design corps

Notable quotes from DSOD

“Fire whoever designed that bottle, Kaiba corp. products shouldn’t bend that easily.”

“I went thought a great deal of trouble recreating his deck, strategies, even his perfectly quaff hair. In fact, it was that part that took the longest.”

“You’re not my pillow either!”

“My cardio sucks.”


“You really hate dragons, don’t you?”

Evil Corp: A Large Evil Corporation - Horror Folks

01. The Shining: Jack, Danny, Wendy Torrance & the Grady Twins.
02. Evil Dead 2 & Army of Darkness: Ashley J. Williams (aka Ash).
03. An American Werewolf in London: David Kessler & Jack Goodman.
04. Carrie: Carrie White
05. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger.


After reading idksomethingclever’s BatLantern fanfic, We Could Be Heroes, I got to thinking that if Carol got to be a Green Lantern, then Hal should follow Carol’s canon path and become a Star Sapphire. And when I say he becomes one, I mean he should become the Queen. lol So I ended up liking the idea so much, I designed Hal a Star Sapphire uniform.

Vintage-style #penandink #drawing of the #bluecoats #drumcorps  - The pages of “Drum Corps World” #newspaper use to have dozens of these #illustrations done in this style; I believe the artist’s name was Don Dabler - so, this is my tribute to his style and a postulation on what he might draw today…