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The Triwizard Tournament was a magical contest held between the three largest wizarding schools of Europe: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang Institute, and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, each school being represented by one Champion. Selected Champions compete in three tasks — traditionally judged by the Headmasters or Headmistresses of the competing schools — designed to test magical ability, intelligence and courage.


Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

The Adrien Diaries...

19 May 2017

That’s it. I’m officially dead.

Because if Plagg doesn’t manage to kill me, Ladybug is definitely going to finish the job…. now that she’s defeated the akuma.

On her own.


I mean, I tried helping, but it’s a lot harder to be a distraction when you don’t have superpowers to get you out of the way of the resulting akuma-tantrum…

Oh, did I forget to mention that I LOST PLAGG!?

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Harry Potter Edit: The Triwizard Tournament  

….. was a magical contest held between the three largest wizarding schools of Europe: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang Institute, and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, each school being represented by one Champion. Selected Champions compete in three tasks — traditionally judged by the Headmasters or Headmistresses of the competing schools — designed to test magical ability, intelligence and courage. .


The Taubina AG-2 Automatic Grenade Launcher,

An interesting weapon lost to history, the Taubina Automatic Grenade Launcher was the creation of Soviet weapons designer Yakov Taubin. First developed in 1931 and perfected in 1937-1939, the Taubina Automatic Grenade Launcher was a weapon that was several generations ahead of its time.  Invented at a time when most grenade launchers were single shot affairs, typically rifle grenades, the Taubina was the first of it’s kind and it’s concept would become a staple of modern militaries today.  The Taubina Grenade Launcher was designed to fire 40.8mm grenades in either semi automatic or fully automatic modes. Recoil operated, most models utilized a magazine resulting in a rate of fire of 50-60 rounds a minute, however later prototypes utilized a belt feed system which resulted in a rate of 400-450 rounds a minute. It’s maximum range was around 1,200 meters  The launcher could be used in both direct fire and indirect fire modes. It was typically mounted on a light wheeled carriage.

The Taubina was first tested in Soviet trials in 1938, where it performed admirably but had some flaws.  First it had a weak extractor and extraction springs, resulting in a 7% failure rate.  Secondly it was inaccurate at longer ranges.  Taubin went to work fixing these problems, developing improved models which saw limited use during the Winter War against Finland in 1939. Despite rave reports on the Taubina’s performance and the potential whoopass the weapon offered the Red Army, the weapon was doomed by Soviet bureaucracy. Most Soviet officials did not see the need for automatic grenade launchers which could rain hundreds of rounds of high explosives on an enemy position. A shame considering that World War II was just around the corner. Much of the opposition to the weapon came from Chief of Main Artillery Directorate Grigory Kulik, who preferred more traditional light infantry mortars and saw no need for the weapon. In 1939 the Taubina project was ended. 

Yakov Taubin abandoned the Taubina Grenade Launcher and began work on aircraft machine gun and cannon designs.  In 1940 he developed a prototype for an aircraft cannon meant to be used on the IL-2 Sturmovik airplane. However he design was turned down in favor of a competing design, the VYa-23. Shortly afterward, on May 15th, 1941, shortly before the German invasion of the Soviet Union, Taubin was arrested by the NKVD on charges of “preserving samples of unfinished weapons and egregiously plotting production of technically unfinished and unsatisfactory weapons systems”. On October 17th, as German forces raced across the Soviet Union, he was executed and buried in a mass grave. The automatic grenade launcher wouldn’t be re-invented until 1966.

House to Home

When the doorbell rang, Steve was expecting Bucky. “Hey, asth-” He cut himself off, flushing with embarrassed surprise. Curse his Irish skin.

The businesswoman simply raised an eyebrow, silently inviting him to continue.

“Ah-” Steve fumbled. “Pepper, hi, I wasn’t expecting you so soon. I thought that you said it would take a month or so to find a suitable contractor…” He trailed off, hoping that the prompt would be sufficient invitation.

Pepper stifled a smile, taking pity on him. Steve and Bucky were one of the nicest couples she’d ever had to find a designer for. That she’d snagged a good one for them was genuinely satisfying. “Actually, I found one earlier than expected. He’s a good friend of mine, so he has ‘first dibs’-” Actual air quotes were made. “- on every project that comes across my desk. He liked your ideas and house, and wants to be your designer.”

Steve frowned. He was certain that anyone Pepper had befriended was more than competent- Pepper did not suffer fools. But their designer needed more than competence. They needed somebody that wouldn’t balk at making sure that the whole house was accessible in case Bucky’s prosthetic got damaged. They needed somebody who would pay attention when Steve told them about his issues with loud sounds and bright lights. And they needed somebody who wouldn’t break their bank. Better start with the first one. “Has he designed anything for disabled people before?” He ventured.

“Never.” Pepper admitted. “He has done buildings that are disabled-accessible in general, but never anything tailored to specific disabled people. But I did bring that up with him, and he thinks that he’s up for the challenge. If it helps, he has chronic pain, so he does know what it’s like to need accommodations.”

Steve nodded slowly.  Okay. This guy was beginning to sound like he might work. “Will he listen to our aesthetic requirements?”

Pepper laughed. “Sure. Just make sure to get everything. He listens really well to specs, but he tends to get tunnel vision if he has an idea that he really likes. But Bucky’s pretty outspoken, and you’re not too timid either. I think you’ll be able to rein him in. Do you want fish?”

“What? No, not really?”

“Then you need to tell him that straight off.” Pepper informed him. “He will put as many fishtanks as he can in anything that he designs.”

Steve opened and closed his mouth a couple times. “Why.”

Pepper shrugged. “Well, he spoils his fish. He can’t imagine anyone neglecting them like many do. And he likes their aesthetic. Very fond of using glass, crystal, anything transparent. Is that all right?”

Steve considered. “That could be an issue. But like you said, Buck and I can probably set him straight.” He hesitated. “How does he charge?”

“By the project, on a sliding scale based on wealth. For yours, he says he’ll charge about fifty thousand.”

Stece’s eyebrows creased in a frown. That was the upper limit of their budget… “Can we meet with him and discuss the project?” He asked. “Or do we need to hire him before that?”

Pepper’s eyes went distant with thought. “Mmm… I’ll see what he says, and give you a call tomorrow. What do you want to do if he declines a meeting?”

There was a long, heavy pause. “What, in your professional opinion, are our chances of getting a more accommodating designer if we turn him down?”

“Close to zero. He’s eccentric, but very understanding and caring. He has a lot of energy, and is fully equipped to design a house that will be functional and beautiful.”

The prompt response sounded almost rehearsed. Pepper had come here ready to defend her choice of designer.

Steve hoped that she was right about him. “Alright. When should I expect the call?”

Her lips parted in a pleased smile. “Around eleven. It’s a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Rogers.” Pepper turned on her heel and strode out the door.

A mildly ruffled Steve stood there for a couple minutes, worrying about if their designer would really be compatible with them. In the end, he shrugged, then went back to watching The Sound of Music. And hoped that Bucky hurried up with the damn groceries.

What do you think, Rei? I may have Steve be on the spectrum. It’s the main thing I think of for sensory issues. Tony has chronic pain because of a slightly, but not life threateningly, botched heart surgery that’s too delicate to go back in and fix. 

The fish are not major characters, but he has a tortoise named Dummy that he’s trained to fetch him tools. His two dogs, Butterfingers and You, are much more helpful.

You can publish this, ask me questions, and tell me if there’s anything you want changed. If you like, I’ll try to continue this. I’d prefer to publish it as an anon, so maybe tag it remodeling AU? Congrats, your blog may have a new AU and you’re not even the one writing it.

Man, this is beautiful. I can’t wait for more! (Traumatic brain injuries can result with sensitivities to light and sound of varying degrees but I’m actually really digging the idea of Spectrum Steve!)

Now this isn’t really directed at you, just an in general thing, but: If ya’ll are writing me something, I’m not gonna ask you to change anything!!! I’m so flattered you’re taking time out of your lives to write something for me, and I enjoy seeing all of your ideas! I don’t wanna stifle that creativity. :) (Tbh the only the I would ever ask someone to change is if there was some sort of sexual assault taking place and even then if you tagged it’d be okay.)


Mle 1886 ‘Lebel’ Rifle - “Fusil de 8mm Modèle 1886″

Designed in 1886, produced from 1887 to 1920 by MAC, MAT and MAS.
8x50mmR Lebel, 8+1+1 rounds.

Read below for everything you wanted to know about this rifle, and then more, and then even more, Jippers you didn’t need to know all that, what the fuck it’s still going, why did they keep it for this long, just let the fucking thing die already.

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The Project Runway Drinking Game: Brought to You by Red Robin

Let’s be real: Project Runway, a show that was once (unbelievably) critically respected for its devotion to high fashion and glamour, has devolved into a hot mess of a competition between increasingly bad designers competing in increasingly poorly conceived challenges that support what the show now truly is: an hour and a half platform to endlessly plug products of increasingly questionable quality. Between the Sally Beauty Studio, the Brother Sewing Room, the Aldo Accessory Wall, and the Mary Kay Color Design Studio, at this point the only part of the entire Project Runway studio that hasn’t been branded is the fucking fire escape, which will most likely be sponsored next season by the #4 highest selling fire escape company in the North East. Five seasons ago the producers even made the decision to take away pencils and papers from the designers (pencils and FUCKING paper) and make them sketch on *HP* tablets. It’s like sometime over the last ten years Mad Men jizzed all over this show, threw it a towel and the show decided not to use it.

The peak of this Blade Runner-esque advertising foolishness undoubtedly came last season when the designers were forced to make looks inspired by Red Robin and then speak in confessional interviews about what they think is ‘chic’ about Red Robin, most likely while a junior producer who still has integrity sat five feet away from them shaking their goddam head thinking “I owe NYU $200,000 for a degree that got me this fucking job?”

But in the rough of this unbelievable decline, there is a diamond - a big fabulous diamond that refuses to diminish in quality in any way: Tim Gunn. Possibly the only person or branded inanimate object on the show who/that is not phoning it in, after 10+ seasons Tim Gunn continues to tireless help and care about the most irritating, morally repugnant, talentless human beings when after five minutes of interacting with these contestants even Jesus would be like “kill yourself”.  If Oprah and a pack of rainbow streamers had a baby, the result would be Tim Gunn. The challenges got worse. The judges got worse. The insults got worse. But Tim Gunn is and will always be amazing. Through everything, Tim Gunn is really, really what the show is about.

Regardless, Project Runway is still a god awful parody of the worst parts of competition reality television, an abomination that lacks any creative integrity that unfairly implicates the viewer and the only likeable personality involved in its production in the systematic commercial exploitation of everyone and everything on and in front of the screen.

We’re so fucking excited it’s back.

Recommended drink: start with a classy, name brand fine liqueur - then switch to lower and lower quality alcohol, naming each brand at each switch up. Drink responsibly, and make it work! Maybe!

One drink: every time a product and/or brand is unnecessarily mentioned (which is every time a product name is mentioned). Two drinks: no person capable of rational thought could ever conceivably find a link between this product/brand and fashion.

One drink: every voiceover of someone describing an amazing idea for a design while footage is shown of them sketching a design that looks nothing like this.  

One drink: a designer says a seemingly innocuous comment about a fellow designer’s look and the receiving designer takes it as an insult and loses their shit. Two drinks: said designer asked for feedback in the first place.

One drink: a designer won’t give their extra fabric to another designer because “this is a competition”.

One drink: Tim Gunn is ‘concerned’ with a look. Two drinks: Tim Gunn is ‘deeply concerned’ with a look. Finish your drink: Tim Gunn is ‘enormously concerned’ with a look.

One drink: one designer telling another during the runway show that their work is good only because they are sitting next to/very to close to them, not because they really believe it.

One drink: every backstory that involves bullying.

One drink: every confessional shot of a contestant spewing platitudes about a brand that literally no one gives two fucks about and quite possibly have never heard of.

One drink: white judge likes ‘ethnic’ look.

One drink: ‘matronly’.

One drink: seriously tho what is Heidi wearing?

One drink: a plotline in the episode is that someone isn’t going to finish a design Two drinks: this person finishes their design - because every contestant always finishes a fucking design.

One drink: every team challenge where the two designers who hate each other most in the competition just happen to end up on the same team.

One drink: unnecessary German.

One drink: a fan favorite designer is not sent home despite clearly having the worst look.

One drink: the designers are not nearly given enough time to complete an extremely elaborate challenge because the producers won’t pay the minor costs involved in giving them more than one day to work.

One drink: Designers are utterly *shocked* when Tim lets them know about a ‘twist’ in the challenge, even though this has happened multiple times a season for the last 13 seasons. Two drinks: the twist is they have to make another look.

One drink: a contestant does not listen to Tim Gunn’s critique. Two drinks: this contestant gets sent home because they didn’t listen to Tim Gunn’s critique. Three drinks:  this contestant voices no regrets about not listening to Tim Gunn’s critique  in exit confessional.

One drink: there aren’t even three good designs put out in the episode and the judges have to pretend like one of the top three looks is good.

One drink: the contestant who has immunity puts out a sorry ass no design look that can’t even be called a hot mess because ‘hot mess’ implies effort was put into the design.

One drink: the guest judge has no relevant experience in the fashion industry and has no business even being part of something that’s as gaudy as this shit show.

One drink: a designer is asked for feedback from a peer when the peer has made an awful design and asked designer delivers most vague, brief word of compliment while not diverting eyes from their own work as to avoid having to look the other designer in the eyes while lying.

One drink: every time someone leaves the work room at the end of their one day challenge with practically nothing done then are somehow able to complete an entire look during the runway prep time despite this time being portrayed by the show as very minimal.

One drink: a designer barely uses ‘unconventional’ materials in the unconventional materials challenge even though short of committing an act of physical violence this is the surest way of getting sent home (and everybody knows it).

One drink: a winning designer from a previous season is brought in to give advice and you’re like “who da fuck?” despite having seen every season of Project Runway. Two drinks: when they’re introduced in flashbacks you’re like “Ooooh, right”. Three drinks: you then become anxious about your own life circumstances as you reflect on the sad reality that no one from this show no matter how talented they are seem go anywhere in life and that maybe you’ll end up like them.

One drink: a designer’s sexual orientation is made part of their backstory because SURPRISE they are a gay.

One drink: a designer complains about their fabric even though they picked it out themselves in one of New York’s best fabric stores with an incredibly wide variety of fabrics.

One drink: Tim Gunn will miss a sent-home designer ‘terribly’. Two drinks: Tim Gunn continues to speak volumes about this designer, raising the possibility of a ‘Tim Gunn Save’. Three drinks: Tim Gunn doesn’t use the ‘Tim Gunn Save’

One drink: the sent-home designer believes “this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from” them. Two drinks: it’s the last we hear from them. You can go ahead and drink that now.

We hope you survived this one. Recommended Friday hangover cure: Red Robin - YUM!

One thing I really enjoyed while watching WoW that I thought I wouldn’t was Stella being a competent designer. Yeah, it’s still kinda played for laughs, but it isn’t as grating like it is in Winx Club. Like, whenever Stella’s designs fell flat, she’d pout or get upset before finally realizing that said designs were bad (probably to teach a life lesson, I dunno). In WoW, almost all her designs hit the market and SHE’S the one who’s able to give advice to others like Sophie.

By Anonymous

Four more days of the old prices!
Hello People of the Volante Design Community,

Volante Design is committed to making a badass product that excites both us, and you, our audience. Our mission to build a world of fashion where ordinary people can feel extraordinary has always meant that we have products at different price tiers, so that we can serve a wide segment of geeks and enthusiasts wherever we go. We have always strived for a price point that is as low as we can manage without losing money. In order to continue to innovate and push the limits of Superhuman Streetwear, we have to stay sharp, stay busy, and expand.Today we must announce a price rise. It’s been on the horizon for quite some time.

This season we hired two amazing, talented people to work with us, to help bring our designs to life and to conventions near you. We will be reaching more shows, because we know you like to see things in person, feel the authentic quality, and get the perfect fit. We look forward to revealing some projects that we’ve been working on that we hope will blow you away. We are bursting with new designs and fresh ideas to expand what we can offer you. In order to do all those things, and to do them well, with integrity, we need to implement a slight raise to our price-point. We hope you can understand.

We’re committed to delivering the intricacies that Volante Design is known for. This means making tough, American-made products at a fair wage, with great fabric, and impeccable details.

The change will take place on October 1st. You’ve got 4 days to take advantage of our old pricing before the change will go into affect!

Thanks for reading and thanks as always for being part of our community and audience. We wouldn’t be here without you!

anonymous asked:

I really think that 'til 2014 Zayn and Harry were friends. I believe they're both ambitious and the most successful in their solo careers. Probably there was always a bit of competition between them, but it didn't have to be bad, could be healthy. I think other stuff happened, and that's why their friendship is dead nowadays. Maybe Zayn was a bit dick with the other boys in the last year... it was his way of scream: HELP! But he was ill. Harry wasn't very understanding. Things are complicated.

Anonymous said: Hey what do you think about harry’s friendship with zayn? I’ve always been super curious about this cause obv louis and zayn were buddies in crime or whatever for a long time. And they’re not all best buds as they’ve been portrayed as. I mean yeah they’re family of some sort but Idk, I just feel like yeah part of the beef was obv fake but tbh I think at the end harry really couldn’t stand zayn///


If we put everything we’ve read about Zayn in the last two years together, and try to reconcile that with the facts, it is an incongruent picture. The Fader interview from 2015 seemed to indicate that he was tired of making pop music and was really excited to focus on his own music… but then MoM was never properly promoted, he had very few live performances, and some of his very promising singles (Still Got Time, e.g.) was allowed to just die. Something is weird about Zayn’s career. Anxiety might be part of it, but there seems to be more.

If we look at Zayn and Harry as celebrity personae, they occupy very similar niches. They appeal to the same demographic of young people. Both were competing to be the breakout star (although Harry was heavily favored). Both are seen as stylish icons whose bodies designers compete to dress; both are fashion newsmakers. Zayn has a fashion collaboration, but Harry easily could if he wanted. In some ways, it’s inevitable for them to be competitors in the public eye.

They share their 1D history, and are therefore certain to be mentioned together. They share a parent label as well— Sony. Here’s the thing too— love and hate draw public attention, and some in the industry believe that all publicity is good publicity.

I think it’s pretty clear that they were good friends until mid-2014. It’s very hard to attribute the reason, but bad feelings intensified after Zayn left. He must have had very compelling reason, because he only had 9 months left of his contract. We know there are big consequences to breaking the contract— for Zayn, and possibly for the band. I think this is the main reason for their feud.

[banging pots and pans together rhythmically, while chanting] BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD

Can anyone tell me why one of the most famous fantasy series of all time has been made to look like an easy-reader series based on a low-budget 3-d animated children’s tv show? The type and the imagery are both being Bad in specific ways, so first, let’s just address that the imagery is L A M E  A S  H E C K. Look how boring those are! How nonspecific! The dragon is okay, and the bird I GUESS is fine, but as a group, this is the illustrative equivalent of oatmeal. And not even a satisfying portion of it. Like a half-serving of oatmeal. And the oatmeal is using an excessive number of textures in a desperate attempt to balance the design. The oatmeal fails. The pictures don’t even make up a coherent visual collective: the detail work and lighting on the…… collar…….. thing….. on the second one looks totally out of place next to the ~softly lit~ dragon + hill (?) below it.

But ultimately, you could still have a good design around weak imagery. My problems with these covers lie mostly with the type. 

I’ve only really ever talked standalones, or first covers of first books in a series or trilogy; cover design for a series as a whole this isn’t something we’ve addressed before. When designing a series, you have to take into account a) how the different covers work together as a cohesive whole, which includes deciding which specific elements must/can change vs stay the same book to book, and b) how to balance the title of the book with the name of the series. We’ve already addressed that the illustrations don’t gel, so my focus is on the second point. In most current YA or adult series, this is a non-issue. It gets thrown in as a tiny tagline with no visual weight if it gets thrown in at all, and that works fine, because the designs are clear that the books go together. Even the Throne of Glass cover gets that right.

Middle grade covers are a different story, though. Series for younger readers are much more likely to make the series name a “logo” and give it a central focus (for a variety of reasons I won’t get into because they’re all sort of intuitively obvious):

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Why there is no ACA replacement

Notice how “repeal and replace” is looking more and more like just repeal, despite the protestations of, well, everyone (including GOP governors and the insurance companies themselves)?

There’s a big reason for that.

The GOP doesn’t want you to know this, but the truth of the matter is the Affordable Care Act is their healthcare plan. No joke!

The right-wing Heritage Foundation created the framework for the law, including the individual mandate, in 1993 while the Clinton Administration was attempting to pass healthcare reform. The same framework became the health care law that Mitt Romney successfully passed and implemented when he was governor of Massachusetts.

When the Obama administration began to tackle healthcare reform in 2009, it didn’t start with Medicare-for-all (read: single payer) the way people on the left wanted. Aiming for compromise, they took the framework that led to the Massachusetts law and added a public option – essentially a Medicare buy-in option designed to compete against the private insurers to drive down premium costs.

Republicans and conservative Democrats balked at the public option, so it was jettisoned – leaving the same law Republicans had been championing for decades. Only not a single one of them voted for the ACA when it passed – and since then, they have done nothing but try to sabotage and get rid of the law.

Think about that: a conservative idea worked. It was imperfect. There were issues. But the law did what it was designed to do: make health insurance more accessible to Americans and ensure the policies they paid for actually worked for them. Yet Republicans, so aghast at President Obama, sabotaged their own ideas!

Anyone with half a brain knows the only ACA replacement that would work would be single payer. But the GOP will never go for that (especially with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s obsession with gutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security), so in gutting what was ultimately their own idea, they’re sentencing Americans to a lower quality of life and even death… just because they got all uptight over a black man occupying the White House for almost a decade.

The ACA is the Republican healthcare plan. They have nothing else.


Junkers G.38 diesel-powered transport/airliner, later upgraded to more conventional gasoline engines, at the time the world’s largest aircraft in service, designed to compete with the Zeppelins.

Only two units build in the late 20′s, one lost in an accident in 1936, while the remaining unit was destroyed in an airfield by RAF aircraft in 1941.

Unexpected Savior

Summary : Adrien is saved by Marinette.

Adrien Agreste didn’t know when his crush on fellow classmate and friend Marinette Dupain-Cheng started, maybe it was when he gave her his umbrella, maybe it was when he noticed how cute she looked when her bluebell eyes would light whenever she talked about something she loved like coming up with new designs.

He was competely mesmerized by her and wanted to get to know her better much to Marinette’s delight, Alya and Nino’s amusement, and Chloè’s jealousy.

It was currently the weekend and there was no akuma attacks and they didn’t have any homework from their teachers which they were both extremely glad about. Adrien decided to go for a walk with Plagg in his shirt pocket while looking down at his phone as he texted Marinette who was on a walk of her own and unknown to either of them they were both in close distance of each other.

 Adrien’s eyes were glued to the screen of his phone and Plagg was currently asleep so neither of them noticed the car speeding towards the teen until he was pushed out of the way and the person that pushed him was sent tumbling down the road.

Adrien’s stomach dropped as he noticed the familar pig tails, he screamed her name fearful for her safety and her life. “MARINETTE!" 

{There will be a part two to this.}