design at the art fair


I’m a bit late but anyways happy 20th anniversary to FF7!

First draft of the character for my 3D student movie. His name is Ezekiel, and his hat can change weather or time, depending on what magical properties the plants he plucks from it need to have.

Selling your artwork at arts and crafts shows part2

“What do you do?”

That’s a question all artists get….from customers, other artists, fair organizers etc. So…what DO you do? If the answer is “lots of different things” then the first thing you should probably do is narrow down what you actually want to sell in a fair style venue.

Art fair boothes are *tiny*. Even if the space seems big on paper, trust me…it’s going to be frustrating small by the time you get moved in to it! Having varying mediums/styles isn’t so much a “too much stuff” problem though, as it is a “too visually/mentally confusing” problem.

The work in your booth has aprox. 2 seconds to grab people’s attention and keep it long enough for them to step in and really look. If you have paintings next to jewelry next to pottery and all in different styles….this gets a LOT harder. It’s tempting to set up like a tiny gallery, with all sorts of cool stuff…but your chances of doing well with that kind of set up drop enormously.

Logistics are also an issue. 2D next to any kind of 3D art is extreamly challenging to dispay effectively. Tables or shelves for 3D can leave the 2D in the “background” and people’s eyes are forced to chose where to focus. It can be done, but it’s important to visually seperately the different types of work as much as possible. I do hand painted ornaments for the Xmas season shows, and always pay for a second booth (sometimes attached and sometimes across the room with my husband running it) to solve this problem.

Another reason why keeping medium and/or style very limited and focused is a good idea is that people will much more readily *remember* you. It’s: “Hey, remember that booth…you know, on the end of the 1st row? With all kinds of stuff??” Vs “Hey, remember the girl with the enameled sea life pieces?” Building a client base (a really important task!) Is a lot easier if your work is easily identifiable and memorable!

Now, I’m not saying you’ve got to only do one medium or only one style…just that it really does work best if it all ties very recognisably together.