST map of Rose’s house, so our main area is now COMPLETE!

DAY 3296

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Apr 6/7,  2017                  Thu/Fri   12:59 am

I have often wondered why some of the names that we mention or speak about, have the liberty of a ‘JI’ after their name, and some dont ..

There is the benefit of respect of course, but the addition of the ‘ji’ has not been explained to me, with any convincing logic. I shall call Shoojit Sircar my director, Shoojit .. but shall address Neeraj Pandey as Neeraj ji .. and the examples are many and diverse ..

Its an odious word or an addition .. there is that obvious respect for an elder, or respect for one that is unknown to you .. there is also that liberty of the sarcasm, which is often played out among known bodies, or unknown .. 

The reasons though have avoided me .. and as I sit and ponder, I wonder !!

I shall address my family doctor, one that has been with me for years and years as Doctor Saheb, and never by his first name, though he is younger than me, and has always been treated as family. But no. Staff and those that work for you are always on first name, but never the doctor. And its always Mem Saheb, when addressing the staff about the wife, never ‘gharwali’ or ‘dharampatni ji’ which really is the correct designation. Royalty, is addressed in their respective homes as ‘Maharaj ji’ or ‘Raja ji’, and at times ‘Raja Saheb’ .. the prince or the son next in command as ‘Kunwar Saheb’ .. the wife of the Maharaj as ‘Maharani Sahiba’ or ‘Rani Sahiba’

“Sahib or Saheb (/ˈsɑːhɪb/, traditionally /ˈsɑː.iːb/ or /ˈsɑːb/; Arabic: صاحب‎‎) is a name of Arabic origin meaning “holder, master or owner.” It has passed on to several languages including Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and Somali; as well as existing in English, as a loanword especially associated with British rule in India.”

And then of course there is ‘Sahibzaade’, the son of the sahib .. and many such titles, which are given titles for time immemorial. ‘Lord’, ‘Sir’ and ‘Your Highness’ or ‘Your Majesty’ ‘Prince’ ‘Princes’ are all derivatives of the royal influence, imparting dignity and respect .. in the England and Europe .. try addressing thus in the United States and you’ll probably get hit .. the culture of first name being most prevalent .. 

So to all the ‘Sahib’s’ and ‘Mem Sahib’s’ .. to the Hignessess and Majesties .. the Raja Maharaja and Maharani’s .. 

I bid you ‘shubh ratri’ ..

Amitabh Bachchan