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The rising line - A brief history of wedge design: Part 8 Dome-Zero, 1978. There had been a number of wedge shaped Japanese concept cars from the early 70s, The Mazda RX 500, the  Nissan 270X, the Toyota EX-7 among them but the Dome-Zero was actually intended for limited production. It was powered by a mid-mounted Nissan L28E in-line 6 cylinder engine but when it failed Japanese domestic homologation the Dome project was doomed


Designer editions: Part 5 Di Dia 150, 1960. Andy Di Dia was a fashion designer from Detroit who designed and had built the “Dream Car”. Originally powered by a 365ci Cadillac engine which was replaced later by a 427ci Ford engine, the car had a tubular aluminum frame and a hand-fashioned aluminum body. Di Dia sold the car to his friend Bobby Darin in 1961