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Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

Why there is no ACA replacement

Notice how “repeal and replace” is looking more and more like just repeal, despite the protestations of, well, everyone (including GOP governors and the insurance companies themselves)?

There’s a big reason for that.

The GOP doesn’t want you to know this, but the truth of the matter is the Affordable Care Act is their healthcare plan. No joke!

The right-wing Heritage Foundation created the framework for the law, including the individual mandate, in 1993 while the Clinton Administration was attempting to pass healthcare reform. The same framework became the health care law that Mitt Romney successfully passed and implemented when he was governor of Massachusetts.

When the Obama administration began to tackle healthcare reform in 2009, it didn’t start with Medicare-for-all (read: single payer) the way people on the left wanted. Aiming for compromise, they took the framework that led to the Massachusetts law and added a public option – essentially a Medicare buy-in option designed to compete against the private insurers to drive down premium costs.

Republicans and conservative Democrats balked at the public option, so it was jettisoned – leaving the same law Republicans had been championing for decades. Only not a single one of them voted for the ACA when it passed – and since then, they have done nothing but try to sabotage and get rid of the law.

Think about that: a conservative idea worked. It was imperfect. There were issues. But the law did what it was designed to do: make health insurance more accessible to Americans and ensure the policies they paid for actually worked for them. Yet Republicans, so aghast at President Obama, sabotaged their own ideas!

Anyone with half a brain knows the only ACA replacement that would work would be single payer. But the GOP will never go for that (especially with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s obsession with gutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security), so in gutting what was ultimately their own idea, they’re sentencing Americans to a lower quality of life and even death… just because they got all uptight over a black man occupying the White House for almost a decade.

The ACA is the Republican healthcare plan. They have nothing else.


Junkers G.38 diesel-powered transport/airliner, later upgraded to more conventional gasoline engines, at the time the world’s largest aircraft in service, designed to compete with the Zeppelins.

Only two units build in the late 20′s, one lost in an accident in 1936, while the remaining unit was destroyed in an airfield by RAF aircraft in 1941.


Mle 1886 ‘Lebel’ Rifle - “Fusil de 8mm Modèle 1886″

Designed in 1886, produced from 1887 to 1920 by MAC, MAT and MAS.
8x50mmR Lebel, 8+1+1 rounds.

Read below for everything you wanted to know about this rifle, and then more, and then even more, Jippers you didn’t need to know all that, what the fuck it’s still going, why did they keep it for this long, just let the fucking thing die already.

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The Project Runway Drinking Game: Brought to You by Red Robin

Let’s be real: Project Runway, a show that was once (unbelievably) critically respected for its devotion to high fashion and glamour, has devolved into a hot mess of a competition between increasingly bad designers competing in increasingly poorly conceived challenges that support what the show now truly is: an hour and a half platform to endlessly plug products of increasingly questionable quality. Between the Sally Beauty Studio, the Brother Sewing Room, the Aldo Accessory Wall, and the Mary Kay Color Design Studio, at this point the only part of the entire Project Runway studio that hasn’t been branded is the fucking fire escape, which will most likely be sponsored next season by the #4 highest selling fire escape company in the North East. Five seasons ago the producers even made the decision to take away pencils and papers from the designers (pencils and FUCKING paper) and make them sketch on *HP* tablets. It’s like sometime over the last ten years Mad Men jizzed all over this show, threw it a towel and the show decided not to use it.

The peak of this Blade Runner-esque advertising foolishness undoubtedly came last season when the designers were forced to make looks inspired by Red Robin and then speak in confessional interviews about what they think is ‘chic’ about Red Robin, most likely while a junior producer who still has integrity sat five feet away from them shaking their goddam head thinking “I owe NYU $200,000 for a degree that got me this fucking job?”

But in the rough of this unbelievable decline, there is a diamond - a big fabulous diamond that refuses to diminish in quality in any way: Tim Gunn. Possibly the only person or branded inanimate object on the show who/that is not phoning it in, after 10+ seasons Tim Gunn continues to tireless help and care about the most irritating, morally repugnant, talentless human beings when after five minutes of interacting with these contestants even Jesus would be like “kill yourself”.  If Oprah and a pack of rainbow streamers had a baby, the result would be Tim Gunn. The challenges got worse. The judges got worse. The insults got worse. But Tim Gunn is and will always be amazing. Through everything, Tim Gunn is really, really what the show is about.

Regardless, Project Runway is still a god awful parody of the worst parts of competition reality television, an abomination that lacks any creative integrity that unfairly implicates the viewer and the only likeable personality involved in its production in the systematic commercial exploitation of everyone and everything on and in front of the screen.

We’re so fucking excited it’s back.

Recommended drink: start with a classy, name brand fine liqueur - then switch to lower and lower quality alcohol, naming each brand at each switch up. Drink responsibly, and make it work! Maybe!

One drink: every time a product and/or brand is unnecessarily mentioned (which is every time a product name is mentioned). Two drinks: no person capable of rational thought could ever conceivably find a link between this product/brand and fashion.

One drink: every voiceover of someone describing an amazing idea for a design while footage is shown of them sketching a design that looks nothing like this.  

One drink: a designer says a seemingly innocuous comment about a fellow designer’s look and the receiving designer takes it as an insult and loses their shit. Two drinks: said designer asked for feedback in the first place.

One drink: a designer won’t give their extra fabric to another designer because “this is a competition”.

One drink: Tim Gunn is ‘concerned’ with a look. Two drinks: Tim Gunn is ‘deeply concerned’ with a look. Finish your drink: Tim Gunn is ‘enormously concerned’ with a look.

One drink: one designer telling another during the runway show that their work is good only because they are sitting next to/very to close to them, not because they really believe it.

One drink: every backstory that involves bullying.

One drink: every confessional shot of a contestant spewing platitudes about a brand that literally no one gives two fucks about and quite possibly have never heard of.

One drink: white judge likes ‘ethnic’ look.

One drink: ‘matronly’.

One drink: seriously tho what is Heidi wearing?

One drink: a plotline in the episode is that someone isn’t going to finish a design Two drinks: this person finishes their design - because every contestant always finishes a fucking design.

One drink: every team challenge where the two designers who hate each other most in the competition just happen to end up on the same team.

One drink: unnecessary German.

One drink: a fan favorite designer is not sent home despite clearly having the worst look.

One drink: the designers are not nearly given enough time to complete an extremely elaborate challenge because the producers won’t pay the minor costs involved in giving them more than one day to work.

One drink: Designers are utterly *shocked* when Tim lets them know about a ‘twist’ in the challenge, even though this has happened multiple times a season for the last 13 seasons. Two drinks: the twist is they have to make another look.

One drink: a contestant does not listen to Tim Gunn’s critique. Two drinks: this contestant gets sent home because they didn’t listen to Tim Gunn’s critique. Three drinks:  this contestant voices no regrets about not listening to Tim Gunn’s critique  in exit confessional.

One drink: there aren’t even three good designs put out in the episode and the judges have to pretend like one of the top three looks is good.

One drink: the contestant who has immunity puts out a sorry ass no design look that can’t even be called a hot mess because ‘hot mess’ implies effort was put into the design.

One drink: the guest judge has no relevant experience in the fashion industry and has no business even being part of something that’s as gaudy as this shit show.

One drink: a designer is asked for feedback from a peer when the peer has made an awful design and asked designer delivers most vague, brief word of compliment while not diverting eyes from their own work as to avoid having to look the other designer in the eyes while lying.

One drink: every time someone leaves the work room at the end of their one day challenge with practically nothing done then are somehow able to complete an entire look during the runway prep time despite this time being portrayed by the show as very minimal.

One drink: a designer barely uses ‘unconventional’ materials in the unconventional materials challenge even though short of committing an act of physical violence this is the surest way of getting sent home (and everybody knows it).

One drink: a winning designer from a previous season is brought in to give advice and you’re like “who da fuck?” despite having seen every season of Project Runway. Two drinks: when they’re introduced in flashbacks you’re like “Ooooh, right”. Three drinks: you then become anxious about your own life circumstances as you reflect on the sad reality that no one from this show no matter how talented they are seem go anywhere in life and that maybe you’ll end up like them.

One drink: a designer’s sexual orientation is made part of their backstory because SURPRISE they are a gay.

One drink: a designer complains about their fabric even though they picked it out themselves in one of New York’s best fabric stores with an incredibly wide variety of fabrics.

One drink: Tim Gunn will miss a sent-home designer ‘terribly’. Two drinks: Tim Gunn continues to speak volumes about this designer, raising the possibility of a ‘Tim Gunn Save’. Three drinks: Tim Gunn doesn’t use the ‘Tim Gunn Save’

One drink: the sent-home designer believes “this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from” them. Two drinks: it’s the last we hear from them. You can go ahead and drink that now.

We hope you survived this one. Recommended Friday hangover cure: Red Robin - YUM!

I wanted to share a designer competency that we talk a lot about at work, which is: strong views reasonably held.

This is really important in game design, and *really* important for brand new designers.

What you see frequently are the opposite extremes. It’s easy for a an inexperienced designer to hold views weakly. The designer pitches an idea, but that the first sign of negative feedback, they abandon the pitch completely. It’s not efficient if all you are doing is pitching things and never progressing them past that initial idea. It probably also means you haven’t thought about it enough if it’s that easy to tip over.

The opposite extreme is someone who digs in their heels because they’ve become overly attached to their baby, or perhaps even because they don’t want to appear weak by admitting they were wrong.

What you should strive for, in my humble opinion, is to be committed to your ideas, but do be willing to change your mind when faced with strong enough evidence that your idea won’t work. 

This means you have to think about your idea deeply and not just superficially. You need to beat it up yourself before you ask others to beat it up, and certainly before you argue “well let’s just try it.” When you do that diligence before even trying the solution or novel idea, there’s a stronger chance it won’t be killed outright. You just have to remember that it can always get killed later, and it doesn’t mean you’re bad at your job when that happens.

Your colleagues should be happy to beat up your idea, but don’t waste their time by making it too easy. :)

I’m speaking from the point of view of game design, but I think this guideline is extensible a whole host of other jobs, and probably even to any aspect of your life where you interact with others of our species.


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Hi bri, I'm a soon to be sophomore transferring to a digital arts program in socal after getting GEs done at a cc near home. I have limited experience w animation and film software (free trials + reading tutorials) and I feel like only my art and design are competent. I'm sure I'll work my butt off at school until I feel confident, but I'm still worried that I'm at a disadvantage/setback when it comes to tech implementation. Is it dumb to worry about it when I'll learn at school?


hmm i guess it depends on the schooling. at my school they didn’t really teach us software at all, and students that didnt know how to use photoshop were definitely at a disadvantage. if you’re sure they will teach you the software, then i wouldn’t worry yourself sick over it. but of course, practicing on your own will only make it easier for you in the long run. technology can be a hassle but you WILL get the hang of it with time. please have faith in your ability to teach yourself anything :) good luck!!

Microsoft's Chromebook event: what to expect
Microsoft is hosting a special hardware and software event in New York City this week on May 2nd. Microsoft is ready to show how it will compete with Google’s Chromebooks. Microsoft is expected to unveil a new version of Windows 10 designed to compete with Chrome OS. Read more

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Top 5 Eggman Moments?

Only five, eh?

Well it wasn’t easy, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to that amount. From oldest to newest, as always:

Creating the Death Egg

The Death Egg will always be known as one of the most iconic creations to be built by Sonic’s arch-nemesis. Half of that is because of the beautiful simplicity that is a Death Star with a moustache. But the other half is because of how prominent it was as a large-scale threat during the Genesis days. In fact, it was actually more durable than it’s source of inspiration. Meaning an actual empire had a less durable spaceship than one guy shaped like an egg. Not bad, Ivo.

Because while the Death Star exploded after it’s first and only defeat, the Death Egg merely crash landed on Angel Island, which in turn sent the island crashing to the ocean, yet the ship remained in one piece. And then when circumstances caused it to crash again, on the same island, this time directly in the center of a volcano… it still remained in one piece. And even before it got powered up by the Master Emerald, it was still operational enough to heat up the Lava Reef caverns with the literal blink of an eye. It was only during it’s second time in space in which it was finally destroyed for good. (Only to reappear in various later games anyway. Clearly the Death Egg is the Rasputin of spaceships.)

Creating Metal Sonic

When he’s at his best, Metal Sonic is a true force to be reckoned with. His design is cool, competent, and menacing, and he’s always dead set on his objectives and will never, never, stop for chit-chat. Everyone is wary of this beast, and even Sonic himself has to stay on edge whenever Metal’s about, with good reason. Because like the organic Blue Blur, the metallic one is more than capable of giving you an incredibly painful beatdown, and that’s if you’re lucky, assuming you’re still alive after the fact.

And who was it that created this notorious killing machine?

Yeah. Him.

(He probably wasn’t wearing that outfit when he made him though.)

“Fake Emeralds? Lol.”

“But aren’t you the Eggman fan who doesn’t like Adventure 2 Eggman that much?”

Well yes, that may be true, but despite my grievances overall, I’m still willing to give credit to moments where I think it’s due, and this moment was a genuinely fantastic moment for the doctor. Sonic was so certain that the fake emerald gambit was going to work, to the point where he insulted the doctor by sarcastically calling him a big time villain (even though he’s already done plenty of “big time” things in his career…?), when PSYCH. Within seconds, everything was turned on it’s head, and the hedgehog was completely helpless. Sonic didn’t see it coming, nor did anyone else. And Robotnik plays the whole thing off like he’s having a smooth Winston break.

Then after getting confirmation on whether it was actually fake or not in an exceptionally bastardly manner, he sends Sonic on his way to go and die in the cold abyss of outer space. And if it hadn’t been for what was for all intents and purposes a deus ex machina (Sonic may have had previous experience with the Emeralds, but knowing how to induce Chaos Control right off the bat when he never tried it before, with a fake emerald no less?), he would have successfully murdered his nemesis right then and there.

You tried Super Sonic! It’s not very effective…

As great as it was to finally witness the highly anticipated Eggmanland in all it’s hellish, playful, hotdog-crushing glory, we can’t forget one of the most defining moments that led to it’s creation in the first place, which was Robotnik breaking the planet into pieces via laser. And how did he do that? By getting Sonic - in his super form this time around - to fall for a trap, said trap reverting him back to his regular form in less than a minute.

So this means that Robotnik technically defeated Super Sonic.

Robotnik defeated Super Sonic.

Through nothing but pure cunning.

“Now I’VE got your power!”

After many years of getting screwed over by giant monsters time and time again, Robotnik - with the help of… Robotnik - finally manages to turn the tables and get one of them under his control, in the most literal sense by turning it into his own makeshift mech. And this wasn’t any old monster: whatever it is, this creature had the ability to distort time and space, which is no small matter. And yet Robotnik made it his bitch with seemingly no trouble at all, and put it’s abilities to effective use.

So the next time someone writes the doctor off as a harmless buffoon, remind them that he managed to get a manipulator of time and space to serve his every need.

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Hey, I've been wondering this since I watched Zeta. What is the Hyaku Shiki considered? It has two eyes, but I don't think it's considered a Gundam right? So what is that type of Mobile suit called?

It’s a badass motherfucker is what it’s called!

It is not quite a “Gundam” - It’s a Mobile Suit(In U.C. a “Gundam” is hard to define but is usually a name given to prototype/limited run MS in the RX-78/RX-178 linage where-as MS in the RX-79 and other lines are mass produced “General Mobile Suits” or “GM’s” a.k.a. ”Jims“ and more-over “Grunt Suits” which is a term to describe basically anything that isn’t a “Gundam” or a “Command Variant” / ”Custom” / ”Mobile Armor”)

The Hyaku Shiki was originally intended to be the Delta Gundam - a counterpart/competing design of the Zeta Gundam complete with it’s own waverider transformation gimmick.

However, there were issues with the Delta’s transformation gimmick design holding back its production and work instead continued on the Zeta Gundam itself which did have a working transformation gimmick thanks to the engineering of Kamille Bidan.

Basically it was quicker to build the Zeta Gundam from the ground up than it was to figure out how to make the over-engineered Delta work and with time of the essence, the would-be Delta was simplified to only having a MS mode using spare Rick Dias parts: a failed Gundam - too powerful and unique to be considered a custom “grunt suit” - but lacking key characteristics that’d define it as a completed Gundam project(a v-fin!): It was known by it’s model number MSN-00100: 百 式 - ”Hyaku Shiki” [Unit One-Hundred].

It was manufactured from “Gundarium γ (Gamma)“ a third-generation gundarium alloy from the asteroid Axis (Where-as originally Gundarium was mined from the asteroid Luna II - hence it’s original name “Luna Titanium” before it was renamed for the famous Mobile Suit out of which was made) and was also coated with a reflective-gold anti-beam coating that would “reflect“ off energy from beam weapons and would “singe” before damage to the actual armor occurred(This is why Hyaku Shiki is gold).

Post-Zeta and ZZ the Delta’s designs would be reworked taking into account what they learned from the Zeta Gundam’s transformation gimmick. This produced the “Delta Plus“ and “Zeta Plus“ - Which are mass produced versions of the Delta and Zeta Gundams respectively.

I really miss classic Sonic and Tails. They were both so fat and cute in the really old games. Granted, I love my chao gardens and not crappy modern Sonic games (Colors for example). I grew up with both, but modern Sonic character designs can’t compete with the adorable classic ones.

Sonic © Sega


I had a lot of deep thoughts today at work about the new pictures and I’m here to ruin all your feelings about them with my garbage headcanon.


Welcome to a brand new episode of FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today we’re talking about a truly unique piece of fashion. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen a sneak peak of this a few days ago. We’re talking about spun glass dresses. That’s right, dresses literally made out of glass. Admittedly, these dresses were few and far between, and were only marketed for a short amount of time. They caused a lot of buzz at the time, though, and are just so interesting, I couldn’t resist doing a post about them!

It all started at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. World Fairs at this time were unbelievable, over the top spectacles, unlike anything we have today. While we live in an age of unlimited technology and instant gratification, it is hard to imagine the wonder these people must have felt when they saw in person things come to life that they had only heard rumor of (sort of how I imagine Harry Potter World to be! What?) At a fair featuring celebrities, the first ever Ferris Wheel, a full sized chapel constructed completely out of Tiffany glass, and where the 2.5 square kilometer grounds themselves consisted of custom-made temporary neoclassical buildings, canals, and lagoons full of life size ships, how was a struggling glass designer to compete? (Side note, if you have time to do a bit of research on this fair, I highly recommend it- it’s fascinating!)

Luckily for Edward Drummond Libbey, he was quite the innovator. Libbey started his career at the New England Glass Company, known for creating decorative blown and pressed glass objects. He worked his way up in the company, ultimately taking it over in the 1880s, creating the Libbey Glass Company. Around this time, he hired Michael Joseph Owens, an engineer and inventor who specialized in glass-making machines. As the World’s Fair approached, Libbey knew it was his opportunity to take his company to the next level, but he would have to create something spectacular to make an impact.

Together with Owens, Libbey developed a method to pull glass into the thinnest strand ever created. These pieces were the same width as a single strand of silk, causing it to be the first artificially produced glass fine enough (and therefore flexible enough) to be woven into a full sheet. To add additional flexibility, only the weft (horizontal) threads were glass fibers, while the warp (vertical) were silk. The Libbey Company worked effortlessly to weave yards upon yards of glass fabric, shaping it into an elaborate evening gown.

The dress was displayed on a mannequin, and was an instant success. It had a shine unlike any other fabric at the time. The New York Times proclaimed that the dress was the future of fashion, not only for its beauty, but for the fact that it couldn’t be damaged by liquids as other fine fabrics could be. The first person to own one of these gowns was Spanish Princess Infanta Eulalia, who was gifted the gown by Libbey during her famous visit to the Chicago Fair. Though she vowed to wear it upon her return to Spain, she was never able to. The dress was too delicate, and crumbled when moved. Libbey improved his design, and shortly after, actress Georgia Cayvan became the first woman to wear a glass dress, which she donned on stage.

The spun glass, or fiberglass dress (not to by confused with modern fiberglass, which is mainly plastic) continued to be admired and talked about through the early 20th century, but it never became the prominent fashion which the papers had predicted. In the end, it was simply too impractical. On top of being incredibly delicate, drastically limiting the wearer’s movement, the dress was extremely heavy. Eventually, the idea was abandoned, and the trend all but forgotten. Still, it remains a fascinating little piece of fashion history!

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Star Wars- Darth Maul

Star Wars is one of the best known properties of all time- pioneering effects-driven film, toy tie-ins, and using whatever’s lying around to make props. When the prequels went into production, one of the ideas that first hit the board was that of new sith- those that would be terrifying and deadly, showing the return of the order. Darth Maul was conceived from a challenge from Lucas to concept artist McCaig, saying “Draw me your worst nightmare." Apparently the initial concept was terrifying enough Lucas replied with ”…your second worst nightmare.“ to which Maul was born. Tattoos inspired by a circuit board design he had overlaid over a model’s face, his final inspiration was muscle groups, wanting to show the face of the sith warrior rather than try to make a helmet design to compete with Vader’s iconic helm. 

DAY 3212

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Jan 13,  2016               Fri  10:10 pm

Festivities galore in the firmament of our days .. ‘Lohri’ up in the North, ‘MakarSankranti’ in the astrological dates of the Calendar, and ‘Pongal’ in the Southern parts of the country ..

And my wishes go out to all for happiness and good cheer, for peace and loving .. and most of all fulfillment .. fulfillment justifies a completeness that any other does not .. and so respect its value and examination ..

When the body bodes well .. when the structure of nature given to us at birth with all its complicated insides .. when those that understand its delicate forms .. when willingness to accept and be constructive enough to sustain its presence despite shortcomings .. then .. then shall there be deliverance ..

Comparisons shall vary .. they should .. nature and the ‘Maker’ did not do favour .. He or a She did what they had on their pallet .. delivered the difference and watched with bated breath how it would be used abused accepted destroyed reconstructed - for many in today’s times do indulge in changing what has been given to what could have been given, inviting designs, that to me, invariably wish they hadn’t for the original is always the best !!

But to each his or her own .. more her .. for they seem to be challenging the most in the percentages that could be sourced of ‘the responsible, beautified change’ !!

Science and its progress, has drifted our attention away from the real, to the manufactured real .. attachments and gadgets harnessed onto the systems of not just humans but all methods of physical manufacturing, relies believes and calculates according to what the meter or computerised information shall emanate .. reliance on the human has diminished considerably .. in every walk of our lives and existence ..

Robots are replacing humans and that too with an attitude that defies normalcy .. they are constructed by man, run and programmed by man, yet there is uncertainty on their behaviour .. a report recently informed us that one such demagog beserked his way to assassinate the maker ..

So .. the Almighty made us .. and we have the right to assassinate the Almighty at given time or reason .. !!?? that is not right or doable .. is it ..? 

No one has seen the Almighty .. and those that have, and many do each hour, have never fed back to us the detail of the meeting .. however enlightening it could or would have been ..

Planes and cars fly and work on their own .. auto pilot the plane and you can start reading the newspaper or have a conversation with the passengers at the back, outside the cockpit, without much ado .. cars are getting into driverless conditions .. and even now, when put on ‘drive mode’, on long distance highway travel, helps us to rest our feet and merely keep that circular wooden or material operator in your hand, to turn or twist at your will .. pilotless aircraft are causing grievous injury during war operations .. this .. this very medium that you read now has replaced the pen and ink .. words appear, words correct themselves in spelling, and if faulted gives options for correction .. seeking information does not require miles of travel or educated years of study .. it is a click away ..

So in the rehab as I said .. the specialists are busy consulting their machines of information instead of watching the client struggle at the treadmill or bike of the weights or the medicine ball or the bench press er, leg extension er, or any other well designed instrument that competes with your muscular ability to win and put you in breathless shame  …

But it is a comfort zone of bewildered anonymity .. anonymous to the scientific graphic contours that build intricate ups and owns on a scale of reference .. they are the gauge for us all .. they control our being and well being .. and reliance on them is considerably more attention seeking than any other …

A strange world engages you at the bazaar of complicated weaponry inside that reconstructuring arena - the gymnasium .. !!

‘Gymnasium’ .. hehahaha .. a word that stands in its discovery form here :late 16th century: via Latin from Greek gumnasion, from gumnazein ‘exercise naked’, from gumnos ‘naked’.

AND NO .. that was not devised by me .. it is factual and real .. and if it was or is .. how many really go according to the 16th century observation of the ‘way God built us and brought us into the world’ .. err .. not me at least .. I cannot say about the others  …!!!

Such mundane talk and conversation on this platform .. when there has been other interesting developments in the creative world .. a world that we all inhabit and enjoy to our fullest ..

There can never be any more intrinsic and loved in its alert mind than the course of forming ideas that then dramatically change into fact and fiction and reality and intense critical viewing .. art in its devious methodology has indeed become another tool in the world of the web or computerised excellence .. the most vivid and enchanting visuals get recreated on canvasses that defy and challenge the real .. and with suitable substance ..

Substance that aims for reward at every brush of its creativity .. and that is where competition emerges in its ogre like presence, drifting away in the breezes of commerciality, bringing joy when its attained, hurt and debilitation when not .. 

But .. 

the decision taken for reward is not your own, it belongs to the other .. the other shall decide for posterity, value worth and recognition .. the other shall document your good or your bad ..

That is a sacrilege ..

My art contains and envelopes my reading, thought and sweat .. from my inner bodily presence .. it needs my acceptance, my perseverance value, and my consent for reward .. I shall know the right from the wrong .. I .. no other .. the other may consider its worth and reward .. that shall be acceptable, but it cannot replace the creative personality of its creation .. or the moment and health of its making ..


which is why, the best occasion for celebration is the one that resounds within us .. inside our insides .. not within the decision insides of another .. NEVER !

And that is why I ‘read the papers and laugh’ .. as I did earlier on the Twitterised 140 ..

Be in well behaved circuit .. in command and intensity of your own worth .. nothing can ever invade or make hostile, your own .. this special body of flesh and skin and veins and brain, shall remain unique in every respect and time ..

Honour and dignify it .. it does not take long to do so .. 

Just do it .. (with due apologies to Nike) ..

Amitabh Bachchan