design cat

Finally decided to do a Character Design Challenge. This months theme is Hippie. Her name is Eleanor and her cat is called Rigby. She has been woke since the 60s. Greatly inspired by recent events

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You can purchase a print on my society6 store

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for trying to make cat faces more diversified, but also like... cat faces? ;0;

im not the best to ask on this bc my cat faces aren’t like super different from each other ( @murder-cats is really good at this tho!!) but i can give it a try

a really easy way is to change your face shape (this is the face structure w/o fur)

i tend to use the top 3 most but there are dozens of shapes you can come up with

try and think about the shape of your features too. are the ears tall and sharp? are they small and round? are the ears close together or far apart? how long is the muzzle? how big is their nose? what shape are their eyes?

and obviously the biggest one is fur. do they have a anime hair tuft? what shape is their face fur? are they scruffy and unwashed or clean and silky?